High Flite Gamer Golf Ball – A cult basic returns to its roots


2020 Top Flite Gamer Key Takeaway

  • DICK returns The Top Flite Gamer returns to its roots as "the original multilayered distance ball".
  • The measured compression is similar to the Titleist speed and the tour speed
  • At $ 22.99 / dozen, it cost significantly less than other "Premium Ionomer" golf balls

With the 2020 Top Flite Gamer on the shelves of DICK & # 39; S Sporting Goods and Golf Galaxy, you could say that a classic fan favorite is back. The thing is, however, many of you may not have noticed that it was gone.

The original Top Flite Gamer developed cult status among golfers. In 2017, however, DICK’S scrapped the Surlyn page of the player's pedigree and decided to focus on the three-part, urethane-covered gamer tour. While you may have lamented the loss of the original, the Gamer Tour was at $ 25 per dozen A solid bargain in the "A bit like a Pro V1" category that golfers on a budget find it so attractive.

Unfortunately, DICK & # 39; S had some issues with the TPU coverage process. Durability was not what it should have been – and certainly not what golfers expected the original player to be. Since the Maxfli Tour series more than meets expectations, DICK’S decided to cancel the Top Flite Gamer Tour and bring the gamer back to his roots.

The new top flite gamer

To that end, the 2020 Top Flite Player is a three-piece ionomer ball designed to grab your attention in the emerging Premium Ionomer category. I will spare you repeating my chatter about why this term is an oxymoron, and instead focus on what DICK is trying to achieve with the new ball.

The Premium Ionomer category is filled with three-piece Ionomer / Surlyn coated spheres priced between $ 30 and $ 40. The extra cash will give you an extra layer (compared to most ionomer balls) and a softer Surlyn quality. That last bit gives you a bit more green spin, though I can't imagine anyone paying attention mistaking it for urethane.

The outstanding personalities in this category include the Callaway ERC Soft and the Titleist Tour Soft. At a slightly cheaper price, it wouldn't offend me if you wanted to bring the Bridgestone E12 Speed ​​up for discussion.

A close up of the Top Flite Gamer golf ball

Top Flite Gamer – A faster premium ionomer ball

When new balls were added to the category, I noticed the emphasis on "soft". Sure, that's part of its appeal for golfers where performance takes a backseat in terms of feel and price, but there's no practical reason why there shouldn't be a faster alternative to the marshmallows that permeate the category.

Enter the new Top Flite Gamer. It has a stated compression of 85. Our measuring device measured an average of 79, which makes the Titleist velocity in the ionomer space most comparable. For the full context, that's about 10 compression points firmer than the market leaders in the premium ionomer area. That could be enough A jump in speed that golfers will notice. You will likely notice a difference in feeling too.

As a distance ball in a category full of marshmallows, the top flite gamer can be expected to feel a little firmer than the alternatives. You might not love this, so it's worth noting that the cover is 15 to 20 percent softer than most two-piece Surlyn balls. The combination of a comparatively firmer interior with a softer exterior should lead to more spin in the bag.

Fast ball hour: Spin comes from the layer soft over firm. Therefore, soft balls naturally spin less.

DICK’S uses the term generously and says: 2020 Top Flite Gamer gives you "tour-like" Greenside Spin. To be clear, "tour-like" does not mean "exactly like". Think of it as "kind of tour-like".

We're talking about a ball that will give you as much spin as you can get from a Surlyn cover.

If you want more spin, you need urethane. Sorry I don't make rules.

Is the player right for you?

If you want to maximize every performance, the Maxfli Tour is almost certainly a good choice the better option. However, if you're looking for a slightly softer feel and a cheaper price point, the Top Flite Gamer is for you.

At $ 35 for two dozen, it's significantly cheaper than anything else in this category. Even if it's not that soft, the price alone should be enough to cast a spell over some gamer fans again.

Top flite gamer

Top flite gamer

Dick's sporting goods

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