The most effective bowling reward concepts: Christmas, birthdays, and extra


For some sports and hobbies, it is easy to find a variety of great gift ideas because of the abundance of accessories and other gadgets that are widely used.

It's a little different with bowling. All equipment like a ball and shoes can easily be rented in the alley. Even if a bowler does decide to buy their own, they usually don't need to upgrade as often.

However, in this article we are going to cover some very different ideas for bowling related gifts.

Our list of the most popular bowling gifts

One of the first decisions to make when choosing a bowling-themed gift is whether to opt for actual equipment that the recipient can use on the lanes, or rather a novel or fun gift like a piece of casual wear or a bowling-themed trinket or game.

How should you choose between the two types of gifts? If your recipient is new to bowling and doesn't have their own ball or pair of shoes, this can be a great gift to show your support for their efforts and help them take them to the next level.

But if, for example, you already have an arsenal of balls, you may not want to try to guess what kind of ball you still need. In this case, there are other bowling accessories that can come in handy.

(Also, under no circumstances should you pull a Homer Simpson and engrave your own name on the ball in the hopes of becoming the owner yourself!)

A good bowling ball for family members and friends who don't have their own ball is the Brunswick T-Zone model.

If you decide to take this route, we recommend reading our guide to choosing your first bowling ball for more helpful tips.

If your receiver is more advanced and may need a specific type of performance ball, our list of the best bowling balls of various types will also help.

If you don't want to try and pick the right ball for your receiver, there are other types of bowling equipment that you might find useful.

These accessories include bowling wrist rests, ball cleaners, bowling gloves, and more. However, you want to have a casual conversation with your recipient to get a feel for what type of item is most valued because of their game.

Novelty bowling gifts

On the other hand, if you want to avoid real bowling equipment in favor of fun, humor, or quirkiness, a novel bowling gift may be a better choice.

This is also a great choice for storing stuffers or White Elephant types of gift exchanges with colleagues or other large groups.

This category offers a variety of different options that we'll quickly go over here.

For the bowler who works at the desk for hours during the day, although he prefers to be on the street, we humbly offer this desktop bowling game as a gift.

It has a wooden track and launch pad to send the mini steel bowling ball into the 10 pins.

There are other similar table bowling games to choose from, but this is our pick for the most fun (as well as the cheapest).

Bowling-themed socks are another option for a bowling novelty or gag gift.

In our humble opinion, the more noticeable the look, the better for your recipient to wear at home, at work, or possibly even on the bowling lanes.

Depending on the personality of your recipient, they can adopt the look enthusiastically or more for the sake of humor.

These new ARAD bowling socks are perfect for men, women and even teenagers and are available in different colors.

There are plenty of humorous bowling shirts out there too, and this unisex black “Split Happened” t-shirt is one of our favorites.

Another suggestion is a bowling-themed coffee mug that's perfect for the bowler in your life who likes to start their morning with a cup of joe (or tea).

Read reviews of additional gifts for novelty bowling for more ideas.

Finally, we're going to cover a more specific gift idea that might appeal to the bowler in your life.

Great Lebowski Bowling gift ideas

There's a cult favorite with an all-star cast in which bowling plays a prominent role.

I'm talking about The Big Lebowski, the 1998 dark comedy directed by the Coen Brothers with Jeff Bridges as "The Dude".

There are more gifts related to this movie than you can imagine, ranging from a party game with charged questions to a variety of shirts, pillows, and mugs.

One particularly cool one we recommend is this poster, which features signature lines from the movie with a cool bowling ball and pin image:

Click here to browse more Big Lebowski gift ideas

The bottom line for bowling gifts

We hope this article has given you some great ideas on what bowling-themed gifts to get this year. They range from simple, like a pair of fun socks, to real devices that can vastly improve your recipient's bowling game.

No matter what you choose in the end, we hope you have a great holiday season!


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