Australia versus India: first take a look at, first day – dwell!


5.20 a.m. European summer time05:20

73rd past: India 166-3 (Kohli 67, Rahane 27) Rahane is still trying to tick the board. He's got a better clip than Kohli lately, doing a neat ride through cover for a couple and then cutting Lyon behind the point. Good angles. This is Beverages.

"Morning Adam." Hello Luke Richardson. "Check out the BBC Sounds app and love hearing Adelaide from a damp Britain (albeit cooler than I imagined)." You can also take the call I have in the UK on SEN starting tomorrow for all series. In fact, I can hear the other members of my hotel quarantine floor leaving their rooms as I type. We drive to the airport at 4 a.m. – praise be! Freedom!

5.16 a.m. European summer time05:16

72nd by: India 163-3 (Kohli 67, Rahane 24) Cummins passes twice in a row to start his new one. To be very clear, if you haven't watched today, the front line is now the TV umpire's job – finally! And the job is done well. This is the first time Australia has played a test with the new playing condition. It shouldn't take long for them to adjust. Rahane distracts three later in the over on the third man. If you watch the repetition, that's a benefit. But still safe.

5.11 a.m. European summer time05:11

71st past: India 157-3 (Kohli 66, Rahane 21) NG Lyon are back to replace Starc, a shift to be used before the second new ball. I've taken most of these pink ball tests and it's fascinating how much the second new ball determines behavior in the night session. But he'll want to do more than stop an ending by Rahane with a beauty – this jump! – two goodbyes. Some controversy to end the ending, Rahane takes a few more behind point but referee Bruce Oxenford pinged them a short run for Kohli's turn. When he watched the replay, his bat was slightly over the line! What's going on there? He's not having a good first day, that's for sure.

5.06 a.m. European summer time05:06

70th past: India 154-3 (Kohli 66, Rahane 20) Another virgin from Hazlewood, this time keeping Kohli away from right-handed people with a handy shape.

Interesting shot of Gary Naylor, which makes perfect sense. Given that there's no real penalty for overrate right now (oh, sorry, nominal fines, it will) this could be exactly what they're fishing for at the overrate here.

Gary Naylor
(@ garynaylor999)

Hello @collinsadam. I think the best split for the new ball is about five overs tonight (with tired bowlers) and a shiny new cherry tomorrow. In other words, field captains are rewarded for 85 overs a day rather than 90.

The penalty for slow exceedance rates has to bite.

17th December 2020

5.02 a.m. European summer time05:02

69th past: India 154-3 (Kohli 66, Rahane 20) Rahane is ticking around here and caressing two through the ceiling – no risk with this shot. Oh wait, ignore, he just missed a slash and one. Not far from that edge.

4.58 a.m. European summer time04:58

68th past: India 152-3 (Kohli 66, Rahane 18) Hello, a slower one from Josh Hazlewood! We see him quite often, but rarely in the long form, throwing the knuckle ball in one-day cricket. It strikes the blade comfortably after lifting off the seam and triggers a smile from the Indian skipper. He doesn't miss if the short ball follows and within two overs a second pulling shot hits the limit. Shot.

Ben jones

Hazlewood brings out the knuckle ball, the absolute flirt

17th December 2020

at 4:59 a.m. EST

4.55 a.m. European summer time04:55

67th past: India 148-3 (Kohli 62, Rahane 18) There's the Kohli pull shot, which we haven't seen since the end when Starc took a piece off his right thumb during the middle session. Fantastic technology. But the big quick one has a win of his own later in the set, finding a big inside edge that soars in the air but isn't at hand.

I'm not listening to Seven's call at the moment, but apparently there was some disagreement between Ricky Ponting and Pete Lalor over the selection of Joe Burns, the former captain who supports his retention. There will be plenty of that by the time the Queenslander goes out to hit sometime tomorrow.

4.50 a.m. European summer time04:50

NOT OUT! Rahane did it with the dive. Head had the presence of mind to snap under his arms instead of picking up the ball to get up. They practice that day after day, these direct hit throws.

66th past: India 141-3 (Kohli 55, Rahane 18) There was a scream for the leg earlier in the over, but Hazlewood's delivery cut off a lot of the inside edge before bumping into Kohli's pad. A lot of action as day turns into night in Adelaide.

4.48 a.m. European summer time04:48

IS RAHANE EXPIRING? We're going up. brilliant by Travis Head.

4.45 a.m. European summer time04:45

65th past: India 140-3 (Kohli 54, Rahane 18) Nice punch from Rahane from the back foot which takes it just over the point to the rope. However, Lyon did an excellent dive – did he keep that up? I think he might have. Yes, after several TV reruns, that's the decision of the third referee – three runs, not four. Kohli defends, watches and then plays with soft hands in the offside position. He takes a quick single to keep the hit. Footage of the Adelaide members' enclosure, normally seen at that time of the night. Not quite so this year to keep social distance, but it still looks like a nice place to spend an hour.

4.39 a.m. European summer time04:39

64th past: India 136-3 (Kohli 53, Rahane 15) Hazlewood rejoins Starc. So, Lyon, to take a short break while the lights really start to take over. Of course, he took the money from Kohli from the start. That's five girls out of his thirteen. He and Cummins in particular are just so accurate and difficult to evaluate.

4.35 a.m. European summer time04:35

63rd past: India 136-3 (Kohli 53, Rahane 15) Right, Starc is back. It will be interesting to see how Paine manages those 18 overs by the second new ball – a quick break from his pink ball stud here, then back to Hazlewood? He's only bowled 13 for the day now, so no worries about his workload. Good bikes, nice stretcher. This Adelaide sky will soon be very colorful – I can't wait. A real card for this test.

4.30 a.m. European summer time04:30

62nd by: India 133-3 (Kohli 52, Rahane 14) Rahane is alert and then expansive. He goes deep down to use the large gap behind the square for Lyon and skillfully sweeps the spinner to the rope for four. Fine beating that.

4.28 a.m. European summer time04:28

Kohli up to 50

61. past: India 128-3 (Kohli 51, Rahane 10) Not the most convincing punch from the inside edge after the short leg, but it's enough for Kohli to wind up his half century. Far from his flowing best of taking 123 balls to hit that mark, but what a fantastic record he has on this floor. Rahane also gets a single from Cummins early in the over, his back square. Kohli then defends ducks. There is another no-ball called by the TV referee. That's great to see – finally a solution to this problem. Kohli ends with another hit, this time sidelined.

4.22 a.m. European summer time04:22

60th past: India 124-3 (Kohli 49, Rahane 9) Kohli goes to Lyon, but doesn't quite get onto the field, his outer edge trickles away for three. "Fascinating", says Gerard Whateley and sums up this competition in one word, as he does it so well. The good oil of those on the ground is that we're about 20 minutes away from the witches' lesson, where anything can (and often does) happen in those pink ball tests. But as we noted in the previous interval, they may not get the full ten overs with the second new ball to go based on the current over rate. Over to Paine.

4.18 a.m. European summer time04:18

59th past: India 119-3 (Kohli 46, Rahane 7) Cummins to Rahane, the pressure is building up well after the busy game against Lyon. A keen bouncer to complete the girl, Cummins & # 39; 7. so far. 13-7-13-1 – tasty numbers.

4.14 a.m. European summer time04:14

58th past: India 119-3 (Kohli 46, Rahane 7) Shot. This is a confidence boost for Rahane, who sits in front of the dog and strokes Lyon against the spin through the gap with additional cover and runs away for four. Lyon pulls it back a foot or two, which gives the vice-captain a chance to score again and cut one to cover the point. It is Kohli's turn and repeats the dose from earlier in the over, comes onto the field and drives carefully through the cover, time enough to hit the diving green on the rope. Classssss.

Andrew Faulkner
(@ AndrewFaulkner9)

Shot of the day. #jinks #coverdrive

17th December 2020

at 4:14 p.m. EST

4.11 a.m. European summer time04:11

57th past: India 109-3 (Kohli 41, Rahane 2) Pat Cummins, welcome back to the bowling fold. The way he set up Agarwal earlier today was just lovely. Nothing particularly noticeable about the process that ended up in a Curtly Ambrose shoebox, but when the inductor came the opener stopped working and lost its center stump. Kohli has accumulated well on both sides of the break, all of them individually, one more here behind the pitch. Rahane, who will take the bracelet from his skipper in Melbourne next week, vigilantly defends the rest. Here is the setup I mentioned:

Iceland cricket

That’s lovely. #AUSvIND

17th December 2020

4.06 a.m. European summer time04.06

56th past: India 108-3 (Kohli 40, Rahane 2) Nathan "Garry" Lyon, how will you ever explain this nickname to the generations of children who will look it up in the Wisden Almanack 50 years from now? "Oh, a guy who played for Melbourne Footy shared a last name with him and that was it." Advance Australia Fair. I can hear Marnus talking about Secret Santa under the lid. There's a stupid point Rahane's on strike, but he's not in the action here. Decent restart for everyone.

4.03 a.m. European summer time04:03

The players are back on the field. I'm switching from television to radio for this session and recording the SEN comment that I'll be with me tomorrow when I get out of quarantine in Perth and Adelaide first. Nathan Lyon will continue on strike with Kohli. Three men around the bat, no stupid point. PLAY!

3.58 a.m. European summer time03:58

Great point here from the Wutube. Day-night tests are all about math.

Andrew Wu

Slow for India's batsmen, also above average on the slow side. It's in Australia's interest to go faster. The faster you throw the next 25 overs, the more overs you get with the second new ball under lights. #AUSvIND

17th December 2020

3.57 a.m. European summer time03:57

Quick connector? Ok i will. Every night on the show, Geoff and I record an episode of our podcast, The Final Word. When we released these in the English summer of 2019, people seemed to like them more than our usual endeavors. With this glowing anecdotal suggestion in mind, please join us later tonight!

3.54 a.m. European summer time03:54

"Evening, Adam." G & # 39; day, Digvijay Yadav. “Today a bit off the slopes. How is the chemistry between Ponting and Gavaskar on the 7th? I know Punter was very gracious on social media and the interaction they had while zooming in, but as far as I can remember they had a prolonged spit in the late nineties. "

Was that also my memory of SCG 2007? But as you say, they shared a lot of love on social media. Time of the great healer among the great.

3.53 a.m. European summer time03:53

"Hello Adam." Hello Nigel Smith. “We just woke up to a bright Bristol sky and realized that there is test match cricket in the world! Flattery apart I found your preamble excellent, "Days and Day and Night and Nights of Cricket". You prepared me for the day. “Thank you on behalf of Geoff who wrote this earlier. But nice to have you with us, always nice when England wakes up during an Australian test.

"Is it too early to conclude that Cameron Green is an amalgam of the best of Lillee and Bradman and will inevitably perish as the greatest of all time?" asks the Clinton. This is definitely the correct question about the evidence available. It could be that he's Miller and Pucovski is Bradman. Pass on.

3.50 a.m. European summer time03:50

Pat Cummins speaks to the TV during recess. I'm not sure this is of much value. Shouldn't they let him jump his feet for the full 20 minutes? Anyway, the most important aspect is that he believes Nath Lyon is pretty good at cricket. And he's right!

3.44 a.m. European summer time03:44


55th past: India 107-3 (Kohli 39, Rahane 2) The ball is thrown to Marnus Labuschagne – not a bad scream. But Kohli doesn't take the bait when he's got a long jump ahead of him. He pulls a lone instead of trying to throw it into the stands. Rahane does it too, then Kohli again. A ball until break … well defended. Fantastic cricket in those two hours with 66 extra runs with Pujara losing on the way to Lyon.

3.41 a.m. European summer time03:41

54th past: India 104-3 (Kohli 37, Rahane 1) Possibly the final before tea? Kohli plays the way it will be and doesn't take anything for granted against Lyon. He keeps the strike over with a single point. Oh, and they snuck it in – one that's to come.

3.39 a.m. European summer time03:39

53. past: India 103-3 (Kohli 36, Rahane 1) Green isn't sniffing Rahane here. What a delight for Tim Paine: all of a sudden he has a legitimate four-pronged seam attack.

“I've been following OBO since 2005 when my friend Jon Walgate (who used to be 100% British, but now divides his citizenship between Great Britain and Canada) introduced me to OBO,” writes Som Bandyopadhyay. "At the time, we were both in Calgary, sitting in the same office, wondering why the English teams were so pathetic (that's before the ashes I think). Needless to say, the other colleagues weren't interested, but it was we didn't care either. And back then we mostly watched cricket on OBO, although we sometimes used live streaming on our laptops, the quality of which was just like that of the English team. Over the years I've noticed that only Andy Bull published my emails. So I'm grateful to him. And if you'd like to be on the receiving end of my gratitude, please do the same. "Look, I'm a sucker for gratitude. Thank you for your loyal readership.

Enjoy the fact that one of the ads that Ch7 is using on cricket this summer is indie delight from a decade ago. I miss this era so much.

(embed) (/ embed)

3.35 a.m. European summer time03:35

52nd passing: India 103-3 (Kohli 36, Rahane 1) Kohli plays with soft hands and halves the two catchers close to the leg for a single one. It is Rahane's turn and tries to stray from the target. In the final delivery of the set, a small push is made from the outer part of his club to the third man. On TV they are now comparing Cam Green to Keith Miller in a sign that summer, my friends, has really arrived.

One for the Joe Denly Ultras (guilty as charged) that Pujara hit over 100 balls but failed to raise his racket. Chris Jones on Twitter brought this to my attention.

3.31 a.m. European summer time03:31

51st past: India 101-3 (Kohli 35, Rahane 0) A vote of confidence from Paine that if the temptation were to bring Cummins back before break, Green will continue. In fairness, Green is doing a great job with his short ball – "as hostile as anyone today," Damien Fleming said on television. Not wrong.

"Hello Adam." Hello Ian Forth. “On TV, Shane Warne was just commenting,“ Too late, she cried. ”As a humble expat in this beautiful country, I assumed that this was another example of a locally understood phrase like“ London to a Brick on. ”But as When I looked, I could only find that the full version reads “Too late, she cried as she waved her peg leg.” Adding to my confusion only added to my confusion, I was wondering if readers should shed some light on its origin or meaning can throw. "

To quote from The Bad Show on Australian television, "I'll take that as a comment."

3.28 a.m. European summer time03:28

50th passing: India 100-3 (Kohli 34, Rahane 0) Right, so the Indian lead axis comes together with a quarter of an hour up to the interval that was formerly known as dinner. Since the long break is now paramount, 20 minutes at this time of the night is more of a cocktail break. I think originally a Mike Selvey line during the first day-night test in England. This is also the tenth time in Tests that Lyon has included Cheteshwar Pujura.

3.24 a.m. European summer time03:24

WICKET! Pujara c Labuschagne b Lyon 43 (India 100-3)

Yes, there is a lot of inner edge before it rises from the upholstered flap that Labuschagne took in nicely while sliding his legs forward. What a relief to Paine and his men after what Pujara did two years ago. Outstanding from Lyon, not just with the delivery of the wicket but throughout its spell. Deserved it.

3.23 a.m. European summer time03:23

DID LYON GET PUJARA AROUND THE CORNER? It looks simple, it leaves the field, but it is NOT DISPLAYED! The Australians check immediately.

3.21 a.m. European summer time03:21

49th past: India 98-2 (Pujara 41, Kohli 34) There's Green's first bumper, and it's right for the money. Pujara wavers from within. The relentlessly patient No3 through takes the chance to turn the punch from his hip when the time comes. In the 2018-19 series he was faced with more than 1200 deliveries – today up to 156.

Sam Perry

Cameron Green looks like he's bowling the third net and it's 141 km. I look forward to his back working.

17th December 2020

3.16 a.m. European summer time03:16

48th past: India 97-2 (Pujara 40, Kohli 34) Pujara is the man who is pushing back to Australia here, not Kohli. Fine eyelash, deep in the crease, to cut Lyon for four and then jump down the line at the next offer – a calculated risk that it will get full after the limit – and flick it for someone else. And Lyon jumps back to finish. A jumping delivery finds the thug's shoulder, very close to the landing, in Travis Head's right hand. Four men around the bat, all in play.

3.13 a.m. European summer time03:13

47th past: India 88-2 (Pujara 31, Kohli 34) This would be the first time Green has bowled red balls in cricket and every time he hits the crease, a front referee checks his forefoot, which is responsible for the two no-balls he's been called for so far. This, of course, is the first time the third official has been responsible for the ball-to-ball front rather than when a wicket has been taken. A great development. Oooh, and he also finds Kohli's edge by about a third or fourth slip – catchable height. Australia's cricket fans pass out watching this spell. Don't make a mistake.

3.09 a.m. European summer time03.09

46th past: India 83-2 (Pujara 31, Kohli 30) "Bowled, Gaz" yells Tim Paine appreciatively at the end of another where the Indian skipper is denied the opportunity to assert himself. Of course, the main role of a spinner comes later in a test match, but Lyon was always a good operator on the first day of bowling.

3.06 a.m. European summer time03.06

45th past: India 81-2 (Pujara 30, Kohli 29) Wow, Green is back on and immediately turns on the radar at over 140 km / h. Deceptively sharp from a fairly cool approach to the crease – what a handful it will be from its 200cm frame. However, he misses his line to Kohli, who cuts off a few in the back seat.

Adam Collins

Green is 10 km / h faster than he looked bowling during tour games. What a handful. #AUSvIND

17th December 2020


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