Australia versus India: second take a look at, day three – dwell!


9:21 pm European summer time21:21

3rd over: Australia 4-0 (Wade 0, Burns 4) Hit on the pad, great attraction, almost a spout, then Rahane reviews! Burns was set on fire by a swinging Yorker from Bumrah, it shattered his boot and he fell flat on his face to keep him out. Then he gets up and tries to run and has to dive back in. The referee decides that the ball went too far on the side of the leg. The repetition shows it as clipping, referee call. Burns comes back by driving three through cover.

9:13 p.m. European summer time21:13

2nd over: Australia 1-0 (Wade 0, Burns 1) Conventional attack field for Umesh Yadav Bowling at Burns. Four slips, the fourth positioned wider. A gutter. Cover is open. Mid-off, mid-on, square leg, long leg. Positioned for the edge and for the hook. Burns defends, leaving a pair supported by a ball on the side of his leg. Made a duck in the first innings, wants to get out of the pair and almost runs out! A real Morse code runs there: point, point, line. Just knock on Midwicket and Bolts and would have failed if the throw had hit the non-striker's end. After this sprint, Wade has to cover a few stretches.

9:08 p.m. European summer time21:08

1st over: Australia 0-0 (Wade 0, Burns 0) We continue to eat lunch and pour. Australia Trail by 131. Wade takes the first ball. He did that in Adelaide, then Burns did that in the first innings here, now they have swapped again. First ball Bumrah hit him on the pad, appealing it hit, but it hit outside the leg. No review. There's also a wild Yorker Wade can defend. Bumrah starts off hot.

9:05 p.m. European summer time21:05

Daniel Forman

Morning / evening Geoff from a Mitjadejan. I am always interested in how objective you can be. Would you like India to create a potentially classic series? Or do you do a secret fist press when Cummins cleans up the cock?

December 27, 2020

Interesting question. In all honesty, I'm usually in the barrack for the story. The best game, the best series. However, it gets complicated when you want certain players to do well. The Ashes was a better series because of the Stokes miracle. This would be a better streak if India wins here, but I love what Matthew Wade has done to the bat over the past few years and it would be great to see Joe Burns bring it together for a real testing career and I think Bumrah is magical and would love to see him on a tear, and it's been a long time since a Smith a hundred …

In the end, the most satisfying thing is to build a barrack for cricket. Then you can enjoy everything.

8:56 p.m. European summer time20:56

Another distant cool letter, this time from Eoin Sheehan in Ireland.

“Good evening from a wintry Dublin. As the noted authority who first identified popular dissatisfaction with the “young” culture of Channel 9's late-era cricket commentary, do you feel a similar dissatisfaction with what Fox is currently offering? I noticed that Russell Jackson, who was late in this church, got a lot of support on the Twitter machine yesterday when he thought it might be harder to hear Shane Warne now than to him during his heyday with the bat confront. Is there any general impression that Fox's comment is as dejected as 9 towards the end? In my opinion there seems to be a big argument between Warne et al. To be interspersed with attempts from the likes of Isa, Hussey, and maybe AB, who actually try to call the cricket. I wonder if 7 calls more "sober" for lack of a better word (as I'm overseas I don't have the opportunity to listen to compare). "

Hmm Many questions have their own answers. Seven has for the most part gone the route of simple expertise: Ponting, Ali Mitchell, Tim Lane, Simon Katich, although there are others with a different streak.

8.49 p.m. European summer time20:49

A lovely email from Simon McMahon. "G & # 39; day Geoff. It's so good to have cricket, especially from sunny Australia as it's -5 in Scotland right now. I should see the Aussies play Scotland in a T20 in Edinburgh in late June, but it does was canceled for obvious reasons. I just have to live on the memories of beating England (with seven future World Cup winners on their team) in 2018. And I'm almost done with not signing up for last year's World Cup in England qualify after the rain kept us from beating the West Indies. Still, I have to love cricket. Made in Scotland. You're welcome, world! "

In a similar context, aptly named Matt Winter says, “Can you knock on the ABC box and politely ask Merv to stop saying it's cold? – 4 ° C here and because of snow. "

8.30 p.m. European summer time20:30

India led by 131 in the first innings

It's a good lead, but not necessarily a match-winning lead. Australia's eyelash was bad, but it only takes them a day to click and today it could be. Make 350 in the third innings and the game will be set up for the home team. India has to roll well. As so often, the last three gates fell in a hurry. Pretty poor, when we often get the impression that teams with applications add another 30, 50 or even 100 runs to their tailenders and make all the difference in the game.

Time for a sandwich.

8:27 p.m. European summer time20:27

115.1 overs: India 326-10 (Siraj 0) The debut player isn't out for his first innings after getting a sneak peek at the big time. This is lunch, six minutes before the scheduled interval.

8:26 p.m. European summer time20:26

WICKET! Bumrah c Head b Lyon 0, India all from 326

A golden for Bumrah, a wicket 394 for Lyon and a catch for Australia. Bumrah goes the big slog-sweep-first-ball and of course there are men in depth for something like that. Directly to the deep central roof.

8:25 p.m. European summer time20:25

115th by: India 326-9 (Bumrah 0, Siraj 0) Bumrah hasn't seen a ball and Mohammed Siraj will strike on the debut. Hazlewood lays it a length on the off-stump and Siraj has an uneasy agile thrust on a ball that sews in and almost takes its off-stump. A crouched slap posture, a swaying backlift and this posture keep him low and come under a doorman. It's called Wide, which Hazlewood may not mind because he gets another shot at Siraj. But number 11 survived.

8:21 pm European summer time20:21

WICKET! Ashwin c Lyon b Hazlewood 14, India 325-9

Hazlewood to Ashwin who may need to raise the stake shortly. Maybe he trusts Bumrah, who has done a few runs lately. At first, Ashwin seems to be looking for a single rather than doing anything big. The sun is shining, the weather is cool, it is good firing weather. Lunch is in 11 minutes. India would like to let the Australians bowl after the break. But it can't get that far, as Ashwin finally undertakes a long drive, gets a thick flight ledge and sees it end up in Lyon's hands at the gully. First wicket for Hazlewood in the innings.

8:18 p.m. European summer time20:18

114th by: India 325-8 (Ashwin 14) Last ball of the over for the Umesh wicket, who brought Bumrah into the middle with a 130 margin.

8:17 p.m. European summer time20:17

WICKET! Umesh c Smith b Lyon 9, India 325-8

Sigh of relief for Australia, another dejected. A pretty normal off-break, not a big turn but some, and Umesh dives into a defensive shot and hits the ball much earlier and much harder than necessary. This ensures that its edge slips.

8.15 p.m. European summer time20:15

113th by: India 323-7 (Ashwin 13, Umesh 8) The partnership is worth 15. Ashwin a dirty dozen, Umesh a great seven. Josh Hazlewood is bowling for the first time today. He does Hazlewood things, hanging around the stump, trying a short ball here and there. Ashwin pushes a run, Umesh fends off another with a hope. Manages the strike.

"I would agree and disagree with the 50 thing," Abhi Saxena writes via email. “As irrational as it might seem from the outside, I think batsmen use these markers as something to focus on, like a checkpoint. Somebody like Kholi / Smith moved their markers to 100 points. I don't know if you can focus a full day if you don't make personal markers for yourself … and not the usual team scoring, etc. Like filling in chapters of a book, it doesn't make much overall sense, but it certainly does important as a personal step (both while reading and even though I've never written one).

I agree that the personal markers are important. However, I would argue that they can be any number – they are personal. You might want to get down to 40 and then go back to 60 and then back to 80. Maybe it beats a certain number of overs. With the version of writing a book, there is definitely a sense of achievement in completing a chapter. But the metaphor in this case would be nearing the end of a chapter and then rushing through the last page with absolute crap to get it done instead of taking the time to finish it properly.

8:08 p.m. European summer time8:08 pm

112th by: India 321-7 (Ashwin 12, Umesh 7) Ashwin feigns a small jump forward on the crease, as if suggesting he is about to attack, and then remains seated. Maybe he wanted to lure Lyon into a short ball, but instead he gets a full one and comes forward to do two extra runs. Goes around his front pad to edit a single that he can follow. A ball for Umesh. Six? Or 2.38 foursome? Turned defensively to the side of the leg. The mouth pops open in shock. Clonk, Clonk, Clonk.

8:06 p.m. European summer time20:06

111th by: India 318-7 (Ashwin 9, Umesh 7) Umesh will be happy when he got Starc, who rolls full and very far and Umesh drives a single, as the first ball off the strike. Adam Collins just stopped by my seat and asked me to look at Umesh's four-to-six ratio in top-notch cricket. That is 106 to 43.

So Umesh hits a six for every 2.38 fours when he hits. That's a golden ratio.

Ashwin plays a couple of balls towards the point and places the second well enough to get a run. Umesh crouches a bouncer. A kind of half plays a pull shot while crouching, just a reflex murmur of a swing, like the sleptalking variant of a shot. Then when it fills up he exposes his foreleg and has an almighty cannon on a ball that hits his thigh pad instead. Umesh = good time ≠ long time.

8:01 p.m. European summer time20:01

110th by: India 316-7 (Ashwin 8, Umesh 6) At least you know you won't get ricocheted off Lyon. Ashwin takes a first ball and I would surely suspect that after the barrage of the last over, Umesh Yadav will try to get 3000% of his hits against the spinner.

Get down on one knee, sweep for four! His first ball of the over and it's a nice shot down the floor. Not muddy at all. Then he even defends a couple. Broad stance, bat blowing in the back lift and restraint ends with a big blow to the side of the leg, the floor is angular and is pulled across the floor to Midwicket. He's on strike and Ashwin is about to run away from the next ball after Wade threw the ball back towards the stumps on his short leg, but Ashwin realizes it just in time.

India leads with 121.

7:57 p.m. European summer time19:57

109th by: India 310-7 (Ashwin 7, Umesh 1) All bouncers now from Starc. Ashwin has a method: get back on the leg and try to pull. Starc is back on the right-handed wicket. Ashwin is hit in the collarbone and has to call the doctor. Finally resumes, plays the exact same shot and gets a run. Umesh gets another bouncer with his head held high. How many can you roll these days? Hmm Starc gets ready for the last couple. Umesh gets a messy run, goes over and shovels to the leg side. Ashwin gets a neater one that is pushed for cover.

7:53 p.m. European summer time19:53

108th by: India 307-7 (Ashwin 5, Umesh 0) How is Ashwin playing it now? Attack to get a few, or will that just encourage their partner to make it worse? He is knocked down by Labuschagne on the leg slip, another drop, but that would have been a miracle. Ashwin pulls down the side of the leg. It's hard to tell if it came from the racket or the thigh pad, but I think it was some kind of bottom edge. Hard in Labuschagne and towards the ground, and it's moving so fast it hits his hands and pops out before he really knows it's there. Ashwin stuck a single to keep the strike off.

7.48 p.m. European summer time19:48

107th by: India 306-7 (Ashwin 4, Umesh 0) Right, get ready for the bounce-a-thon, the slog-a-thon, and the quick wickets. India 111 coming in front with just the tail. Umesh has never hit a ball that he didn't want to hit, nor an inning that he didn't want to get over quickly. However, he doesn't have time to think about meeting Starc's bouncer, just tries to get out of his way.

7.46 p.m. European summer time19:46

WICKET! Jadeja c Cummins b Starc 57, India 306-7

All of a sudden, Mitchell Starc is snorting more than a New Year's Eve party in Sydney. He bends another one inwards and up to Jadeja, who pulls his gloves underneath with another spinal deformation. Then Starc goes briefly, but a little to one side and Jadeja tries the hook, but misses. While his quarry thinks back the foot, Starc throws a hard length outward and Jadeja fights back and misses. Movement in the field, deep midwicket goes back, the leg slips out and deep square moves on, as does long leg. Three on the leg side. Short, Jadeja is hooked anyway and directly to this deep central roof! How's that for a field placement? Smart of Paine, stupid of Jadeja, and no defense attorney can explain it away. Three for the hook for you to play the hook. Cummins only two-thirds of the way back to the long frontier, and he barely moves when the hook comes over to him.

7.40 p.m. European summer time19:40

106th by: India 306-6 (Jadeja 57, Ashwin 4) The drinks break off and then Lyon tosses a maiden at Ashwin who is circling each other.

Robert Wilson sets up the case for the defense. "Passive voice needed," he pleads. "I don't think it's a fair cop to say Jadeja kicked the boss out (although I have to admit it's always funny). This is a great little double of fifty from him and I finally figured out why he speaks to me that way because he looks exactly (and I mean exactly) like a better version of Han Solo when Star Wars was written by Tolstoy and directed by Michael Curtiz, he got this bold thing going. Despite himself. You could definitely see him on board a pirate ship or a moving train – but somehow selfless. Then a place for puppy rescue before you have a serious talk with Emperor Palpatine to rest a little. "

I fully and completely agree that Jadeja buckled more than a few blows in his time. I will still argue that he was trying to make a single for his milestone instead of trying to play the best punch available to the ball and get runs wherever they come. And that occupation created a wicket. If you're trying to get cute, cricket can make it look ugly.

7:34 p.m. European summer time19:34

105th by: India 306-6 (Jadeja 57, Ashwin 4) Starc carries on around the wicket, working away for a run from Ashwin and a double from Jadeja before the short ball finally comes out. Evil too! Jump over Jadeja and over the gloves, and in the end Jadeja is saved because the ball is too fast for him. He arches his back and tries to put his hands up in self-defense, but the ball clears his gloves a few inches before they can get high enough. So close to a wicket.

"The 50 is meaningless in the grand scheme of things – it was precisely the cause of Rahane's death to pay attention to it. Overall, the focus on the 50/100 milestone in cricket is irrational. “Couldn't agree more Robert Speed. I love cricket stats, but it's bizarre that choosing a stats category to record can have a huge impact on how you play. An extreme example of the physical concept of observation affecting the subject.

7:27 p.m. European summer time19:27

104th by: India 303-6 (Jadeja 55, Ashwin 3) Not much trouble for Ashwin against his rival, who is quietly hiding a run square. Jadeja is surprised by Lyon's jump and pulls his head back as he pushes the ball behind him and bounces on him. But if Lyon briefly bowls on a straight line, Jadeja rocks back and pulls for four. There was a deep square leg, but that went well in front of him up to the long border at the end of town.

India's lead is 108.

7:24 p.m. European summer time19:24

103. by: India 298-6 (Jadeja 51, Ashwin 2) Mitchell Starc replaces Cummins, and this is interesting: left arm around the wicket to a left-handed batsman. Short leg and one leg slide in place, as well as a front square leg and a center closer to the racket, then in depth a square leg and a long leg. The position of the deep square is therefore exactly on the square, as there are two field players behind the square. This is the maximum that is permitted according to Bodyline. All of that and Starc doesn't throw a short ball, everything is pitched. You call that a bluff.

at 7:28 p.m. EST

7.20 p.m. European summer time19:20

102nd by: India 298-6 (Jadeja 51, Ashwin 2) They sense that this inning is about to become a mystery. To see how far India can go before it falls. However, if Ashwin does well, he could calm the process down. He drives a little single into cover, Jadeja pushes a short leg behind him. Lyon always in play.

at 7:28 p.m. EST

7.16pm European summer time19:16

Half a century! Jadeja 50 out of 132 balls

101st by: India 296-6 (Jadeja 50, Ashwin 1) Jadeja turns fifty on the second try, but the sword blossom celebration is a bit hollow a minute after its captain leaves. Jadeja did very well though. Fully justified his inclusion: first this catch plus a wicket, and now this. Soaked up a lot of bowling. Ashwin is right-handed and we know he can hit – four test tons after his name – but he was a lesser hitter for some reason in the latter part of his career. He's moving when Cummins gets to his feet and is pushed away. Jadeja gets a good short ball, from which he staggers away, it comes from his arm, I think through to Paine. Roll call, don't go out.

at 7:28 p.m. EST

7:12 p.m. European summer time19:12

100th by: India 294-6 (Jadeja 49, Ashwin 0) The wicket falls ahead at 99 when Australia finishes 100th bowling. Ashwin is facing the sixth ball, period.

at 7:28 p.m. EST

7.10 p.m. European summer time19:10

WICKET! Rahane expires 112, India 6-294

What on earth have they done! Rahane and Kohli created a run-out in Adelaide and gave up that match, and now Jadeja and Rahane have done here for the captain! Jadeja wants his 50th run and believes the easiest way is to tap Lyon to cover and take off. Both batsmen run immediately and hard. But Labuschagne is too quick, with a one-handed pickup and a hard, flat punch, and Paine is excellent at taking the ball up on the stumps with his gloves on, which means he can break them without losing a split second. Nobody was very interested in the appeal, but the replay shows Rahane on the line, but not above, a little further away than the decision that was made in Paine's favor. A century and going out. What a waste.

7:06 p.m. European summer time19:06

99th past: India 294-5 (Rahane 112, Jadeja 49) I'm not sure of Cummins' line of scrimmage against Jadeja. Right arm around the wicket, but Cummins strays down the side of the leg a few times and his bouncers don't threaten if they disappear to that side of the wicket. Jadeja just evades and waits and finally takes a look at a run.

6:59 p.m. European summer time18:59

98th past: India 293-5 (Rahane 112, Jadeja 48) It's time for spin, time for Nathan & # 39; Nathan & # 39; Lyon. With 392 test wickets so far. Jadeja gets out of the third ball and sinks a single or square leg. Lyon looked just as dangerous for the right-hander in the last few games as they did for the left. Rahane defends the balance.

6:56 p.m. European summer time18:56

97th past: India 292-5 (Rahane 112, Jadeja 47) Cummins to Rahane, back over the wicket, and starts well. Back from a length, just outside away, forces the defensive blow. Cummins has the quality to retract this match, all he has to do is find the delivery. Cut the next in Rahane, fuller, wedged in the pads. Then he hits a length and lets Rahane defend against the fold with high hands. Fuller, defending on stump. Short ball, Rahane hooks, but not timed, into the ground and Burns saves well as a square leg to stop a run. Then a bouncer with a little more width, and Rahane rocks back and tries to cut, but misses. Lured Rahane into a couple of badly played punches.

6:51 p.m. European summer time18:51

96th by: India 292-5 (Rahane 112, Jadeja 47) Jadeja feels more adventurous and reaches for a cover run after Starc, which is stopped well by a diving calf in order to limit her to one run. Starc's line via Rahane lets the batsman refine his vacation. Hop to defend the shorter ball with no apparent concern, then check a little off-drive for another run. They look comfortable, the pair of strokes.

6.47 p.m. European summer time18:47

95th past: India 290-5 (Rahane 111, Jadeja 46) Cummins to Rahane, too straight, and Rahane hops and looks at a single one. Jadeja gets a ball in his pads, fuller, and he defends with soft hands, pulls an outside edge into the ground and removes it for four. Never take a chance, he played it well. Then he plays a leg look for you. India runs this morning.

6.43 p.m. European summer time18:43

94th past: India 284-5 (Rahane 110, Jadeja 41) Starc isn't on the line this morning. Right- and left-handers exchange ideas, and he continues bowling their legs so that he can then work singles. Then he rolls on and Rahane drives for two, but that wasn't a very safe shot: It went down the floor, but Rahane drove it up and grabbed it well in front of his body. Any unexpected movement there and he would have been vulnerable. Hard hands would have created an edge that carried. Starc just shrugged half a shoulders, as if to say that he has no problem with someone throwing a shot like that.

6:37 p.m. European summer time18:37

93. past: India 279-5 (Rahane 106, Jadeja 40) Cummins from Members End to left-handed Jadeja. He's bowling around the wicket, attacking the batsman, and probably hoping to cut one off. The ball doesn't hurt him much, however, and Jadeja can keep everything off the stump and defend her back foot against those who come closer.

6:35 p.m. European summer time18:35

92nd by: India 279-5 (Rahane 106, Jadeja 40) And we're gone. Mitchell Starc picks up the new ball and storms in from the Great Southern Stand End. There are three deliveries left to complete his over, which was interrupted when the game was abandoned last night. Rahane was attached to the helmet, which initially caused a delay, and then it rained. Starc brings the in-swing to the right-hander that is typical of his bowling, but Rahane neatly cuts him off for braces.

6:17 p.m. European summer time18:17

I learn a lot from my fellow travelers about who they think is hot, how a man's wisdom teeth work (the fourth is problematic, the first three got through well), and who was hit by a brother. The cricket analysis so far has been on "Does this moron Tim Head play?" Limited.

6.13 p.m. European summer time18:13

Everything this morning is based on the first partnership. Ajinkya Rahane was resumed on the 104th, Ravindra Jadeja on the 40th. Rahane fought most of the day yesterday and was top notch against bowling that did not let up for hours. It was only with the second new ball after the 80th over that the Australians were visibly tired and the bowling was a little less precise, but in the first three or four hours of the day everyone was with the Indian batsmen, everyone over, every magic. Rahane fought his way through and later increased his score. He has to do the groundwork again this morning, and all the bowlers need is that breakthrough to get things moving.

6:07 p.m. European summer time18:07

I am happy to report that a large group of “boys”, who can only be described as “boys”, have joined my train car and arranged around me in a configuration. You're about 19 years old, all wearing Hawaiian shirts and sunglasses, and one is carrying a four-quart box of crispy, dry white. It is 10:06 a.m. Start like you plan to. Your main form of communication is screaming noises that are not words. This is a journey you and I are on together now.

at 6:10 p.m. EST

6:04 p.m. European summer time18:04

"G & # 39; day Geoff, my American friend, and I are following the coverage from Denver, Colorado," writes Thomas Walker. "I'm competing for the Seattle-LA game at airtime, but I can't wait for the game to start." Question – how did Cameron Green roll yesterday? We were a little excited when he came, but it sounds like Warney wasn't impressed. Nevertheless, thank you for the OBO, we love your work! "

Thank you, those of us in the OBO mines are happy to hear that. Denver is a beautiful part of the world. I was only there at the end of summer, in winter it's probably less good when the usual comfort of snow sports is off the table for viral reasons. But it would still be a dramatic place.

As for Green, I thought he was good in the morning. As an Indian batsman, the Indian batsmen came up thinking they could maybe relax for a few minutes. Instead, in the 140s, he hit pads, got ridges, and quickly bowled. He's just young but the prospect of having 10 innings each to support the frontliners is very exciting.

5:55 p.m. European summer time17:55

Or if you want the more detailed breakdown of your OBO friends in me and Adam Collins, we're here.

(embed) (/ embed)

5:52 p.m. European summer time17:52

The short wires recap yesterday's game if you agree.

5:51 p.m. European summer time17:51

What happens in the other games? Kane Williamson made another test ton, the 23rd for a man who is allowed to play less test cricket than his celebrated counterparts in the world's best quartet, and New Zealand made 431. Pakistan is resumed this morning with a night watchman at 39 for 1 on the other Side of the world, Sri Lanka fought well for 396, but South Africa will be nearing the end when it's Australian time again much later today, at 317 for 4.

5.47 p.m. European summer time17:47

Get in touch

The old communication game. Just remember, when the Manchester Guardian started, the OBO had to be hand engraved and posted on the bulletin board outside the office. And then if you wanted to put in a good mood or a reprimand for a typo, you had to go home, write a letter in pen and ink, and mail it on horseback with one of your best riders to take it to the city intake.

Nowadays you can just use the email, as it is called, or the invention of the tweeter. My correspondence marks are in the sidebar. Got it.

5.41 p.m. European summer time17:41


What's this? The distant ringing of bells, the hum of something approaching? What time is it It's cricket time! Why didn't you say that It's day three of the Boxing Day Test. Es ist Tag drei in Melbourne, in Mount Maunganui und in Johannesburg, wo drei verschiedene Boxing Day Tests stattfinden. Aber unser Film mit Australien als Gastgeber für Indien ist ein Belter.

Das heißt: Die Indianer führen mit 82 und haben fünf Pforten in der Hand. Aber die letzten vier sind eine gute Chance, in kurzer Zeit umgeworfen zu werden. Australien könnte sie also schnell abpolieren, wenn ein Wicket fällt. Auch dieser dritte Tag wird wahrscheinlich der beste zum Schlagen sein, wenn die Geschichte ein Leitfaden ist, obwohl dieses Wicket weitaus lebendiger war als die meisten MCG-Wickets in lebender Erinnerung. Ein Vorsprung von rund 100 könnte also leicht nicht ausreichen, wenn die Australier gut schlagen, ungefähr 300 machen und Indien 200 setzen, um später im Spiel zu gewinnen.

Es ist alles für heute zu spielen. Australien führt die Serie mit 1: 0 an, Indien versucht, sich dagegen zu wehren. Sollen wir?

um 17.43 Uhr EST


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