Australia versus India: third check on day one – the way it occurred


3.06 a.m. European summer time03.06


A day limited to 55 overs by rain but dominated by Australia. It started well for the hosts when they won the throw, got a speed boost when David Warner fell cheaply after running far from fit between the gates, and then ended for no reason to believe Australia would continue to recapture the lead can this series.

Aside from Warner's miss, Australia's top finish looked safe on a lukewarm pitch that's conducive to hitting for now but is likely to spin as the game progresses. Will Pucovski's debut was eagerly awaited and it was worth the wait. The Victorian was dropped twice by Rishabh Pant on the 26th and 32nd, but was otherwise impressive in producing a composed 62 before falling victim to a fellow debutante at Navdeep Saini.

Pucovski put on 100 runs for the second wicket with Marnus Labuschagne, who then added 60 unbroken runs with Steve Smith at a pace that was superior to any Australian series. It's a booth that isn't finished yet and could have a profound impact not only on the game but the series as well.

Thank you for your company today. Geoff Lemon will be back tomorrow, nice and early.

Ricky Ponting AO

Very impressed with Will Pucovski's innings today. Seeing the test-level role at the debut is a promising sign and an excitement for him to break through after the setbacks he's faced along the way. #AUSvIND

January 7, 2021

2.48 a.m. European summer time02:48

Stumps – Australia 166-2

Smith and Labuschagne watch the remainder of the session trying to put Australia in a dominant position. Your partnership is now worth 60, and it is much more likely to occur on a second day that starts early due to the time lost today due to rain.

2.45 a.m. European summer time02:45

55th by: Australia 166-2 (Labuschagne 67, Smith 31) Rahane turns to Saini for the last part of the day. What did Jadeja do wrong? Bumrah, anyone? Interesting street down but we'll see. Around the wicket to Smith, the debutant starts with two bouncers on the leg side – with catchers on both sides – and then angles one over the body. Smith is looking for a single and leaves Labuschagne standing before the last three balls of the day. No problems for Marnus and those are stumps.

2.41 a.m. European summer time02:41

54th by: Australia 165-2 (Labuschagne 67, Smith 30) Impressive. A lot and suddenly biting for Ashwin. It takes Smith completely by surprise and he breaks off any attempt to shoot. Fortunately, I could easily have taken the glove. A single from above, the penultimate of the day.

2.38 a.m. European summer time02:38

53rd past: Australia 164-2 (Labuschagne 67, Smith 29) Labuschagne turns the Jadeja-Platz for one, the first run that the left got in his third move. Then he gets a bit of bounce to catch Smith between two thoughts before dropping one into a little short and licking a single one through Midwicket.

2.35 a.m. European summer time02:35

52nd by: Australia 162-2 (Labuschagne 66, Smith 28) Australia, more specifically the reigning pair, chased Ashwin today and Labuschagne has a chance to add on wins but fails with an off-drive and attempted sweep. He creates a single striker of the square, the only score in the over.

2.32 a.m. European summer time02:32

51st by: Australia 161-2 (Labuschagne 65, Smith 28) Jadeja again, short leg for Smith. Jadeja is like Jadeja and speeds through his over quite well. Smith barely has time to blink and even misses a quick one outside of the tree stump when another girl shows up.

2.30 a.m. European summer time02:30

50th by: Australia 161-2 (Labuschagne 65, Smith 28) Ashwin moves on to India, perhaps to see the day spin from both sides. Smith saves one – no, one – into the hands of short legs and India Appeal. The decision has not been made, and comfortably. The ball was not near the racket and India better think about a review. They would have burned it. Two singles from above.

2.26 a.m. European summer time02:26

49th by: Australia 159-2 (Labuschagne 64, Smith 27) Jadeja finally tries the ball. And it's like he's been released from a straitjacket as he dances and races through his first game, A Maiden of Smith.

2.24 a.m. European summer time02:24

48th past: Australia 159-2 (Labuschagne 64, Smith 27) Labuschagne makes his best Steve Smith impression, dances to Ashwin in the square and drives high over the ground for four. A meter or two further and it would have been six. The shot spawns the fifty partnerships for Australia's third wicket, made from just 81 balls. In the context of the series, the match is lightning fast.

2.21 a.m. European summer time02:21

47th by: Australia 155-2 (Labuschagne 60, Smith 27) Siraj continues and it's hard work on a pitch that is slowing down by the minute. A Labuschagne single is as eventful as it gets. There are eight overs left today. What will Rahane do? Bumrah sure. Jadeja maybe?

2.16 a.m. European summer time02:16

46th by: Australia 154-2 (Labuschagne 59, Smith 27) Smith continues to use his feet to spin the ball, but this time Ashwin hits him for flight and drift when Smith attempts to punch through Midwicket but misses when the ball rattles onto his pads and is safe. Two singles from the over, including one from a miss on the last ball, in a very good offer from Ashwin.

2.12 a.m. European summer time02:12

45th by: Australia 152-2 (Labuschagne 58, Smith 26) Peach from a delivery from Siraj when Labuschagne is late. The ball sneaks past the inside edge and is only missing from the stump. Really really nice bowling on a playing field that doesn't help the seafarers much. Virgin over.

2.09 a.m. European summer time02.09

44th by: Australia 152-2 (Labuschagne 58, Smith 26) Ashwin continues with these two who now meet almost at will. The field is now a little behind, although the catchers on the leg side are still there and the singles flow easily when the over takes four runs.

at 2:11 p.m. EST

2.03 a.m. European summer time02.03

Labuschagne fifty out of 108 balls!

43rd by: Australia 148-2 (Labuschagne 56, Smith 24) Siraj returns to attack and makes an impression almost immediately when Labuschagne plants his feet and inner edges on his upholstery. Totally unconvincing by Marnus, but he soon returns to typing, taking cover for four to register his ninth half-century of testing, and then partying with another frontier, this time beyond the middle. Twelve runs over by Sirajs 12th. His first 11 went together for only 33. Time for drinks.

News cricket

Ball hits the field players … and Marnus Labuschagne records his first Test 50 against India 👏👏👏 #AUSvIND

January 7, 2021

1.56 a.m. European summer time01:56

42nd by: Australia 136-2 (Labuschagne 44, Smith 24) Very few batsmen in the world use their feet for the spinning ball better than Steve Smith, and that line is pure Smith as he tosses down the field and carts Ashwin flat across the center. Shot of the day? Maybe not, but still stunning. Twenty-four balls out of 30, Smith is walking at near ODI speed.

1.53 a.m. European summer time01:53

41st past: Australia 132-2 (Labuschagne 44, Smith 20) Saini continues bowling over the wicket in his leg field, but Smith maintains his composure and discipline. Just two off the top, but Australia's run rate is now three and a little bit, as good as this series. As it should be – this looks a better lapping deck than Adelaide and Melbourne.

1:49 a.m. European summer time01:49

40th by: Australia 130-2 (Labuschagne 43, Smith 19) Rahane turns to filming Ashwin when Bumrah's probing spell ends. And it's a very good ending until Smith walks forward, catches the ball on the half volley, and throws the ball through Midwicket for four. Very good shot. Smith watches.

1:46 a.m. European summer time01:46

39th by: Australia 125-2 (Labuschagne 42, Smith 15) Saini foregoes all that stuff and his control is better, he only conceded two runs in the over. There were 16 overs left that day. It's only the first day, but a crucial time awaits.

1.40 a.m. European summer time01:40

38th by: Australia 123-2 (Labuschagne 41, Smith 14) Bumrah continues to keep things tight, with a few singles the only points in the over.

1.37 a.m. European summer time01:37

37th by: Australia 121-2 (Labuschagne 40, Smith 13) Gorgeous, glorious shot from Smith, which adapts to the pitch of a decent, if slightly full, delivery and drives Saini straight out of the screw for four minutes. Another border soon follows, but it was a half chance for India when Smith Saini turned back slightly and dodged the scuba player on the leg groove.

Wowwwwwwww 🤤

Live #AUSvIND:

January 7, 2021

1:31 a.m. European summer time01:31

36th past: Australia 112-2 (Labuschagne 39, Smith 5) Bumrah to Smith. The former skipper is all over the place with his manic footwork. Bumrah reaches for Smith's off-stump before falling into a short and then overpitching, and pretty good asks Smith to hit him on the floor for four. Smith, under pressure to get runs, will enjoy that.

1.26 a.m. European summer time01:26

WICKET! Pucovski lbw b Saini 62 (Australia 106-2)

35th past: Australia 108-2 (Labuschagne 39, Smith 1)

A single sums up the partnership of the century, but the next ball Pucovski is gone shuffles over his crease to a full inswinger and is caught in the plumb by Saini. No need to check this. A great reaction from the Indian debutant to get rid of the Australian debutant after completing 15 runs in his first two overs. Pucovski has shown a tendency to come over his crease, and that's how he actually dies. Still a fine debut. Dropped twice, yes, but 62 First Go is a success no matter which way you cut it.

A disappointing end for Pucovski, but a big moment in Saini's career #AUSvIND

January 7, 2021

at 1:27 p.m. EST

1.20 a.m. European summer time01:20

34th past: Australia 105-1 (Pucovski 62, Labuschagne 38) Three more for Labuschagne, who presses hard on Bumrah and hits Ashwin in the middle. Pucovski is then dragged into a large hook shot and he picks up two as the ball lands safely in the deep back space. Honestly, it could have gone anywhere.

1:16 a.m. European summer time01:16

33rd past: Australia 100-1 (Pucovski 60, Labuschagne 35) Again Saini, who had plenty of tea time to think about his debut, which lasted nine runs. His first ball is a little too short and a little too wide, which invites Pucovski to hit through the roof for two. Saini then corrects its length, actually overcorrecting it, and it is full enough for Pucovski to ride down the ground for three minutes. Nothing lightning fast or fancy about it; just a good, no-fuss cricket shot. We could have one here. A single then brings Australia into three-digit numbers.

Fifteen runs from Saini's first two overs in Test Cricket. Nobody said it was easy. Nobody ever said it was going to be that hard.

(embed) (/ embed)

1.10 a.m. European summer time01:10

32nd by: Australia 94-1 (Pucovski 55, Labuschagne 34) Bumrah returns to attack, unhindered by his brush with the greasy outfield in the middle session. Pucovski continues the rating with a single through the cover. Labuschagne then lets a couple go to the zoo keeper, extravagant of course.

Ric Finlay

Update: The young Will, who started the day at number 448 in the Australian rankings, has now moved up to 324th place alongside SLaw and DBollinger. Https://

January 7, 2021

1.03 a.m. European summer time01.03

It rained. Little bit. The blankets were on. Now they are gone. Slight delay.

12.45 p.m. European summer time00:45

Tea – Australia 93-1

An excellent session for Australia, but none without drama. Pucovski was dropped twice, both times by Pant, before posting half a century on debut in the final game before the second break. After a rain-interrupted first session that cost Warner his wicket and only saw 7.1 overs bowling, Pucovski and Labuschagne went to tee after doing 87 unbroken runs for the second wicket.

Through the drama, more will need to be written and said about Pucovski's second life.

News cricket


Rishabh Pant sells the catch until video review shows the ball hits the ground and Will Pucovski stays. #AUSvIND

January 7, 2021

12.40 p.m. European summer time00:40

Pucovski half a century from 97 balls!

31st past: Australia 93-1 (Pucovski 54, Labuschagne 34) Pucovski meets Saini on debut on debut. The batsman hits Saini's first ball through the roof for four before pulling through Midwicket for four more, asking his half-century for the first time. It wasn't chanceless, but it's still a fifty debut. Well done Will. Saini's first test in Test Cricket lasts nine runs. And that's tea.

Is there a little ponting on this Pucovski train?

The shot that got 50 for the Victorian! #AUSvIND

January 7, 2021

at 12:47 p.m. EST

12.36 p.m. European summer time00:36

30th past: Australia 84-1 (Pucovski 45, Labuschagne 34) Ashwin now continues around the wicket. Pucovski picks up three by the point region before Labuschagne sees his partner and lifts him over the same part of the ground with a border. During the runs, Ashwin returns over the wicket, the leg slip field player cleans up to strengthen the offside position … and Labuschagne sweeps for two.

12:32 p.m. European summer time00:32

29th past: Australia 75-1 (Pucovski 42, Labuschagne 28) Confusion reigns when Bumrah stumbles and slips into the damp outer field, forcing Pucovski to risk another run. But Labuschagne doesn't want any part of it and sends his partner back to the end of the striker. India might have had a run-out, but Pucovski crawls over his crease just in time. But a direct hit would have made it interesting. Bumrah seems to be fine after his fall.

Here is Pant & # 39; s second, far more controversial, dropped catch to give Pucovski another respite.

(@ 7Cricket)

"The third referee is looking for conclusive evidence that the ball rebounded … and in this particular case the fingers were not under the goalkeeper's ball." – Simon Taufel #AUSvIND

January 7, 2021

12.26 p.m. European summer time00:26

28th past: Australia 68-1 (Pucovski 35, Labuschagne 28) Far too short from Ashwin and Labuschagne, who got stuck in the rut in the last couple of overs, break the shackles with a border through the ceiling. And just like on the London buses, another four follow the next ball behind the pitch where the batsmen bounce through after an all-run four before the ball comes to a stop.

12.23 p.m. European summer time00:23

27th past: Australia 59-1 (Pucovski 34, Labuschagne 20) Awarded again by Siraj who seems to be growing into this series and Test Cricket, nice. Good pace to Labuschagne and that leg line goes nowhere. Back to the second Pucovski drop, I wonder if Pant had any idea the ball was grounded before he took possession of it. The answer should be: no.

12:16 p.m. European summer time00:16

25th past: Australia 56-1 (Pucovski 32, Labuschagne 19) Siraj continues his vivid spell. A single spawns the fifty partnerships between the two, with a run rate of more than two per over. This may seem uneventful at first, but there's no shortage of drama as Pucovski outlives another DROPPED CATCH!

Pucovski tries to hook a short ball, but he just scoops the ball off his glove into the air. The pace on the ball moves the ball over the goalkeeper's head and Pant does a good job of getting the ball into his gloves while initially popping out before seemingly returning to the goalkeeper's stance. The initial decision is OUT, but upon review, the ball clearly kisses the turf before Pant regains control. Decision reversed. Pucovski survived. Once again. Drama indeed.

12:08 p.m. European summer time00:08

24th past: Australia 55-1 (Pucovski 32, Labuschagne 18) This was a good little time for India with the runs drying up and Pucovski surviving a chance, but Pucovski let go of the pressure with a wonderfully hit cut that whistles four points over the point. Nice shot of the man who was almost absent.

12:05 p.m. European summer time00:05

23rd past: Australia 49-1 (Pucovski 26, Labuschagne 18) Labushagne chases Siraj down the side of the leg and India looks interested when Pant takes clean, but there doesn't seem to be a bat. Another girl to Labuschagne.

Here is the dropped catch.

News cricket

A close call for debutant Will Pucovski – dropped behind the stumps by Pant 😬 #AUSvIND

January 7, 2021


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