What to put on in bowling


When you spend a day or night at the bowling alley, you may have a lot on your mind.

Especially when reading our bowling tips for beginners and advanced players, there is a lot to consider as you try to do your best, from your own swing and arm swing to other factors like choosing your own bowling ball and adapting to lane conditions.

With all of this swirling in your head, it's natural for you to neglect another part of your presentation down the alley: your actual appearance!

This article outlines ideas for clothes and other accessories for your bowling trip, be it a league night or a date.

This is not just about fashion, but also about comfort and thus your best potential for success.

Best clothing choices for the bowling alley

We can take some principles from normal sportswear and apply them to bowling, since it is of course a sporting activity. However, you don't need to run or exercise as much energy as in team sports like basketball or soccer.

So the most important thing is that your clothes are not too tight to restrict your movement.

Practice the steps you take while bowling and the movements you make while throwing the ball. Will your shirt or pants be too tight to restrict this movement in any way? If so, swap them out for something that fits more loosely.

Bowling pants: Should you wear jeans to bowling?

This is a common question when deciding on bowling attire. However, if we take into account what we just discussed, the type of jeans is the important part.

Comfortable, loose fitting jeans can be a great choice, but a tighter pair that ties more to your legs won't allow you to play a smooth and natural role.

Other pants to consider are loose fitting khakis, gym pants, or yoga pants. Shorts can certainly work too.

Formal or casual bowling outfits?

The other main principle to consider when choosing your bowling attire is whether you want to dress formally at all or whether casualness is the order of the day.

When you think of the term "bowling shirt" you probably think of a button-down, possibly with a crazy pattern or a fun slogan for a team name.

This would be a more formal version of bowling attire. The logical pairing for such a shirt would probably be the loose jeans or comfortable khakis (no sports or yoga pants) mentioned above.

You can also wear the shirt less formal and casual with either a t-shirt or tank top, and these go with more casual pants. Finally, you could opt for a polo shirt to strike a middle ground.

Don't forget the socks

Bring socks too! This may seem obvious, but especially in warm weather, you might be wearing sandals or other sockless shoes when driving into the alley.

You want to make sure you have socks so you can wear them with your bowling shoes, whether you rent them down the alley or use your own pair.

These bowling accessories can help with comfort and assistance

In addition to the basic layers of clothing we just discussed, there are some other bowling-specific pieces of equipment that you can wear while rolling that can make your bowling life a lot easier.

These can complement your look, but in most cases they will help you roll better and can even prevent injury and discomfort to make sure you can

A knee brace: This can help you avoid putting undue strain on your knees. This can be especially helpful if you are older or have a tendency to experience pain in your knees or lower body. For more information, see our article on Bowling Knee Braces.

A wrist rest: With heavy balls and repeated throws, your wrist can take a fair amount of stress. A wrist brace is a popular device that many bowlers wear to give themselves a little extra support. Read our article on bowling wrist rests for more information and to find the best option for you.

Bowling gloves: Although we grab and throw the bowling ball with our bare hands most of the time, some bowlers use gloves. These can help with everything from reducing the stress of many repetitive throws to avoiding sweaty hands. Read our article on the best bowling gloves to learn more.

We hope this article has helped you distinguish proper bowling wear from clothes that are not doing you a favor on the lanes. Good luck with a bowling trip that scores as well as you look!


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