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Headcovers have come a long way since April 13, 1997 when Frank, the ubiquitous head cover of the world's most famous tiger, drew a lot of attention to the bag that won the Masters with 12 strokes. Once a rare novelty, bespoke headgear is now a common sight both on tour and in the local club. These days there are numerous online brands that go direct to the consumer, offering covers from a simple monogram to customized designs. Let's take a look at some of the top names in the field and examples of what they are on offer.

About the brand

The Dormie Golf Workshop was started by members and brothers Jeff and Todd Bishop of PGA Canada with the intention of providing really cool covers to other golfers and allowing the client to be involved in the process. Dormie focuses on quality and individuality and creates high-end products with a passion for design. While a range of in-stock items are available at Golf Galaxy locations across the country, Dormie also places great emphasis on customized products through direct web sales, with each item being made to order.

Dormie's Big Block Top Cover is available for riders, woods and hybrids and represents the quality of the products they offer. This headgear is made from full grain Nova Scotia leather and is personalized with a line of text at the bottom of the cover. In addition, this cover has different color options through combinations of black, white and red. This level of personalization is also available for a variety of designs that offer something for every taste.

In addition to personalization, Dormie also offers unique creations through its website. Customers can fill in a form with the details they want and the Dormie design team will create a model and a price quote. When approved, Dormie will start work and a custom cover will be ready for your bag 6-8 weeks later.


About the brand

Fore Ewe headcovers are handcrafted in Portland, Oregon from 100% US wool yarn. Their products offer the classic look of knitted headwear, but are suitable for modern clubs and are fully customizable. Fore Ewe has been part of MacKenzie Golf Bags since 2018. MacKenzie is also based in Portand and makes bespoke leather tote bags. Taken together, these brands can provide a unique style for you on the course.

While Fore Ewe has stage sets including classic stripes and poms, what really sets them apart is their online design builder, which allows clients to create exactly what they want. This builder allows eight custom choices for driver, fairway, and hybrid clubs. This includes color blocks, top treatments, and embroidered monograms.

Whichever design is created, it will be knitted with double waxed yarn for durability. The covers start at $ 55 and increase with the various options added.


About the brand

Cayce Golf doesn't share much about their history on their website or on social media, but what they do share is some incredible head cover designs. The brand has declared war on boring, off-the-shelf headgear and currently sells over 100 unique designs as well as special limited editions and bespoke services. With such a wide variety and a clear sense of humor, it's easy to see why Cayce deserves a spot in the 59 AWARDS.

This Cayce "Dumpster Fire" design may not be a good reflection of your game state, but it will make your pocket stand out. Headgear is available for drivers and fairway woods. It is made of a durable water and dirt repellent material and is machine washable.

For Cayce's bespoke headgear, fill out an online form with attached graphics or a description of the look you want for an additional fee. From there, the design team will create a hat for approval. Custom covers start at $ 129.99 but can be discounted in larger quantities on bulk orders.


Robert Mark

About the brand

Robert Mark Golf was founded in 2012 with the intent to disrupt the golf industry with dynamic, bespoke and bespoke accessories. Their handcrafted leather headgear and putter covers have gained a loyal following in recent years, offering high quality products with designs that stand out from the crowd. These designs are sewn by masters in New England with an eye for the smallest detail.

RMG's trademark are the skulls, which are included in many of their set products, such as: B. this driver-fairway wood combination with orange rugby stripes. Custom designs start at $ 85 and can be created directly online with a range of color and graphic options. Additionally, uploading your own custom logo graphics can create truly unique creations.


Pins & Aces Golf Co. was founded by apparel-making veterans and avid golfers who were tired of poorly designed and manufactured headgear. They thought they could improve themselves with the expertise it takes to transform the head cover game with wild and unique designs. They're also committed to being 100% American-made in their home state of Colorado. While politics may be a taboo topic in a golf group, various Pins and Aces designs allow golfers to show their support right on their golf bag.

In their Presidential Series, Pins and Aces has an Abe Lincoln design that definitely gets attention, especially for the synthetic beard. At $ 44.95, these covers are cheaper than many other head cover brands. Custom covers are only available upon request. The company promises fast lead times and high quality for these covers across the supply chain.



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