Q&A on the revision of the beginner standing guidelines


Amateur golfers can accept sponsorship offers under a new set of rules currently being proposed by R&A and its American counterpart, the USGA.

The governing bodies of golf are eager to modernize the current system of amateur status, which has lagged slightly behind the times when the financial challenges facing amateurs at the elite level were recognized.

One of the most notable proposed changes announced on Monday was the lifting of all sponsorship-related restrictions. Removal of any restrictions on how an amateur can benefit from their name, picture, or likeness, including but not limited to receiving expenses; Eliminate the distinction between cash and other forms of prizes and reduce the waiting time for amateur status to be restored once a player is no longer considered a professional.

Under the new proposed rules, an amateur can violate their status in only three ways: accepting a price in excess of the current limit (£ 500), accepting payment for tuition, and accepting employment as a club professional.

Grant Moir, Director of Rules at R&A, said, “The rules of amateur status play an important role in protecting the integrity of our self-regulatory sport, but the Code needs to evolve. This is especially true of the modern elite amateur game where many players need financial support to flourish and reach their full potential. The proposed new rules will provide much more leeway for this. "

The proposed rules have been posted on R&A's website at www.randa.org and the organizations are now soliciting feedback from golfers and stakeholders. Comments are accepted until March 26th. The new rules are expected to be adopted on January 1, 2022.


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