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As you work on improving your bowling game, there are several sources you can take advantage of: friends and teammates; Websites like this; the staff in your local alley.

But sometimes it can be useful to get tips from some of the best performers in the world: bowlers competing on the professional racetrack.

This article presents some select pieces of advice, including exercise and more, from the PBA and other bowling professionals, in a variety of formats. Of course, once you've seen these, you can move on to other specific tips that will most benefit your own game.

Tricks and Techniques for Bowling Professionals

We'll start with some handpicked instructional videos from bowling professionals.

Video is a great format for instruction as it breaks down and shows you the full movements. You can also click pause to analyze a specific position in more detail and of course you can watch again to your heart's content.

Parker Bohm has run dozens of PBA championships and shares two different tips in these videos. One is in the end position, while the other concentrates on converting corner spare parts:

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The next is a short clip from Pete Weber giving a bowling tip of special note. He is asked what is the best tip he has ever received. Given its incredible pro-bowling success, you'll want to see what it is!

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Older generations of professional bowlers were dominated by men, but of course that is no longer the case today as professional bowling is becoming increasingly popular among women. Here are some tips from some professional bowlers.

Verity Crawley is a UK-based professional bowler who has an active social media presence. In this video, she shows some practice exercises that you can work on to get better, including a foul line exercise, working on the swing and slide, a three-step exercise, and finally a drop shoulder exercise. If you are wondering what types of exercises professional bowlers do to stay sharp and get better, this is a great exercise.

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This next video is a rare glimpse into the workings of a professional bowler and an elite coach. Originally from Poland, bowler Daria Pajak shares this entire virtual lesson with Mark Baker, “the sport's most sought-after coach”.

(embed) (/ embed)

Which bowling concepts would you most like to improve with a few tips from the pros?

DVDs from bowling professionals

In addition to these videos, several bowlers have created instructional DVDs with an even more systematic approach to improving your game.

One is Parker Bohm, who we met with the first two videos earlier in this article. He has a DVD called Beyond the Bowling Basics that is popular and well-reviewed. Find out more here.

Another good pro bowling DVD is by Walter Ray Williams and is appropriately titled Become a Better Bowler.

Hopefully after watching this and other videos you look forward to continuing your improvement and possibly becoming a professional bowler yourself one day. We wish you the best of luck on your journey!

Image source: Wikimedia Commons


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