New Zealand versus Australia: fifth T20 worldwide – dwell!


8:53 p.m. European summer time20:53

WICKET! Guptill c Marsh b. J. Richardson 71 (46), NZ 124-3

Too late, but the captain falls. Tries a powerful pull shot on a ball that's not really short enough, and it goes way up at Richardson's pace before putting a short, thin leg into Marsh's hands.

8:51 p.m. European summer time20:51

14th past: New Zealand 124-2 (Guptill 71, Phillips 16) Toe to toe! Meredith shoots a ball at Phillips that comes over the inside edge on his body, making him cringe. So the next ball comes Phillips to the front and murders the ball right at Meredith, who has to duck in his follow-through and narrowly avoid being hit. Scary stuff, although Meredith just laughs as he comes to a stop on the field and sits on his bum.

Points go to Phillips to end the ending as he pulls Meredith's short ball through Midwicket for four and then pulls back to drive the attempted Yorker through cover. Three borders up and the game is as good as done. 19 of 36 required.

8.46 p.m. European summer time20:46

13th past: New Zealand 111-2 (Guptill 70, Phillips 4) Five balls of agar for a run before Phillips manages to whip a boundary in the air too far away. He's back in the game, according to Benjamin Macintyre's email about his bowling. “Glenn Phillips was a visionary. Sodhi has simply reaped the rewards. "

It was a freeform extempore off-spinning by Phillips today that is dear to all of us junk cricketers around the world. Wonderful to see it on a professional stage.

8.44 p.m. European summer time20:44

12th past: New Zealand 106-2 (Guptill 69) Last ball of over when Williamson falls, two in over for Meredith. They need 37 in 48 balls, the New Zealanders. Should still be walking but there is a little way to compete for Australia.

8.42 p.m. European summer time20:42

WICKET! Williamson lbw Meredith 0 (2), NZ 106-2

The Kiwi Captain is gone, one leg in front of Meredith again. Same layoff as a couple of games ago when Meredith debuted. Kane Williamson shuffled over his stumps, which were caught by the transverse seam in the corners. It looked a little high, Williamson was hopping, but the DRS shows it cut high on the leg stump.

8.40 p.m. European summer time20:40

WICKET! Conway c Agar b Meredith 36 (28), NZ 105-1

Marty Guptill is on one today. Pulls a few runs to raise the hundred, then plays an outrageous helicopter whip shot from his hip to split the gap at the deep back square. But as soon as he turns the blow, the left-handed Conway hits deep cover with the corner of Meredith's bowling and is caught.

8:34 p.m. European summer time20:34

11th over: New Zealand 98-0 (Conway 36, Guptill 62) Suddenly New Zealand only needs 47 out of 60 deliveries. Agar appeals after hitting Guptill's pad, but the ball goes down the leg. Three singles from the top, this couple who love to avoid risk because Agar was so accurate and guided Wickets through the series.

8.30 p.m. European summer time20:30

10th past: New Zealand 95-0 (Conway 35, Guptill 60) Matthew Wade persuades Finch to do a desperate check for a side catch, but Guptill got nothing on Jhye Richardson's ball and it's called a long shot. The Aussies are now losing it, Richardson as right winger got around the wicket to try to cramp Guptill for space but instead he bowls far from the stump and is cut for four. Four singles, the extra and the limit in another expensive over.

8:27 p.m. European summer time20:27

Half a century! Guptill 54 of 33 balls

9th pass: New Zealand 87-0 (Conway 33, Guptill 54)


Martin Guptill loves to land it on the roof of the cake pan. I'm pretty sure he did that during his double ton at the 2015 World Cup. He's doing it here again. Get down on one knee to Zampa, underneath, and send it into orbit.

A long delay as we get a replacement ball. Guptill likes that too and cuts it for four behind point. Then he decides he liked the slog sweep so much that he did meet another for six. Not quite that far, but still far.

Zampa takes a deep breath. Put it in the bowl. Don't want to be so full. It lands back a length. Guptill is there to hit it at a gallop. And it still hits for six more for a long time. Straight bat, full trip.

23 from above and fifty for Guptill.

8:18 p.m. European summer time20:18

8th passing: New Zealand 64-0 (Conway 32, Guptill 32) Kane Richardson plays just before Guptill, who gets a pull shot wrong that limps to a deep, square leg on the ricochet. A breather for everyone over five singles.

New Zealand needs 79 of 72 balls.

8:14 p.m. European summer time20:14

7th over: New Zealand 59-0 (Conway 29, Guptill 30) Another close call that doesn't land for the Australians. Adam Zampa's second ball of the day, Guptill, gets out and sweeps hard to deep into the middle of the money, but it goes too far from Kane Richardson. He runs around but doesn't have the rhythm to plan his leap forward and shake hands with him. Reaches out but misses the ball. Guptill steadfastly smokes another one in the air through cover to Ashton Agar's left. Could have taken his hand off, but there was a chance of catching if he had hit him. Two borders and four points from the overly interesting battle.

8:11 p.m. European summer time20:11

6th past: New Zealand 51-0 (Conway 29, Guptill 22) Riley Meredith is back with pace, but his left-handed line isn't there. At the hip and Conway this time it can bring it to the fine leg with full control. Meredith fixes his line, but throws a short intermediate ball and Conway immediately grabs it. Draw for a flat six. This is turned on violently throughout the timing. Conway's move up has already paid off in a small chase for New Zealand. He takes a single and Guptill can't continue the load: a drive to the center for no one, then he misses a cut shot at a good, fast bouncer. Brave by Meredith, right above the middle stump and quickly. The sixth ball of the over pulls a mistake from Guptill, inside edge the lobes high behind the square leg, but Zampa and Stoinis sit back and look at each other as they fall between them. I don't think either of them could have made this an opportunity, they were a fair way. Guptill gets a run.

8:06 p.m. European summer time20:06

5th over: New Zealand 39-0 (Conway 18, Guptill 21) Kane Richardson is about to roll his occasional fast and often slower stuff. A mixed border for Conway, who tries to pull and is given a glove and edge combination on the side of the leg that is too high for the goalkeeper to catch. Gorgeous shot from Guptill who gets a full, wide ball and laced square drive for four through the coverage point. I just rewound the stream to watch the shot again.

8:02 p.m. European summer time20:02

“Late Night Effort of Naples,” emails Colum Fordham. "I'm still a little bit shocked by England's death from India. I thought I'd follow the T20 to get some great relief." Sounds like New Zealand is making the same mistakes as England. Risking inexperienced spin bowlers like Phillips and Bess is clearly not a good option. Santner well, to a certain extent leach. I know we're talking about different forms of cricket, but the basic skills still apply. Promises to go well together. "

8 p.m. European summer time20:00

4th over: New Zealand 28-0 (Conway 12, Guptill 16) Jhye Richardson with the ball, he bowls quickly but probably won't swing today. Hit a decent length early, Conway forces one single to cover the point, Guptill can't score the next. A grunt from Richardson with a power ball following Guptill as he pulls back at the waist. No place to swing. Next ball Guptill moves within that line, deflecting it for a run. Richardson bowls like Conway, no place. Three singles from above.

7:57 p.m. European summer time19:57

3rd over: New Zealand 25-0 (Conway 10, Guptill 15) A left-handed person looking at Agar pays off as it gives a little too much breadth to Conway, who can cut to the limit. He then passes the stroke to Midwicket, and Agar is forced to set his line with a ball in over at the right-handed player. It falls a little short again, and that gives the big guptill space to swing a straight club through the line. sent him far and wide for six. The over costs 13 runs.

7:54 p.m. European summer time19:54

2nd over: New Zealand 12-0 (Conway 4, Guptill 8) Guptill finds the first boundary of the day and flicks Meredith around the square at the speed of his pads. Conway had almost caught the same pace with the third man shortly before that shot. Zampa stormed in, but the ball fell short.

7:52 p.m. European summer time19:52

1st over: New Zealand 5-0 (Conway 3, Guptill 2) Agar opens the bowling alley with his left hand like he did on Friday. NZ let it roll there way too cheap. This new opening couple is Guptill and Conway, not Chapman. Left-handed is also Conway. He and Guptill take five singles from above.

7:34 p.m. European summer time19:34

New Zealand must hunt 142-8

An excellent performance at home. A big Australian score was on the cards when Finch and Wade were together at halftime and were still in the air when Phillips had just thrown a shocker and Stoinis was there at 99 for 3. But the gates began to fall. Sodhi grabbed three with a few shady things, Boult and Southee each finished with two and a bonus for Chapman.

This is a slightly smaller destination than the one New Zealand tracked so badly on Friday night, and you will be able to view it in the sunshine rather than the floodlights.

7:32 p.m. European summer time19:32

20th by: Australia 142-8 (K. Richardson 2) New Zealand has done really well at suppressing Australia's charges. Two wickets in the final for Southee, eight goals conceded.

7:29 p.m. European summer time19:29

WICKET! J. Richardson c Phillips b Southee 4 (6), Australia 142-8

Last ball of the game, fuller ball, and Jhye must swing. Receives most of it but is caught on the midwicket fence.

7:27 p.m. European summer time19:27

WICKET! Marsh b Southee 10 (9), Australia 139-7

Talk about a mixed bag! Southee over with the finale, and he starts one leg wide. Then a high full throw. It's not a ball, it's a free kick, but Marsh lost the stroke after pulling it onto a deep square leg. Richardson can only get on it a block back from the square, but Marsh pulls back enough to buckle his seat belt and get the punch back. Southee misses his line again, this time outwards, aiming at the broad Yorker, but drifting too far.

But after far, without the ball, leg goodbye, far, Southee lands the perfect Yorker right under Marsh's toes and it cleans him up. Security deposit wedged in the side. Didn't expect that, he most likely expected the broad line again. Late in the shot, trying to muscle it, nowhere near.

7:23 p.m. European summer time19:23

19th past: Australia 134-6 (Marsh 9, J. Richardson 3) Boult almost comes through: four singles and a point ball, but the exception is the fifth shipment, which is full enough for Marsh to use all his strength and strength Deposit over long for six.

7.18pm European summer time19:18

18th past: Australia 124-6 (Marsh 1, J. Richardson 1) A clear tactical mistake by Sodhi because he lands the hat trick ball on the field. Mitch Marsh defends it. His loft partner is Jhye Richardson.

at 7:20 p.m. EST

7.16 p.m. European summer time19:16

WICKET! Agar c Guptill b Sodhi 6 (7), Australia 122-6

Another one to the full bungee! It's a high, Agar advances and makes it even higher, reaching about belly height and tight enough to swing it over Midwicket, and Guptill for the left-handed takes another.

7.15 p.m. European summer time19:15

WICKET! Stoinis c Guptill b Sodhi 26 (26), Australia 122-5

Caught by the dirt! A big full litter of sodhi and stoinis is out of position. He first opens his stance to hit the side of the leg, then sees the length outside of his stump and then hits the ball and cuts it all the way out where the muzzle is held. The full hit, his kryptonite in this series.

7.13 p.m. European summer time19:13

17th by: Australia 122-4 (Stoinis 26, Agar 6) Southee back, Agar smoking it down the floor to hide, but again for you. Stoinis sets you up and … is fallen! Conway gets someone else in the long run that he can't handle. It goes an absolute mile in the air, Conway is below, waiting, then the Wellington wind pushes it back a little too far. All of a sudden he has to arch back to do this, and it cuts his fingers and lands safely. That was Southee's ankle ball that floated down causing the faulty shot, the same type of delivery that Boult used to dismiss Wade. Hold one knuckle behind the ball and let it crawl out of the bowling hand.

Stoinis is still there and he marks that fate through absolutely gruesome six runs from a long ball over Midwicket. Straight bat, swing.

at 7:20 p.m. EST

7:07 p.m. European summer time19:07

16. by: Australia 112-4 (Stoinis 18, Agar 4) Picket fence for Santner, bowling slow left arm around the wicket, regardless of whether he bowls for the left-handed or the right-handed. Six singles, no matter how hard they try to hit the ball.

at 7:21 p.m. EST

7:05 p.m. European summer time19:05

15th by: Australia 106-4 (Stoinis 15, Agar 1) Ashton Agar is promoted again in the hopes of having a left-handed player who can attack the weirdos late in the game. He's made two ducks in that series in the last two cases. Get off the spot today with a nudge to the leg. Boult is leaving the wicket takeover for four singles.

at 7:21 p.m. EST

7:03 p.m. European summer time19:03

WICKET! Wade c Guptill b Boult 44 (29), Australia 103-4

Caught in the deep. Boult comes back and bowls full and straight, Wade wants to punish it over the side of the leg, but he doesn't time his strip and gets it square enough. Instead, the lofts straighten and Guptill can run out of deep midfield for a low catch that's comfortable enough for his high standards.

7 p.m. European summer time19:00

14th past: Australia 102-3 (Wade 44, Stoinis 12) "There's the difference between a specialist and an amateur," says Mitchell Santner as he lands an over-of-left arm spin perfectly. Three singles against two players of this size is a huge win. He also dropped stoinis, I'd bet the batsman pulls back and tries to cut and there is a noise as the top edge goes in and out of Seifert's gloves.

at 7:21 p.m. EST

6:57 p.m. European summer time18:57

13th passing: Australia 99-3 (Wade 43, Stoinis 10) Phillips gets another one over. Brave of Williamson. And Wade wants a big piece of him. I can't time the cut well enough and only get one run. Stoinis gets a low full throw and drills it for four. Caught by Conway for almost a long time, but the ball goes too straight away from him and his one-handed jump cannot get there. From that point on, Phillips loses his composure, first with a dirty distance that lands in the goalkeeper's gloves almost off the field, then with a high full throw that would have been a distance too if Stoinis hadn't hit him four times through the backward point hammered and hit the sweeper out there. Phillips tries to roll off the stump outside, giving no room to swing to the leg, but he can't land her. Almost three wides in a row outside, except that Stoinis picks one of them and gets an edge that doesn't quite surpass the short third within the circle. Phillips is lucky with that and with a ball so wide it almost misses the field and could have been called a no-ball. Then he is lucky again with his last full litter that Stoinis can only long for a single one for too long. We finish from the over at 13, and that is certainly the end of the Phillips experiment.

at 7:21 p.m. EST

6.50 p.m. European summer time18:50

12th passing: Australia 86-3 (Wade 42, Stoinis 1) Wade doesn't waste time answering. Sodhi turns the ball into a left-handed, so Wade plays the same type of shot Maxwell tried and nails the slog sweep for six. Flat again, hit really well and a few meters above Boult's head. If a single cuts, Stoinis gets a good ball that turns away from his edge, another that he defends before making a run to the cover point.

at 7:21 p.m. EST

6.47 p.m. European summer time18:47

11th passing: Australia 77-3 (Wade 34, Stoinis 0) A huge bonus for Chapman, three runs plus the wicket.

at 7:22 p.m. EST

6.46 p.m. European summer time18:46

WICKET! Maxwell c Boult b Chapman 1 (2), Australia 77-3

Had to take some risks with part-time bowling, and Maxwell plays the conventional sweep to keep the establishment's palpitations at bay. He goes deep down to try to bring strength to the loft sweep, gets a lot on it, but can't clear the man on the rope on the deep, back, square leg.

6.44 p.m. European summer time18:44

WICKET! Finch c Santner b Sodhi 36 (32), Australia 74-2

10th past: Australia 74-2 (Wade 32) Cat and mouse over. Finch defends sodhi from the forefoot, then gets a short ball and carves it through cover for four. Tries again but hits the backward point in the circle. Opens the face and moves across the middle for four. Almost caught. Southee runs into it in the long run but also has to catch up across the field and misjudge his lunge and can't get his hands on the ball. But he's stored the fifth delivery on his back foot and can't hit cover with one push, and he pushes the sixth bullet away from the top and is caught at the backward point.

6:39 p.m. European summer time18:39

9th passing: Australia 66-1 (Finch 28, Wade 32) Glenn Phillips gets a bowl, that's interesting. Has not yet turned the arm in this format. He's a strong boi, has biceps out of his sleeves that is required to advance the powerful art of … off-spin. All the power, however, comes from Aaron Finch, who is on strike by Wade and doesn't even wait for a seer of his own before crushing Phillips for six against Midwicket. But Phillips responds well: Finch can't plan his next big try by running one across the floor, then Wade tries to get one into space and just shows him back to the bowler. Eight from above, no disaster for New Zealand.

6:35 p.m. European summer time18:35

8th passing: Australia 58-1 (Finch 21, Wade 31) Here is Ish Sodhi with 10 wickets in the series far from his broken legs. He bagged a few cheap ones, but mostly skittled well, spinning the ball and aiming it straight. Five singles to start with, and Finch nearly the fourth. Wade carves through the cover, but there is protection back. Finch gets a leading edge of too short cover and cannot run.

6:31 p.m. European summer time18:31

7th passing: Australia 53-1 (Finch 19, Wade 28) Chapman gets an early chance with his left arm spin, maybe the Kiwis are hoping to sneak through an over while the batsmen get used to having more border riders back. He does this, four singles and one brace. The two runs are from a high-profile sweep by Wade who avoided the converging catchers behind the wicketkeeper.

6:29 p.m. European summer time18:29

6th passing: Australia 47-1 (Finch 17, Wade 24) Southee comes back and again this Australian couple is making a couple of deliveries to have a look before the big shot comes out. Finch plays his favorite loft drive, but turns it to the side of the straight and jumps literally an inch within the boundary rope for four. Southee throws in a couple of wides to improve the goal and ends the game with a low full throw that Wade made Pound flat for six. Goes low and swings it over the back square leg.

NZ in a dispute after 47 runs in the field restriction period.

6:23 p.m. European summer time18:23

5th passing: Australia 32-1 (Finch 11, Wade 17) Trent Boult starts well, a couple of points and a leg goodbye from Finch's pad. Then he gets away with the greatest breadth you have ever seen spared. A bouncer outside the stump who must be a few feet above Wade's head but is referred to by the umpires as "one for the over". Bizarre decision from every available camera angle. When Boult gets up, Wade drives him over cover for four.

at 6:28 p.m. EST

6:18 p.m. European summer time18:18

4th passing: Australia 25-1 (Finch 11, Wade 11) Finch is fed up with knocking around Santner. So when he sees a certain width, he drives, holds his pose, and just cuts it across the cover. There is no need to swing up with the field. Four runs. Goes hard on the next, kicks back and tosses everything in a cut he needs to reach for and can only smear it all the way back to the point back on the go. You get a spicy single. That puts Wade on strike, and he falls to one knee to sweep a square of the catcher in the air with one short, thin leg for another boundary.

6.15 p.m. European summer time18:15

3rd over: Australia 14-1 (Finch 6, Wade 5) A nice option to get off the spot for the left-handed calf with a stump half volleyball that is thrown behind the square leg for four. Important innings for Wade, you'd think.

6.13 p.m. European summer time18:13

WICKET! Philippe lbw boult 2 (8), australia 8-1

The changeover doesn't take long. Philippe is leaving and Wade will come early. Boult throws his left arm with his left arm over the wicket, very full, just swings in one touch to Philippe, and the batsman goes way over his stumps and then tries to whip the square instead of going straight. Missed and hit in front of the center.

6.10 p.m. European summer time18:10

2nd over: Australia 8-0 (Philippe 2, Finch 5) Mitchell Santner started bowling, interesting, he was so good with his left arm the other day. Do the job here again, just a single one from its opening over, pounded in the air by Philippe before Finch is careful about the next three balls.

6:07 p.m. European summer time18:07

1st over: Australia 7-0 (Philippe 1, Finch 5) A change in the order when Ryan Philippe of Cruel Intentions eyelashed instead of Wade. This is the job Josh Philippe does for the Sixers in the Big Bash, and so he gets a chance where he's most comfortable for this final outing. Apparently, instead of keeper Tim Seifert, Chapman will also open number 7 for the Kiwis instead of beating them.

Tim Southee has the ball and mostly does a decent job of bowling a straight line with some swing, other than pitching a ball over and making Finch square four times. New Zealand started with a long break in the depths after Finch relied so much on his straight-ahead run in an awkward inning that ended well at the end.

5:51 p.m. European summer time17:51

Here's a reader email to get us started from Tane Aikman. “Hello from a nice, if rather cool, Wellington. It will be so good to have a lot again. Hopefully they'll pick up the Black Caps after two horrific demonstrations with the bat. This is a dress rehearsal for the World Cup in India: high stakes, spinning wicket. Time for Kane to take command and show for anyone but him that he can be successful on a turn. As always, I look forward to your comments. "

Great news that the Wellington alert has been eased and some viewers will be back. Tell them to avoid Glenn Maxwell after he poked a hole in the furniture the other day.

5.48 p.m. European summer time17:48


No changes for Australia, the same team as last time. New Zealand dropped Kyle Jamieson, who had a really bad streak with the ball, after it was picked up at the IPL auction for a high price. Instead, they brought in Mark Chapman, who is a little batsman who has more part-time spin compared to Jamieson's huge fast bowling frame. Interesting. That likely means Jimmy Neesham will take on more bowling responsibilities today after Glenn Maxwell was taken over by an over for 28 the other day.

Aaron Finch *
Matthew Wade
Josh Philippe
Glenn Maxwell
Marcus Stoinis
Ashton agar
Mitchell Marsh
Jhye Richardson
Kane Richardson
Adam Zampa
Riley Meredith

New Zealand
Martin Guptill
Tim Seifert +
Kane Williamson *
Devon Conway
Glenn Phillips
Mark Chapman
James Neesham
Mitchell Santner
Tim Southee
Ish Sodhi
Trent Boult

5.40 p.m. European summer time17:40

Australia wins the throw and will beat

The coin goes in favor of Aaron Finch. This is a huge benefit first of all, even when it comes to being the team that is most comfortable with the demands of the game ahead.

5:19 p.m. European summer time17:19


It is time to make a decision. The fifth and final game of this T20 competition. What a strange series it was. In the first two games, New Zealand was on a cruise and Australia was totally in the pants. Then the next two were New Zealand pants and Australia looked great. We started with two big New Zealand sums and two bad Australian chases, even if the second had a Hail Mary partnership that brought Australia close. Then we moved to Wellington for two Australian targets and two limp kiwi chases.

Now we are stuck in Wellington due to restrictions and no crowd is allowed in the ground. So the players have to create their own atmosphere. This will be more of a day game than the day nighter variant of the previous two games. Maybe that will make the hunt easier. But you'd think whoever wins the throw hits first.

We have seen a number of good performances from players on both teams: Guptill, Conway, Neesham, Finch, Philippe, Maxwell and Stoinis with the bat; Agar, Meredith, Boult, Santner, Zampa with the ball. Hopefully we're facing a final contest that is worth ending this streak and overturning it 2-2.


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