PAYNTR X 001 F golf footwear


PAYNTR golf shoes?

Never heard of them? We didn't have it until a few weeks ago.

They are the brainchild of a former British professional cricketer and American shoe expert who has worked with some of the game's most notable players. The PAYNTR X 001F golf shoes Pack a technological punch and bring with you a technology that could make these shoes the "fastest" in the sport.


Even as an Englishman, I don't really understand cricket. You wear lots of white, hit a red ball around a field, stop for tea and sandwiches in the middle of the afternoon, and drink a dozen pints after the game. It's like baseball without the hot dogs, but it's played over five days. What ever. PAYNTR has started in cricket.

David Paynter is a former professional cricketer who was disappointed with the lack of quality shoes. He started modifying sneakers and spiked existing shoes. Other players wanted him to modify their shoes. Eventually he created his own shoes and started PAYNTR in 2017.

Across the Atlantic, Mike Forsey spent 30 years in the golf industry, designing performance shoes. Forsey worked for some of the biggest brands like FootJoy, NIKE and, more recently, Under Armor. He also worked with some well-known players such as Greg Norman, Jordan Spieth and Tiger Woods. The two came together through LinkedIn. These guys know about shoes and golf.

PAYNTR sees itself as the ultimate performance brand for golf shoes and aims at what you call "passionate" golfers. Golfers who play eight or more times a year. According to them, these golfers make up 56 percent of the golfing population, but a whopping 94 percent of the rounds played and 94 percent of total spending.

PAYNTR welcomes a leap in technology that they believe was truly groundbreaking with the PAYNTR X 001F golf shoes. NIKE made headlines with them Vaporfly NEXT% Long-distance running shoes with which Eliud Kipchoge could run a marathon in less than two hours. An internal carbon fiber plate helps the runner regain more energy with every step. Now all major running brands offer a carbon fiber model. PAYNTR has applied this proven technology to the golf shoe. It's an integral part of their "Performance Multiplied" philosophy.


The golf courses are still closed on my side of the pond, but I've given these a "lockdown paddle" around the house. They are comfortable. PAYNTR has focused on traction as a business card. Or, as they call it, "3D traction".

These details on the PAYNTR X 001F golf shoes are from their marketing materials:

Rotation Dimension – a lightweight, supportive outsole made of "thermoplastic urethane" (TPU) – with traction hubs in the medial forefoot and in the lateral heel to prevent the rotation from slipping.

The horizontal dimension – the Dual Durometer midsole – helps horizontal weight shift with its firmer ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) in the lateral heel and medial forefoot to improve flexibility and keep the foot on the ground for as long as possible. There's a softer EVA in the lateral and medial heels.

Vertical Dimension – A responsive graphite power plate / midsole cavity provides responsive energy return that allows golfers to harness the ground reaction forces during the golf swing.


"Every part of the outsole and midsole is designed to improve traction and help you create more power in your golf swing," says Forsey. “The outsole is designed for maximum traction with different traction hubs used in different areas to maximize this. We also have flex grooves in the right places so your feet can move as needed during the swing. "

The midsole has four different areas: two gray, two white. "The gray area is firmer and more supportive if you charge throughout the swing," says Forsey. “The white areas are softer and improve walking comfort. And the individual materials are on a diagonal because that way the weight shifts during the swing and your foot needs the most support. "

On the graphite power plate, we see the real potential of this shoe in standing out from the crowd.

"When you run, they talk about the transition: the transition from step to step and how a carbon plate makes the runner faster because of that extra drive," says Forsey. "Golf is more about using ground reaction forces to allow energy to travel up the golfer's leg." What is important is that visual technology is added to the shoe and golfers like to see what they are getting into.

That leaves only the above. "It's actually a textile base with a microfiber skin over it. You get the flexibility and lightness properties of a textile and the permeability of a microfiber. Both materials, however, are fully breathable. The black color is a technical jacquard. When the shoe is assembled, we coat it with a super-hydrobial coating called NeverWet. "It's eco-friendly and water-based, it's amazing and will be good for the life of the shoe," explained Forsey.

The PAYNTR X 001F golf shoes are available online directly from consumers.

"The shoes should have been available a little earlier, but like everything else, COVID is in the way," says Forsey. "That is why we are initially starting directly with the consumer. We are currently signing contracts to bring the shoes to the off-course market in the second half of the year. Distribution contracts are currently being signed worldwide. There will be a spike model and women too."

Are you intrigued enough to choose a shoe based on how it performs versus how it looks? Do you think carbon fiber will help you swing the racket faster?


The PAYNTR X 001 F is available in three colors: white, gray and anthracite black and at USD 160 and GBP 120 respectively.

Paynter golf shoes

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