Prime 13 Golf Playing Video games And How To Play Them


Golf is one of the most popular sports. If you are new to this topic, the number of betting options, markets, and bookmakers seems overwhelming. The betting environment in golf is a little more complex than in other sports. There are certain games with different rules and strategies, and the number of them can be mind-boggling. So what options should you place your bets on? Follow us to find out our picks of the 13 best golf games.

Try free online games first

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Best golf games ever

When we think of golf games, one word comes to mind: diversity. If you have the time, we can talk about all the alternatives on the market. However, that will take forever! So we did our research and made a shorter list of 13 top picks. Without further ado, let's dive into some of the best golf gambling games:

13. The point game

Not much in itself, but a way to keep track of multiple bets added to a traditional golf competition. While it doesn't sound that funny, placing the bets in "dots" with creative names will add excitement to the game. Some amusing point names are "Fishy", "Barky", "Sandy", and "Chippy".

12. Quota

This is another way to keep your bets interesting. With this system, you need to set an amount of money that you can win before you go to the first box. Depending on the groups formed, you can shuffle the points for each score to make the game fun.

11. Hammer

With an appealing 1: 1 or 2: 2 format, this game gives you the opportunity to place a pot for each hole. It was given this name because you can "hammer" the other player or team by giving them a number of choices. If they accept the challenge, the round can go back and forth like a hammer.

10. Let it ride

This is suitable for hardcore gamers. Why? Because after you have collected points on a hole, you have the option of transferring the amount or letting it go. This means that the total score can double for every hole that you have not deposited.

9. Rebound

If you are a bettor who never gives up, this is the game for you! Essentially, you are being rewarded for recovering from a missed hole. This is how it works: whenever you follow a double bogey with a par or better on the next hole, you win a point. If you make double bogies in a row you lose one point.

8. snake

When it comes to this game, a certain amount of money must be set with which each player contributes. Every time a player makes three putts, that amount is added to the pot. And to make it even more exciting, you can add a progression system to increase the value of each round.

7. Rabbit

If you played games in your childhood days you will love this game! How does it work? The player who scores a hole catches the rabbit and holds it until another player scores. The aim is to keep the rabbit after the 9th or 18th hole.

6. Sixes

They are three different games that are played within 18 rounds. But what does the name mean? Well it refers to a rule of rotating partners every six holes. This makes the game more exciting as all participants can play together.

5. Bingo Bango Bongo

This is a points based game where the goal is to get the most points during a round. There are three points available for each hole. You guessed it! They are called Bingo (first player to reach green), Bango (player closest to the pin), and Bongo (first to hole out).

4. Vegas

As fun as it sounds, it's also very risky. So if you are not a seasoned player who likes to take risks, we recommend that you do not venture into this game on your first try. A payout amount per point is determined and a specific evaluation system is followed. Once you get the hang of it, you will love it!

3. Skins

This is how it works: Each hole is worth a certain number of "skins". The number can be the same for each hole or escalate throughout the round. In the end, whoever has the most “skins” wins the pot. While it's pretty simple, Skins is one of the most popular golf game games out there.

2. Wolf

This game is a lot of fun as it resembles another childhood favorite. It is played in several teams, which have to determine who is the "wolf" in each round. The "wolf" always goes last and can choose how to play the hole. If you play this game once, you will surely ask for another round!

1. Nassau

At the top of our list is of course the player's favorite. It may not seem that exciting on the first try, but you will soon understand why everyone loves it. It is available for individual and team games. To get things going, an 18-hole match is divided into three rounds. A bet is then placed on the top nine, the back nine, and the entire game. The rules may change slightly as the game progresses. Give it a try to find out why Nassau is so popular.


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