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2021 Buying Guide for Women with Essential Shoes

Are you a golfer who wants the shoe with the best performance to help your game? In 2021 we tested the best shoes on the market to narrow down your choices and get you to play your best golf.

In the past few years, most OEMs have focused too much on making the shoe look feminine and leaving performance behind. However, the penny appears to have gone down in 2021 when OEMs started improving performance.

Regardless of your priorities, this article will guide you on the best shoe for your game and hopefully make 2021 your best year yet.

WINNER – adidas EQT SL

If you are looking for a new spikeless golf shoe for the 2021 season, you've come to the right place adidas EQT SL. His consistent overall performance in most categories earned him first place. Boost technology enables a high level of comfort and an immediate response to your swing.

  • 4. in stability
  • 5. in comfort
  • 11. in elements
  • 2. in traction

MOST COMFORTABLE SHOE – New Balance Fresh Foam Links SL

If comfort is your primary concern, look no further than that New Balance Fresh Foam Links SL. Its light sporty look combined with excellent traction makes this shoe one to consider when buying a shoe without spikelets.

Spikeless women's shoes: features that are important


As with any footwear – the hell with any piece of clothing – the right size is the most important factor. Many brands offer half sizes and multiple widths, as well as various support functions. Don't be fooled by looks or brand names. With a wide range to choose from, you're sure to find the combination of comfort and style you're looking for.

If you're looking for the most comfortable shoe, give this one a try New Balance Fresh Foam Links SL. You will also find comfort of the highest quality in the Skechers GO GOLF Pinot Tropics and the adidas Crossknit DPR.


From the beginning, this was the proverbial millstone for shoes without spikelets. Right or not, the perception is that spikelet-free shoes do not provide significant traction. And while this is generally accurate in wet conditions, the best spikeless women's shoes for 2021 will retain their grip even when the course is soft.

If all-weather traction is your main concern, give this a try adidas Tour 360 XT-SL or the adidas EQT SL.

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Spikeleless designs tend to be less stable than traditional spiked shoes. This is not unintentional, as the purpose of early spikelet-free shoes was to allow greater freedom of movement and comfort. Although the ideal level of stability varies among golfers, a shoe should never be so unstable that your foot runs over the edge of the footbed.

As spikelet-free women's shoes become more popular, we're seeing more options designed for more stability. You often lose something of the “fashion” look in the process. For spikelet-free options that offer the stability of a traditional golf shoe, this is a small price to pay.

Golfers looking for the ultimate in stability should keep this in mind NIKE Air Zoom Infinity Tour and Inesis Winter Boot.



If you want to kill two birds with one stone, when you're on and off the court, this is it PUMA RS-G is the right one for you. Its mundane appearance makes it Versatile for the gym and golf course. So you don't have to buy two pairs of shoes. Save some money and buy the PUMA RS-G & # 39; s.

EXPERT TIP – Do you want your foot to breathe?

Golfers who want increased breathability should consider designs with a "knitted" textile structure. Knit / textile shoes are not only breathable and light, but most of them are completely waterproof despite the net-like material.


While BOA / DISC offers are less common for spikelets without a design, shoes with these locking systems often fit differently than the laced versions. If the laced model doesn't feel quite right, it's worth trying the BOA / DISC locking system if it's available but be prepared to pay for it.

More tips

  • Not everyone needs a lot of stability in a golf shoe. Try different shoe designs to see which stability is best for you.
  • If you find that you want or need maximum stability, look for designs with "Cage technology"In the metatarsal area. It's common on traditional spiked shoes, but companies have started adding stability-enhancing components to their womens spikelet designs.
  • The sizes may vary depending on the manufacturer. If you can't try them on, check the company's size sheet to make sure you are getting the size you want.
  • Have your foot measured to make sure you are purchasing the correct size.
  • To do your best, you have to be grounded. A shoe that doesn't provide enough traction will cost you a stroke.
  • In general, lighter weight spike shoes are lighter on the lawn than shoes with more aggressive spines. If you want your superintendent and the golfers who follow you to love you, go without spikelets.

STABLE SHOE - Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour

STABLE SHOE – Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour

The Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour certainly has style with unprecedented features. We found that this shoe has very good stability compared to the field. So if that's just what you're looking for most stable shoe In the market, consider the Air Zoom Infinity Tour.

How we test

We're here to help you find the perfect spikelet-free golf shoe that fits your needs.

To this end, we use a thorough and completely independent testing process that leaves no features unexplored, no details untested, and no stone unturned.

Our metrics

Spikeless shoes are tested head-to-head according to strict protocols.

The metrics we consider when evaluating spikelet golf shoes include stability, comfort, elements, and traction.

Best women's shoes without spikelets of 2021 – FAQ

Q: How much should I spend on a shoe?

ON: While it is possible to find a well-designed, fully featured golf shoe for around $ 80, the majority of top performers sells for around $ 150. Golfers who only play a few times a year may find a suitable option for less. Never skimp on convenience to save money.

Q: What is the main characteristic to look for when buying a spikelet-free shoe?

ON: Comfort is by far the most important factor, followed by traction. Stability is also an important consideration, but different golfers require different levels of stability. It is only after you have addressed these three considerations that style should be incorporated into your decision.

Q: Is BOA / DISC technology better than shoelaces?

ON: The use of BOA and DISC technology is less common in spikelet-free designs. Some golfers prefer modern fastening systems over traditional laces, but this is certainly not a universal preference. BOA and DISC users report a tendency for their shoes to loosen up during a lap. While tightening up isn't a big deal, who wants to worry about it? Also note that a shoelace is easily replaceable, while replacing the warranty for other fastening systems can take some time.

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