How Curry Model modified the sport endlessly


It all started in Oakland, the town where the number 30 isn't just printed in gold numerals and embroidered on the back of blue and white jerseys – it's worn with pride – the Curry brand knew it had a bigger purpose had to serve. Giving back to the city that gave its namesake a shot in the first place. In Oakland, he made us all, undervalued and undervalued, believe that size, rankings, scars and stats don't measure the size or size that is to come. When you get the chance, shoot for something big.

When Curry Brand was considering where to start their community outreach initiatives, they decided to first give back to the city something that means so much to Stephen Curry himself.

"When we were thinking about how to really stand out, the idea that we were aware that we couldn't solve the narrative of inequality in sport on our own was a bit vulnerable, but we wanted to do it part," says Flynn Burch , Director of Global Philanthropy for Under Armor. "And we said let's start in Oakland and grow from there because that's what Stephen did. He was in Oakland and he went on to be this huge superstar. And when he walked in you see all the quotes, now everyone's talking about it, how he completely changed the way the game is played, so we wanted to combine the same purpose with the brand and hopefully ultimately be part of Stephen's legacy and part of the legacy of partnership with Under Armor.

Curry Brand plans to invest a percentage of its annual sales in low-resource communities across the country and will focus its efforts on three pillars of public relations. The first involves building and investing in 20 safe playgrounds by 2025, ranging from renovating basketball courts to programs in the premises.

In Oakland, Curry Brand relied on the relationships Stephen and his wife Ayesha had forged by starting Eat. Learn. Play. to get a better feel for what communities in Oakland needed. Then they went straight to work renovating the courts in Concordia Park and Manzanita Park, where they redesigned the square with the brand's color scheme and worked with a local artist, Allison "Hueman" Torneros, to complete the design The square and the back walls reflected the atmosphere of the city and the effective goals of Curry Brand.

"So it's an idea how we can give the backboards some kind of community feel, or is there a mural that can hang on the wall next to it," adds Burch. “When children come in, there is a story that is much bigger than just a new dish. It's a sense of community, a sense of togetherness. Essentially, this is an opportunity for all of us to work towards building better communities overall. "

Curry Brand doesn't stop there. They also plan to provide programs for schools and community centers, first making sure that every single public school in Oakland has basketball programs for boys and girls in middle school to give children an opportunity to keep fit and play. The brand also knows the importance of a good coach and mentor in youth development. By 2025, they will partner with the Positive Coaches Alliance and train 15,000 coaches across the country.

"Stephen's platform was built from what he could on the field," says Burch. “He understands the platform he has, the voice he has, and the depth he has for positive change. The hope is that in five years we will see a different world that is more just and gives children better access and more opportunities. Stephen always says: "Talent is everywhere, chance isn't." We hope to change this statement to "Talent and Opportunity Are Everywhere".

While Stephen Curry continues to influence the game, Curry Brand follows suit and focuses on future generations.



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