Maytín banned for 14 years for match fixing


Match fixing cost Roberto Maytín his career in competition.

The 32-year-old Venezuelan doubles specialist was banned from tennis for 14 years after admitting multiple violations of the rules of the Tennis Anti-Corruption Program (TACP), the International Tennis Integrity Agency said.

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In addition to the ban, Maytín was fined $ 100,000, of which $ 75,000 is on hold. He is currently 179th in doubles.

The offenses took place in 2017 and 2018, and Maytín, who achieved the highest ATP double rating of No. 86 in 2015 and the highest individual rating of No. 643 in 2008, is now prohibited from participating in a tennis event, training or otherwise to participate in it approved or sanctioned by the tennis associations for a period of 14 years from March 29, 2021.

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The case was resolved under the 2021 TACP “Proposal Available” framework. This allows a sanction to be passed on from the ITIA to the player if there is a guilty plea without the need for a hearing. The violations of the rules of the tennis anti-corruption program that Maytín has admitted to are:

Section D.1.d of the TACP 2017 and 2018: "No insured person may directly or indirectly invent or attempt to invent the result or any other aspect of an event."

Section D.2.a of the TACP 2017 and 2018: “In the event that a player is approached by a person who offers or provides money, benefits or consideration to a player in order to (i) the outcome or any other aspect In any event or (ii) providing inside information, the player is required to report such incident to the TIU (now ITIA) as soon as possible. "

Section D.1.f of the TACP 2017 and 2018: "No insured person may, directly or indirectly, request or accept money, benefits or consideration in order to negatively influence the best efforts of a player in an event."


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