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By David Meisel

It is April 7th, two months from the time the first round of Olympic trial swimmers leaves the blocks. Here we, viewers, hope to learn more about our tickets, which we bought on July 1st, 2019 (only about 21 months ago).
Yesterday this author received a message from Ticketmaster that I would be refunded for my previous purchases. And that there would be the opportunity to buy new tickets for the "2nd" round of the preliminary rounds / finals.

It's so very exciting! Another way to "compete" for seats – buy flights, reserve housing … I mean, maybe another approach would have been to send a survey? Ask buyers if they would like to participate. And if not, to give them a refund.

Perhaps this simple approach would reduce their “seats” already sold to 50% capacity, which is their goal. What I've read is that they are currently on 90% of the seats that have already been sold for the trials.
I realize this isn't that big of a deal for those who live in Omaha, NE – but for those in DMV, California, Florida, Atlanta, etc., etc., this is a painful experience.

Don't get me wrong – I'm not even sure I would go – Covid variances, indoor viewing experiences, general societal health issues, etc. Either way – it's fascinating to see these decisions being made, like people who are Purchased / invested in tickets over 21 months ago will not even be asked if you would use your tickets if you had the opportunity.

Unfortunately, I think this experience is a precursor to those summer activities – swimming and not swimming. For those reading this, keep this in mind before making any important decisions that affect others. Try doing a “poll” to see what your voters think. This can help you a lot in your decision making.

SwimSwam posted a post yesterday describing the pros and cons of the new process: ALL OLYMPIC TRIAL TICKETS IN THE US MUST BE REFUNDED AND SOLD BY SWITCHING THE SEAT
Deadlines for the new round of ticket sales:

Additional information by email from the CHI Health Center Omaha Arena Sales:


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