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England Golf has announced that golfers can now use the My England Golf app to pre-register and publish the results of general game rounds on every rated course in England.

The new feature is now live and available to all members of affiliated golf clubs in England that have a World Handicap System (WHS) handicap index. Golfers can now flexibly record points for handicap purposes from 9-hole or 18-hole rounds played according to handicap rules.

Simply adding scores to a player's record from general game rounds at any rated location on the England Golf Platform creates a more complete and accurate record of a golfer's actual playing ability. All golfers just need to download the app available through Apple and Google Play Stores, activate their account and register a round at or near the venue of your choice before entering a final score.

To protect the integrity of the handicap system, England Golf has also introduced the following updates to the app:

  • Geo-location technology ensures that pre-registration of the intention to post a score can only be done near the course on which the lap will take place.
  • A time delay will operate from the point at which the intention to play a round is registered until a score can be accepted.
  • A golfer's final score must be verified by a game partner who witnessed the round and has a WHS handicap index.

Commenting on the updates to the My England Golf app, Gemma Hunter, England Golf's Head of Handicapping & Course Rating, said, “This is an important update for the WHS and should make it a lot easier for golfers across the country who primarily want it to play They socialize in their clubs to keep an eye on the handicap index. The new updates are intended to make pre-registering a round faster and easier for golfers while protecting the integrity of the handicap system.

“With golfers only returning to the golf courses after the lockdown, we are confident that these updates will make the transition to the new system much smoother. With the app, golfers can not only pre-register and publish general game results, but also calculate their course handicap, connect with friends and track their results throughout the year. "

The new function for entering points complements the options currently available for 200,000 users who have already downloaded the app. This allows golfers to find their handicap index, track their scoring record and calculate their handicap for any set of tees on a registered English course on the England Golf Platform, as well as connect with friends and track their results year round.

Click here to find out how to download the My EG app for Apple or Android devices.


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