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Enduro Bearings is best known for its bearings, but the brand has also long had a range of professional tools that allow professionals to make repairs more smoothly and efficiently.

The latest addition to the company's range of professional tools is an overhaul of the Pro Bearing Puller that not only improves the core functionality, but also adds some useful features to the mix. And while this tool may not be useful to you, it's so well done that I couldn't help but point and tell a little.

The new Enduro Pro Bearing Puller

The BBT-222 is a blind hole bearing puller designed to turn off bearings when you cannot easily get to them from behind. Such bearings are most common in mountain bike suspension frames, but the tool is also at home in pulling out almost all hub and bottom bracket bearings. And it does the job while keeping the bearing square and not rocking out like a normal slap and hammer.

Blind hole pullers are widely used in the automotive industry, and even bicycle tool brands like Park Tool and Unior are now offering such things. However, Enduro was arguably the first company to bring such a tool to the bicycle market (I bought my first Enduro Blind Hole Puller around 2008), and the company's latest version is a US-made masterpiece.

The previous Enduro Pro Bearing Puller (BBT-200) was at first glance pure tool cutting. The aluminum slide hammer was gold anodized and slid on a weight-relieved and length-adjustable shaft. However, from personal experience, I can tell you that the 358-gram hammer was sometimes too light and the cutouts in the shaft created more friction than necessary (and once a couple of jammed hand straps – ouch).

Enduro's brand new Pro Bearing Puller (BBT-222) no longer favors the driving mechanic and instead takes a simpler, if more effective, approach with an all stainless steel construction. The slide hammer is 450 g heavier than before, while the shaft has a larger diameter and is now a fixed length of 28.6 cm. The result is a far more efficient and effective force to do what this tool was designed to do. Enduro stuck to its design that did away with a secondary grip, but I didn't find it a problem.

At the end of the store is a row of nine brand new expanding hardened stainless steel bearing tongs designed for bearings with an inside diameter of 6 to 30 mm. Each collet is now more restricted for the proposed storage size it will expand into. The result, however, is a more positive engagement and almost certainly better durability (due to the less material flex required in the material).

In particular, the bodies of the larger collets have been significantly reduced in size. In the past, I had tried using the BBT-200 to remove a collapsed bearing from a freehub body to determine that the collet body was too large to get inside. This has now been resolved.

The new BBT-222 also contains a sturdy piece of steel weighing 514 g that turns the tool into a brutal hammer. This club has an easy-to-remove face with club heads made of soft polyurethane and brass (works with club heads with a 1 1/2 inch diameter 5 / 16-18).

The new Pro Bearing Puller can also be used as a hammer and socket handle.

On the opposite side of the club head is a 25.4mm socket holder that fits a number of cassette circlip tools. Enduro also added magnets to help hold the socket out. In the meantime, the handle / shaft is provided with a 6mm hex so that it can be tightened into the mallet / hex socket head (not required but good to have).

Currently, Enduro only offers the BBT-222 as a complete kit, including the club head, full-size collet series, and a tool roll. It's a total of 3.5 kg of stainless steel that will retail for $ 399. The pricing is closely comparable to what Unior and Park tools offer, but in both cases this tool is certainly aimed at the professional. For the casual user, eBay and Alibaba have a variety of tools for removing blind holes at impressively low prices. However, don't expect them to survive the ongoing abuse.

Bonus spotlight: BRT-018 collet

If you did not find the bearing puller too niche, the new BRT-018 collet can tip it over the edge. Designed for use with my favorite DUB / 30mm press-fit bottom bracket press and extractor, the Enduro BRT-002, it is a simple stainless steel step ring that removes bearings from BSA29 (DUB), BSA30, ITA29 (DUB) . and ITA30 cups, where the distance is otherwise too narrow to use the series expanding collet. This tool requires a bottom bracket shell to be removed from the frame for rear access.

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