I ran with the Bose Sport earbuds and that's what I assumed


BOSE sport earphones | £ 179.95
Tester: Esther

Do you know what is the most searched term for women runners on the interwebs? You think it might have something to do with shoes – which shoes are best for running? Or maybe because of an injury: How do I prevent shin splints? No it is not. While these are both reasonable questions, it turns out that the most pressing dilemma for runners is how to find earbuds that get stuck in tiny ears.

For many of us, our earbuds are just as important a part of our daily running set as our shoes and running bra. We listen to music, podcasts or audio books in order to manage the mileage. And finding a pair that is comfortable, has good sound quality, and actually stays in place are the three main requirements for this. You wouldn't believe it was such a big task, but if you ever let an earbud pop out halfway due to size or sweat, you know all too well how frustrating it can be.

Here are the Bose Sport earbuds for your consideration. The strange thing is that they actually look pretty big, but don't worry: you're not stuffing the whole thing into your ear canal. The buds come with three sizes of ear tips, so this is a great choice for those of us who vary in size in the ear department. Better still, the size isn't limited to just the section you stick in your ear – the lovely soft parts you add are known as the StayHear Max tips. They're made of silicone so they're super soft and consist of a tip that pops into your ear and an extendable flexible wing that holds your earbuds in place.

It works?

In any case. You simply follow the instructions correctly by plugging in the earphones and then gently pivoting them so that the wing piece sits under the bonier part of your ear. Then you can – quite frankly – jump up and down or shake your head or even run (gasp for air) and you will stay seated.

What's even more notable about these type of earbuds is that they're comfortable: these silicone tips are so much more comfortable than any other earbud we've tried. This can (especially with frustrated interference that can occur if the earbuds are not secure enough) can have a tendency to press against the softer parts of the entrance to the ear canal, causing bruising. These sit beautifully in place, feel perfectly safe, and are very comfortable indeed.

Once we find a pair of earbuds that fit and stay, almost the last on our list is sound quality. If you spend hours outside on your runs every week, the quality of your music or podcast has to be right. Bose is a big name for speakers and acoustics. So you know that you are already in good hands: These earphones are true to shape and have a special acoustic port design and highly efficient drivers for brilliant sound performance.


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