The British Velocity ​​Golf Championship takes place within the Quellen in September


The British Open Speedgolf Championships will return in 2021 with a 36-hole championship taking place September 19-20 at the Springs Resort & Golf Club in Oxfordshire.

In the fast growing sport that combines the number of shots with the time required to complete the round for a final result, contestants will quicken the pace in the venue's square while contestants in two laps around the Title fight.

The springs will host the UK's top speed golfers in September

Champions are crowned in the elite, amateur and women categories. The last tournament took place in Foxhills in 2019 – no event last year due to Covid – when New Zealander Jamie Reid took the title. He shot 81 in 40 minutes and 57 seconds for a speed golf score of 121.57. Chris Benians (GB) and Mikko Rantanen (Finland) both shot 74, finishing second and third, respectively. Benians, who defended his men's amateur title after taking the honor at Piltdown in 2018, shot 80 in just 43 minutes and 41 seconds to win the amateur title, while women's champion Liz McKinnon in 50.41 Minutes 76 shot and achieved a speed golf score of 126.41.

Golf buggy scorers pursue the field which begins periodically when they finish their round on foot, jogging between holes and saving time by eliminating time-consuming practice swings and other rituals associated with regular game play. Speed ​​golfers also have fewer clubs – up to 7 – but often this means they need to be more creative with their shots.

Ashley Pheasant, Head of Golf at The Springs, owned by Darwin Escapes, said, “We are committed to delivering venues that are modern and exciting, and we believe that speed golf does too and definitely has its own way. It will be exciting to see how the best in their field approach our fantastic golf course in a completely different way. "

Pam Painter, co-founder of British Speedgolf, added, “Speedgolf is evolving but still maintaining the camaraderie of a basic niche sport. We hope that moving to a 36-hole event this year will make the championship a must-see and show others what is possible if you pick up the pace. "

For more information on participating in this year's championship, please visit

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