2021 Push Cart Buyer's Guide

In North America in particular, wheelbarrows (known as “trolleys” on the other side of the Atlantic) have never been as popular as in the rest of the world. But when COVID-19 hit, walking on the track became increasingly popular and along with that trend, interest in wheelbarrows rose over here.

In 2021, we tested as many wheelbarrows as we could get our hands on. They come in all shapes and sizes. Features range from swiveling front wheels for easy maneuverability to a wide base that ensures your trolley and bag are as stable as possible. Hell, throw out winter tires and the ability to pimp your wagon with accessories and you could get the anti-push wagon mafia to turn to the lights!

Whether you're ready to buy a golf push cart today, want buying recommendations to find the right cart, or just want to take a closer look at the market situation, this guide will help you find what you're after search.


If you want a wheelbarrow that can get you from A to B with little to no effort, then go for the Rovic RV1S. It comes with a front wheel that can swivel 360 degrees for a super tight turning radius, a treasure trove of accessories, a wide wheelbase for any terrain and much more. The Clicgear Rovic RV1S is known for its durability. With a three year warranty, you have it Winner of the 2021 Most Wanted Push Cart Test.

  • 7. in stability
  • 1. in durability
  • 1. in functions
  • 1. in maneuverability
  • 2. in folded size


Small car? Small garage? No problem for them Big Max Blade IP. Its main characteristic is its ability not to fold much thicker than the width of your hand. It's so compact that it will be easily fit behind your seatto save space. The Quattro also secures your bag upright and prevents it from twisting.

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Best Golf Push Cart 2021 – What to Look For


Ultimately, you don't want a push cart that is awkward or gets in your way on the golf course. That is not the point. Carts with a 360 degree front wheel rotation provide the best maneuverability. Fixed wheel carts can be more difficult to maneuver when crossing the fairway or in some cases pushing through the rough. For example, all-wheel drive vehicles are often more stable, but also less agile. Golfers may need to lift their front wheels off the ground to make turns.

The Rovic RV1S and the Bag Boy TriSwivel II are the most maneuverable wheelbarrows we've tested this year.


As with almost anything else, finding a wheelbarrow that has the features you want is important. Some of the best golf push carts of 2021 are also the most feature-rich. A braking system is a must for hilly terrain. It's worth repeating: swivel front wheels are ideal for golfers looking for the ultimate in maneuverability. Some carts offer an enormous amount of storage space for the center console, while others offer an abundance of attachment points for almost every accessory imaginable.

Those who want the best of features should consider Clicgear model 4 or the Bag Boy Tri Swivel II.

Folded size

When folded, some trolleys are much more compact than others. A wheelbarrow must fit in the available space. If your garage space is limited, or wherever you want to keep your car when you are not on the course, then you should ditch features to take up less floor space.

For those who want to minimize space requirements, the Big Max Blade Quattro is just the thing the most compact wheelbarrow we tested.


How does the golf push cart handle uneven and challenging terrain? Some carts tip over easily when on a sidehill, while some of the best golf pushcarts of 2021 are more stable due to a wider wheelbase and better weight distribution. Stability is also a measure of the cart's ability to hold your bag upright and tight. You don't want it to twist or fall off the base. The combination of patented Top-Lok technology and Velcro strips from Bag Boy helps with this Lock the stand-up pouches for added stability.

The most stable cars we tested this year are the Bag Boy Nitron and Bag Boy TriSwivel II.



For some, opening and closing a push trolley can be more of a problem than it's worth. Bag Boy's Nitron uses a flask filled with compressed nitrogen to make it difficult to open and close the car. Simple and effective, the Nitron, in the truest sense of the word, opens when pulled gently.

EXPERT TIP – The advantages of Ferris wheels

While smaller wheels help make a more compact cart, large, wide wheels not only provide better stability, but also make it easier to push the cart through deep, rough, rocky cart paths and other problems you may encounter along the way.

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More tips

  • If maneuverability is high on your wish list, consider a cart with a 360-degree swivel front wheel that enables it Turn on a penny effortlessly.
  • If you're a golfer planning on outfitting your wheelbarrow (pimping your ride, so to speak), Clicgear offers every kind of accessory you can think of.
  • Golfers come in different sizes. The best golf push carts have adjustable handles so you can maneuver them comfortably.
  • The durability of the golf push cart varies greatly. It is important to consider the tolls that the course conditions mean for the life of a car. Flat and lush stretches will not inflict nearly the same penalty as hilly, sandy stretches. If durability is your primary concern, Nobody is better built than Clicgear.



It doesn't matter if you have a stand or a bag for a car Bag Boy Tri Seviel II has you covered. It features patented Top-Lok technology that ensures that your bag stays upright throughout the lap, regardless of whether you have a stand-up bag or you are standing. Throw in 360 swivel front wheel and you have the sturdiest wheelbarrow of 2021

How we test

We're here to help you find the perfect wheelbarrow that fits your needs.

To this end, we use a thorough and completely independent testing process that leaves no features unexplored, no details untested, and no stone unturned.

Our metrics

Wheelbarrows are tested head-to-head according to strict protocols.

The metrics we consider when evaluating travel bags include durability, folded size, maneuverability, features, and stability.

Wheelbarrows contribute to lower scores

Using a push cart can help you get lower scores. A study by Neil Wolkodoff found that out A wheelbarrow can save an average of 2.5 shots about 9 holes compared to carrying your bag. Golfers who use a wheelbarrow also get better results pushing or walking in a caddy than when driving in a cart.

Best wheelbarrows for 2021 – FAQ

Q: Does it matter how many wheels a wheelbarrow has?

A: Most of the best golf push carts of 2021 are Tricycle modelswhich are usually easier to maneuver. Golfers playing on uneven terrain should consider an all-wheel drive cart model as they tend to be more stable.

Question: What are some of the advantages of a push cart over a golf cart?

A. For some courses limited to walking only, a wheelbarrow might be the best option for taking the weight off your back. Some like to walk the golf course and others argue that walking gives you a little more time to think. The typical fee for a riding cart is more than $ 15. A wheelbarrow will save you lifetime money and be better for your health.

Q: Are wheelbarrows allowed on any golf course?

A: Golf push carts are not allowed on every golf course. Some courses prohibit them, so it is advisable to check with the pro shop to see if push carts are allowed.

Q: Do wheelbarrows with stand-up pouches work?

A: While almost every car can handle a Stand pockettwisting it frequently can be frustrating. Functions like Bag Boy's top locomotive are designed to take away the frustration many stand bag owners experience when using a push trolley.

Q. Do wheelbarrows need servicing?

A. Eventually, your golf push cart is showing some wear and tear and some parts break. The most common parts that go bad over time are brake cables, carriage belts, and wheels. Most manufacturers offer spare parts at reasonable prices. While brake cables can be tricky on some models, most repairs are straightforward.


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