FINIS Good Goggles Evaluation (Palms-On)


If you are ready to take advantage of some of the most advanced swim tracking features currently available, then the FINIS Smart Goggles from CIYE are a must have! In this review, I'll take a closer look at the FINIS Smart Goggle with its wealth of functions that will allow you to take your swimming training to the next level.

The problem with swim tracking technologies

So far, swim tracking has been dominated by swim and multisport watches. While some of them offer decent swim tracking capabilities, they present three main problems for most serious swimmers:

First, they are often quite heavy and bulky, which can lead to disruptions in swimming style and prompt many swimmers to train without them instead – especially competitive swimmers.

Second, they are not great for active feedback while swimming as it is difficult to get a good look at the watch while exercising – especially during hard sets. The only time you can check your watch is when you stop to rest.

After all, sports watches that offer good swim tracking features, like the Garmin Fenix ​​6X or the Apple Watch Series 6, are more expensive devices – although they also offer many other features – but may not necessarily be what swimmers are looking for.

Yes, there are some nice mid-range watch options too – like the Garmin Swim 2, but the active feedback of the FINIS Smart Goggles is undeniably an invaluable feature for many swimmers.

The FINIS Smart Swim Goggles eliminate all of these problems by offering swimmers an all-in-one approach to swim tracking. The goggles have a sleek design that ensures they never interfere with your swim training, they have a built-in display that gives you active feedback while swimming, and they offer great tracking capabilities at a fair price.

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FINIS Smart Goggles review.

After all that, it's time to take a look at the innovative FINIS Smart Goggles powered by CIYE and their many functions. I'll discuss what to expect in the box, all of the different tracking features and how they can help you become a better swimmer, as well as the overall usability of the device.

What is the box? – Brief overview.

You can assume that your FINIS Smart Goggle will be delivered in a neat and well-packed box.

Inside you will find a number of FINIS glasses, the Smart Coach module (powered by CIYE, which stands for "Coach in your Eye") – this is the actual technology that provides all the tracking and display functions – and it is one separate unit. The fact that it is separate is a significant benefit (we will get into that in more detail later, however).

You will also find a glasses case, six interchangeable nose pieces – so that you can find the perfect fit, and a magnetic USB charging cable.

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The digital display of the FINIS Smart Goggles.

FINIS Smart Goggles display

Let's start with a look at one of the most important functions of the FINIS Smart Goggles – the ability to display certain measured values ​​in your goggles while swimming.

You can fully customize the readings you want to see during exercise – the goggles will then cycle through them as you swim. This is really useful and will help swimmers improve their exercise performance with metrics like split times, lap tracking, etc.

What I particularly like about the display of the FINIS Smart Goggle is the fact that it sits neatly in the left corner of the eye and is only visible when you actively decide to look at it – the rest of the time it is not in your area make sure that you have an (almost) full field of view during exercise.

The display is also fully customizable within the app, allowing swimmers to customize it to provide the most convenient and optimal viewing experience in the water.

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Swimming metrics captured by the FINIS Smart Goggles.

The tracking functions are one of the most important aspects of the FINIS Smart Goggle – and it offers a wealth of tracking metrics.

Here is a full list of what to expect when swimming – laps, split times, set time, rest time, running time, total swim time, stroke and exercise detection, total laps and time of day.

Even better, after your swim, you can access all of these and some additional tracking metrics right in the CIYE app.

Some additional tracking metrics you can find in the app include average pace, total distance swum, a detailed breakdown of active time and rest time during your workout, calories burned, and lap divisions per set.

Within the app you can also set goals and track your workouts from week to week as well as access lifetime statistics. This includes metrics such as total distance, time, sessions and weekly training frequency.

Let's take a closer look at each metric and how they can help you become a better swimmer.

Round: This will record the number of laps you have run for your workout. This metric can be viewed in your goggles while swimming. This is useful for long distance sets because you can focus solely on swimming and not have to worry about counting laps.

There are 2 main lap counting metrics that you can view in your goggles while swimming. You can view both the total number of laps you have run for your workout and the number of laps you have run for a given set.

Splits: This shows your split times per lap while swimming so you know if you need to press harder or relax. I find this to be one of the most valuable metrics in swimming – especially if you are a competitive swimmer and want to train in hard heels a lot or keep fast times in training.

This metric is also accessible via the app after your workout and shows you how long you spent on a particular set and how big your split per 50 was during the set (or what distance you prefer).

Sets are recorded as the total distance you swim from starting to stopping. So if you swim a 100 it will be recorded as 1 set and you can see the total time it took for that 100, as well as your splits for each 50 of the 100.

Likewise, 200, 400, 500, etc. are tracked as a separate set and you have access to all of your splits as well as the total time it took to do them.

Rest, active, running and total time: The timing readings will come in handy for many swimmers.

The rest time metric lets you see the time you rested between sets right in your glasses. If you're a competitive swimmer like me, this will help you get the right amount of rest between sets and not too much or too little.

For the casual swimmer, this will help prevent you from wasting too much time standing around during your workout and it will be your responsibility to swim more. You can also see the total time that you have occupied with your swimming training directly in the glasses display.

The runtime depends on the mode in which you configure your FINIS Smart Goggles. There are 3 main modes: 1) I swim laps, 2) I swim sets, and 3) I swim for time.

For example, suppose you set the goggles to I swim for sets, it means that the goggles will reset the run time metric once you've completed a set (a 100, 200, 500, as explained earlier). If you set it to I swim for time, it will show the total time of your workout instead and will not stop until you have completed that workout.

In the app, you can view the total time you have spent in the pool. This is then further broken down into rest time and active time so you can see how much of your workout you actively swam and which part you rested.

Hub type: The swimming goggles automatically recognize which stroke you are swimming and also has recognition modes for exercises and IM sets. These metrics can optionally be displayed in your goggle and are also available in the app after you have finished your workout.

Calories: In the app you can see how many calories you burned during your workout. The FINIS Smart Goggles use a standard calorie calculator to calculate this number.

The beauty of this metric, however, is that it is much more accurate than any online calorie calculator or similar application. This is because this metric is calculated based on factors like intensity, swimming style, etc., which gives a very accurate reading.

This metric is a popular track for many fitness enthusiasts and is also helpful for competitive swimmers who are serious about their diet, as it will help you more accurately determine what you need to eat throughout the day to perform at your best during your workout.

Time: In the glasses you can display a clock with the time. That way you can know how long you have to finish your workout. This is something I generally don't like to see while exercising as I would instead focus on swimming as hard as possible and exercising until my trainer says it's time to cool off.

However, I know that many swimmers like to see the time when exercising, which makes it a useful application. It will also be helpful on days with limited time. That way, you don't have to worry about getting off every now and then to check the time.

Average speed 100: In the app, you can view your average pace of 100 for each workout. For most competitive swimmers, this probably won't provide much insight as training sessions change frequently and have different goals, but this can be more useful for triathletes and casual swimmers.

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FINIS Smart Goggles Open Water Swimming Skills.

If you are an open water swimmer or triathlete, you are likely interested in the open water swimming capabilities of the FINIS Smart Goggles. Well, you'll be happy to know that the device supports swimming in open water – although it's relatively limited at the moment.

The FINIS Smart Goggles enable swimming in open water by using a running clock and using the data of your swimming movements to measure your swimming performance in open water. While this is certainly not going to be 100% accurate since there is no GPS, given the performance of the glasses in other areas so far, I'm sure they do a great job.

This is a feature I'd like to try more for myself in the future, but I don't go swimming in open water too often (and I'm not particularly interested in it). However, I will update this article as soon as I have thoroughly tested this feature for myself. For now, all you know is that the FINIS Smart Goggles actually support swimming in open water.

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FINIS smart goggle design.

The FINIS Smart Goggles consists of 2 main elements – the actual goggle itself and the Smart Coach module – the electronic part of the device that is responsible for the digital display and tracking functions.

This design aspect allows you to remove the Smart Coach from the actual glasses. This is extremely useful as all swimmers know that goggles have a tendency to wear out and scratch. This way, when you change glasses, you can simply order a new frame instead of paying full price for the entire kit again.

The Smart Coach module can be easily clipped into and out of your FINIS Smart goggle frame and offers a battery life of around 4-6 hours, so that you can perform around 2-3 exercises (or more) on a single charge. It has also been made from high quality materials and is proven to work in the water.

The goggles themselves are very similar to many other high-end “non-smart” glasses – they have a high quality design, are hydrodynamic and are very comfortable. The glasses are made of standard but high-quality materials and have a polycarbonate lens, a comfortable TPR seal, an adjustable silicone strap and 6 interchangeable TPU nasal bridges.

I've found the FINIS Smart Goggle to be comparable to the TYR Tracer X, Speedo Speed ​​Socket 2.0, and Phelps Xceed Goggle – with the biggest exception, the clip-in module for the Smart Coach is on the left lens of the Goggle. The FINIS Smart Goggles are a bit more bulky, but this is not really noticeable during training.

Just for comparison, my standard Arena Tracks training glasses weigh about 40 grams, while my racing glasses, the Arena Cobra Ultra, weigh about 35 grams. Likewise, the TYR Tracer X – one of the lightest goggles on the market – only weighs 32 grams.

The entire module of the FINIS Smart Goggle weighs only 42 grams – which is really impressive considering the technology inside. This means that the FINIS Smart Goggle has roughly the same weight as any standard training goggle – and probably even lighter than some.

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The CIYE swim app interface.

To access all of your data and analysis you can use the CIYE swimming app specially designed to work with the Smart Coach. The app is available for both IOS and Android and can be easily downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play.

I found the interface to be sleek and minimalistic, only showing the necessary and useful information, and making it easy to adjust the settings if necessary.

In the app, you can view all of the tracking metrics discussed earlier. You can also adjust your glasses based on changing factors, such as: B. which measured values ​​are displayed while swimming, as well as adapt the digital display view according to your wishes.

Additionally, you can set goals and add metrics like weight and age that the Smart Coach will use to determine factors like the number of calories you burn during each workout. If you use fitness apps like Strava, you can also sync them with the CIYE app.

If you ever want to dig a little more into a particular workout, you can do so in the app too, by viewing factors like splits for specific sets, swum strokes, and more. In some ways it is very similar to an electronic logbook – except that it is 100 times more accurate and insightful.

Lots of great swimmers have endorsed logbooks. Some big names are Michael Phelps, Caeleb Dressel, Janet Evans and many more. Now you have one right on your phone that delivers an unimaginable amount of data to take your swimming performance to the next level.

My only complaint would be that there is currently no browser app that you can use to access your data from a computer. However, the technology is still new and we can expect many updates and improvements in the future.

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FINIS Smart Goggle vs. Build Smart Swimming Goggles.

There is currently only 1 competitor to the FINIS Smart Goggles, namely the Smart Swim Goggles. In my view, both are great devices and take swimming technology to new heights, but I really believe the FINIS Smart Goggles are a better option. I have 3 main reasons for this-

On the one hand, the Smart Coach can be removed from the glasses. This increases the longevity and economy of the device significantly. You can easily replace the Smart Coach with a new FINIS Smart Goggle frame (which is only slightly more expensive than standard training glasses) if your old one is worn, badly scratched or otherwise damaged.

With the shape of Smart Swim Goggles, you cannot simply replace the glasses at the same low price. If your glasses are damaged or scratched and you need new ones, you'll have to pay full price for a completely new set.

Second is the digital display. The display of the FINIS Smart Goggle is in the left corner of your eye so that you can only see it when you want to. You don't have the entire workout in view, as is the case with the Smart Swim Goggle.

As a competitive swimmer, I find this function to be far superior to the Smart Swim Goggles. Competitive swimmers, in particular, rely less on technology when training and focus more on swimming. I've found that this design aspect allows me to get the best workout experience while taking full advantage of these new technological training aids.

I should mention, however, that with the Smart Swim Goggles you can choose which side your digital display should be shown on, while with the FINIS Smart Goggles you can currently only view readings with your left eye.

Also, I've found that many swimmers on the internet have complained that the shape of Smart Swim Goggles is showing up in front of you all the time. Some even claim that it completely obstructs your view and makes the glasses almost unusable.

Last but not least, the actual design of the goggles – and here the FINIS Smart Goggles are undoubtedly the winners. I have found that the FINIS Smart Goggles are significantly slimmer and more hydrodynamic than the Smart Swim Goggles.

In terms of the depth of the glasses, the FINIS Smart Goggles are around 12.7 mm in size for most glasses, with 18 mm being the widest, and only in the area where the technology is located – which is not a big problem. However, the shape of Smart Swim Goggles are roughly 20-30mm deep, which creates a lot of water pressure, which often causes them to loosen or leak when swimming fast – which is unacceptable to me as a competitive swimmer.

In addition, the FINIS Smart Goggles are about 2 times slower than the Smart Goggles (42 grams versus 90 grams).

For me as a competitive swimmer, the FINIS Smart Goggle feels a lot more like racing goggles compared to the Smart Goggle – and that's something I really prefer.

Even so, there are some areas where the shape of the Smart Swim Goggles beat the FINIS Smart Goggle. This is because the shape of smart glasses has some additional tracking metrics, namely heart rate, GPS, beat rate, number of beats and distance per beat.

However, I should also mention that the GPS and heart rate readings in the form of Smart Swim Goggles require that you wear additional devices such as a heart rate monitor (specifically from Polar) and a sports watch of your choice for the GPS. This is nice to have access to these devices, but it will just be an unnecessary hassle for most swimmers to get limited additional insight.

The Form Smart Swim Goggles also have a much longer battery life of around 16 hours – but that's something that is not that important to me, as the FINIS glasses are much slimmer (and anyway nobody swims 16 hours straight).

Finally, I feel like the Form Smart Swim Goggle app is a little better and more organized at displaying the metrics. However, both the FINIS Smart Goggles and the CIYE app are still brand new. We'll likely see a lot of improvements and new features in the coming months that will likely fix some of the differences between these goggles – making the FINIS Smart Goggles even more superior.

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With new training aids such as the FINIS Smart Goggles powered by CIYE discussed in this article, the future of swimming technology looks bright.

The FINIS Smart Goggles is hands down a great piece of equipment that provides swimmers with lots of data points to take their training to the next level. The digital display is also extremely useful in making sure you are on the right track with your workout and ensuring optimal progress in the water over time.

Overall, I am very impressed with the device and am excited to see where this technology will develop in the future.

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