Jun 10 NBA Props – Finest Participant Prop Bets on Bucks vs Nets Sport Three & Jazz vs Clippers Sport 2


Kawhi Leonard

Kawhi Leonard and the Clips plans to steal a game in Utah on Thursday night. (Photo by PI / Zuma Press / Icon Sportswire)

  • Thursday's NBA playoff schedule includes the Bucks vs Nets Game 3 and Clippers vs Jazz Game 2
  • It's a must-see for Milwaukee after falling 2-0 on the series as the Clippers attempt to recover from a dramatic Game 1 loss
  • Read below for the latest player props for Thursday's games and a few tips

The NBA spoiled us with two huge games on Thursday evening. Though the Milwaukee Bucks lost extensively in the first two, they are preferred in Game 3 as the series heads to Wisconsin. Brooklyn is still without James Harden and Jeff Green. No team has ever made a comeback after falling 3-0 down in the NBA playoffs – this is a must for the Bucks.

To the west it is beneficial to Utah. A clutch block from Rudy Gobert sealed a series lead for jazz. Despite the brilliance of Kawhi Leonard in the first round, the Clippers are underdogs in Game 2. Los Angeles can shoot the ball much better than at the start of the series, and they have to do that again to avoid a 2-0.

June 10th NBA player props

BKN vs. MIL Points Rebounds Supported Made three pointers
Kevin Durant (BKN) 32.5 (O -106 | U -116) 9.5 (O +112 | U -138) 5.5 (O -130 | U +106) 3.5 (O +120 | U -154)
Kyrie Irving (BKN) 28.5 (O -110 | U -110) 4.5 (O -148 | U +120) 6.5 (O -114 | U -106) 3.5 (O -142 | U +112)
Giannis Antetokounmpo (MIL) 32.5 (O -112 | U -110) 13.5 (O +110 | U -134) 5.5 (A +108 | U -132) 1.5 (O +124 | U -158)
Chris Middleton (MIL) 22.5 (O -108 | U -112) 6.5 (O -105 | U -115) 4.5 (O -106 | U -114) 2.5 (O -122 | U -104)
LAC vs. UTA Points Rebounds Supported Made three pointers
Kawhi Leonard (LAC) 27.5 (O -116 | U -106) 7.5 (O -128 | U +104) 4.5 (O -132 | U +108) 1.5 (O -172 | U +134)
Paul George (LAC) 23.5 (O -116 | U -106) 7.5 (O -128 | U +104) 4.5 (O -104 | U -118) 2.5 (O -111 | U -115)
Donovan Mitchell (UTA) 31.5 (O -106 | U -116) 4.5 (O -106 | U -114) 5.5 (O -118 | U -104) 3.5 (O +108 | U -138)
Rudy Gobert (UTA) 13.5 (O -104 | U -116) 13.5 (O +104 | U -128) 1.5 (O +164 | U -205) OUT

June 10 odds

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Middleton rebounds

Much has been done about Khris Middleton's loss of efficiency in the postseason. He got off to a brutal start to the series, shooting 30.2% out of the field. The Bucks need Middleton to get better and it is reasonable to expect his score to grow significantly even if he is not yet reaching his regular season numbers.

The All-Star Wing scored 30 points in this series, although the quality of its appearance suggests it should be close to 50. Playoff pressures, defense workload, and the random cold shoot are all understandable factors in his fights.

Paul George and Khris Middleton in the playoffs pic.twitter.com/8qkcD21XLr

– Depressive Warriors fan (@GoIdenState) June 9, 2021

At first glance, 22.5 seems ridiculously high. Middleton only crossed that mark once in the postseason, but much of that can be attributed to the bursts of their first-round wins. He didn't have to be a top scorer. That's not the case in the second round, however, and if the Bucks win Game 3, Middleton will have to play massive minutes.

Milwaukee needs to pick up the pace. They were second in pace at 102.2 in the regular season, but they were around the 98 mark during the playoffs. Playing faster means more shots and should mean more shots for Middleton.

Gianni's chin-up 3s with 18 seconds on the shot clock shouldn't be a thing.

– Kevin O & # 39; Connor (@KevinOConnorNBA) June 8, 2021

There are basic offensive issues with the Bucks, but they should still have done better than they did. Improved shot making from Middleton is a necessity, and the quality of his shots would suggest he will recover.

  • Tip: Khris Middleton over 22.5 points (-108)

Funny night for a funny guy

Utah held Kawhi Leonard in Game 1 on a relatively inefficient 23 points in 19 shots. This has been a quiet night for the two-time Finals MVP after his prowess of getting down to business with Dallas, but it's not necessarily sustainable. His ShotQuality.com points per possession of 1.24 were actually higher than his 45-point gem in Game 6 against the Mavericks.

– Kawhi Leonard and Paul George:
43 points – 36% FG – 33% 3P

– Donovan Mitchell:
45 points – 53% FG – 40% 3P pic.twitter.com/dWTfhEGdnQ

– Hoop Central (@TheHoopCentral) June 9, 2021

Leonard had good shots. He just didn't do it. This was also a less aggressive game by the former Raptor, a game he was often noticed and not involved in the action.

Again, this is a trend that is unlikely to continue. Maybe it was a means of resting after a strenuous series.

In the other two games this postseason, in which Leonard shot less than 50% out of the field, he played with 41 and 45 points. This series raised legitimate questions about how jazz can protect Kawhi. He's too big and too strong for Royce O'Neale. Bojan Bogdanovic does not have the lateral speed. Rudy Gobert challenged him on occasion, but Ty Lue will be happy to see that.

The clips had to ask Kawhi Leonard to watch Luka Doncic more and more over the course of the series. Looks like he'll have to take on Donovan Mitchell's assignment at some point.

– Tim MacMahon (@espn_macmahon) June 9, 2021

Leonard has an average of four assists and almost eight boards per game this postseason. He will be aggressive from the tip-off on Thursday and try to dominate early on. Given how he reacted to inefficient games earlier in these playoffs, the 40.5 point, rebound and assists line is incredibly low. Even at -120, it's worth helping.

  • Tip: Kawhi Leonard over 40.5 points, rebounds and assists (-120)

Sam Cox

Sports journalist

Sports journalist

Sam Cox is a freelance writer and sports junkie who has immersed himself in the online gaming industry for the past several years. He has worked with 888sport, Oddschecker and Colossus Bets to name a few. Sam is based in the UK and runs Franchise Sports with his brother.


Sam Cox is a freelance writer and sports junkie who has immersed himself in the online gaming industry for the past several years. He has worked with 888sport, Oddschecker and Colossus Bets to name a few. Sam is based in the UK and runs Franchise Sports with his brother.


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