India – New Zealand: Day 4 of the World Cup remaining canceled – because it occurred


11.07 a.m. Summertime

One or two people asked if the two sides could agree to add another reserve dayto extend the game to a week. Something tells me it's highly unlikely, a suspicion shared by a source who can judge better. But it has to be tried and I sincerely hope the ICC is working on it.

That's it from us. Thank you for your company and correspondence, and thanks also to Adam Collins for doing more than his fair share of the burden of telling you what didn't happen because it didn't. The OBO will be back tomorrow at 10 a.m. UK time and pray for a quick start at 7.30 p.m.

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10:35 a.m. Summertime

So after four days we had two washouts. And one of them on the longest day of the year when not even England is so humid. It's a shame, and it means there are only two days left to squeeze two and a half innings.

The weather forecast, which is obviously playing with us, is now quite good. Tomorrow mostly dry, if gray like a TV commentator's tie; Sunny phases on Wednesday, then it can be too late. Let us assume that we are approaching the theoretical maximum of 196 overs. New Zealand could hit for two sessions and a bit, give up their inhibitions and aim for 350. India would then get back in, 130 back, with about 120 overs remaining.

NZ would have to knock them out in about 90 overs like in the first innings – and we can be sure they wouldn't waste the new ball like they did on Friday morning. If India does a little better the second time round, doing 250, New Zealand will end up chasing 120 out of 28 overs and there will be a grandstand finish. We can only hope.

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10.17 a.m. Summertime

Gambling was given up for the day. Not even KP could argue with that.

10.07 a.m. Summertime

Another email from David Griffiths and a change of tone. "Haha yes," he replies very friendly, "Kyle J is pretty good."

So good that New Zealand is not only the best batter in tests at the Bowl, but also the best bowlers. Small sample of course, but Kyle and his company have an average of 21 there, ahead of the West Indies with 25 and England with 28 and leave the Asian teams in the dust – India 42, Sri Lanka 47, Pakistan 57. You wonder whether the Indian Board knew this when they agreed to move this game from Lord & # 39; s to Southampton.

9.55 a.m. Summertime

This is David Griffiths and he's not happy. "(I use my best Northern Irish accent), ”he begins,“ I totally disagree with Adam Collins 'claim in which he says,' Just like at the World Cup a few years ago when rain threatened to have a big day final analysis (didn't). & # 39; New Zealand would not have reached the final in 2019 if their round robin match against India hadn't been washed out and instead they lost, as they later did against Pakistan, Australia and England hobbling into the saddle on a flotilla of moist squids (sic) – also a rain-soaked affair that they could cut off India between the rain breaks. Pakistan would have qualified instead.

“But no, NZ slipped in, like Claudius in Hamlet, and then peed on the wall in the final as always. I'm sorry, but I'm fed up with all this worship of Kane as if he had the gold compass in hand. They are opportunities! "

David, you are absolutely entitled to your opinion. But would it be safe to assume that you haven't seen much of Kyle Jamieson?

at 9:56 a.m. EDT

9.50 a.m. Summertime

"It hurts me to say it," says Kevin Pietersen on Twitter. “But a UNIQUE and incredibly important game of cricket should NOT be played in the UK.” It hurts to say KP, but I'm not sure you have drawn the right conclusions. England have played more World Cup finals than any other nation and the last was the biggest of them all.

What this sad occasion showed is that having a reserve day was a very good idea – we could only have used two more of them. To be fair, that decision was made at a time when it was still possible for the final to include England, who start a T20 series on Wednesday. If the going got tough I would have loved to have them clash as England's all-format players would have to miss out on a couple of T20 games (which is little known these days), but you can see why the administrators might want to avoid that it. We are where we are – and the chance of a result is still slim here.

9.31 a.m. Summertime

What can we find to cheer us up? I know – a statistic! India may be the best team in the world but when it comes to beating in a Test on the outskirts of Southampton they are the worst. After yesterday's collapse, they averaged 23 during their three tests at the Ageas Bowl (also known as the Rose Bowl or, as TV commentators are clearly forced to call it for that game, the Hampshire Bowl). In this small league, India is a little way behind Pakistan, which is in 29th place, not to mention Sri Lanka (32) and the West Indies (34). The best rackets in the bowl are usually England (40, thanks largely to Zak Crawley), but they too are now surpassed by New Zealand (50).

Of course, the Kiwis haven't done everything right yet – after shooting the new ball they got stuck in second gear for too long and wasted valuable time. But the way they adapt to every challenge in life is so impressive. Right now they're probably watching videos of themselves hitting sixes to be ready to shift into top gear when the rain finally subsides.

at 9:33 p.m. EDT

9.18 a.m. Summertime

Thanks Adam and afternoon everyone. It's a sad, sad situation, and as an Englishman, I can only apologize for our lousy weather.

9.12 a.m. Summertime

It is time for me to make room. A frustrating time, no doubt, but at least we had some fun along the way. To Tim de Lisle. See you tomorrow for hopefully some addicting cricket. Bye!

8.59 a.m. Summertime

A quick transition in the rain. We will see many more days of cricket washing into the future as the planet warms up – one of many lessons learned from the award-winning Hit for Six report. Here is Tanya Aldred's piece from the September 2019 release.

Follow Tanya's work on cricket and climate change: @TheNextTest.

8.54 a.m. Summertime

"Hello Adam." John Starbuck, hello! “It's nice to know that Sarah Torvalds is still there and sends OBO an email. It seems like forever. I totally agree that the weather has to change, especially since I am sitting here with a shirt, sweater and vest on my upper half; also on midsummer day. "

Andrew Miller

As if the day wasn't miserable enough for New Zealand (and India), we have a well-known highlights package on the big screen #WTCfinal #barestofmargins

June 21, 2021

8.48 a.m. Summertime

"Hello Adam." Hello Sara Torvalds. “I'm lying in the shade by the sea on the Gulf of Finland, where it's currently too hot to do much. (An online meeting at noon local time was interrupted when one of the attendees had to put his cell phone in the fridge to cool down after complaining that Helsinki was too hot.) So please send some of that rain east (Stockholm is baking too.) ), complained another participant) and let's celebrate a Kiwi victory! "

Let's move the final there! My only visit to Helskini was walking across the outer field of the Olympic Stadium in a meter of snow to find out everything I could about Paavo Nurmi. Here is their cricket story.

8.45 a.m. Summertime

Some good news for the crowds when it comes to Covid.

Will Macpherson

The ECB announces that the 3 ODIs against Sri Lanka (Durham, Oval, Bristol) will be part of the government's pilot crowd return program next week

June 21, 2021

Will Macpherson

The ODI against Pakistan at Lord & # 39; s on July 10 is also a pilot, MCC says

June 21, 2021

8.43 a.m. Summertime

There are videos! Rarities and curiosities, seen by only 1476 people!

(embed) (/ embed)

8.42 a.m. Summertime

It's Nick Toovey's turn. "Listen to me," he tweeted. "INNER BOWL OFF. Any player who was in his uniform for some bizarre reason was forced to hit the stumps four paces with one of those yellow indoor cricket balls that circled the corners. A version of that happened, of course. What a sport!

8.40 a.m. Summertime

"It seems crazy to me that we could have two winners if an actual mace is available." says Peter Salmon. “It is sure to be a tie that we put Kohli and Williamson on horses on the border and the maces on the field. The first to get it and knock the other off the horse wins. While we're all drinking mead. Make THAT timeless and I'll watch. "

Hell yes! I'm still trying to figure out how they're going to hold it up together. Who will hold the bit in the end? That will feel like a second prize.

8.27 a.m. Summertime

A creative solution from my old bastard Dan Liebke.

Dan Liebke

The # WTCFinal trophy should not be split if there is a tie, instead it should be split in proportion to the average WinViz percentage during the non-rainy, non-dark seasons.

June 21, 2021

8:08 a.m. Summertime

Speaking of which If we forbid England from hosting, then Sydney will have to go too. Ric Finlay does a great job nurturing these characters that we Melburnians (my original home) love so much.

Ric Finlay

Updated washout numbers:
25 Sydney
9 Melbourne
8 Brisbane
2 Adelaide
1 Hobart
0 Perth # AusvInd

January 7, 2019

8:04 a.m. Summertime

"Cheers for the connection to these highlights of the World Cup semi-final against India, it never gets old." I am happy, Ben Bernards. “Bring a tear to your eye right now. As for the final, of course I don't know a single Kiwi who has seen the game or the highlights of that game since that day. This pain, the horrific, devastating, unjust agony will never be anything other than raw and unbearable! "

I just had some glorious linear scorecards from the finals to give to my radio commentator team that day (shhh, don't tell them). Jeremy Coney was part of this group, but for the reasons you suggested, I'm not entirely sure it will be appreciated! Look at her.

Cricket Scorecards 🏏 🖊

Back by popular demand: My linear version of the 2019 World Cup final has been updated with new colors and adapted formats for an improved appearance. Handwritten as always 👌

June 9, 2021

7.59 a.m. Summertime

Much of it runs on the World Wide Web.

Isabelle Westbury

My favorite attitude is to ban all future cricket games in England. #WTCFinal

June 21, 2021

Like at the World Cup a few years ago, when rain threatened to end up being a big day (it didn't). I can totally understand the frustration – I currently run a live blog mostly about rain – but the notion that this makes England an unsuitable place for global events to be a misnomer either.

7.38 a.m. Summertime

Yes, it's still raining. Dinesh Karthik – the broadcaster's best new talent – firmly believes India can still get a result as long as they come back today or tomorrow morning. In practice, that probably means 28 more wickets in two days. An outside opportunity.


The wet weather has returned to the Hampshire Bowl so it's table tennis for now … # WTC21

June 21, 2021

7.26 a.m. Summertime

I'll leave that to you while I get a sandwich. Shortly back; write me a line. We'll have a weather update from Southampton soon.

7.24 a.m. Summertime

I forgot how wild the 2019 World Cup semifinals between these teams was. It's the fill for television, most entertaining. I called it on the radio, that guptill / dhoni moment … damn it. Here is the short version.

(embed) (/ embed)

7:07 a.m. Summertime

"Great idea to play extra days to make up for the weather," writes Tom Morgan. “But how about a draw on day 5? Surely the finalists could agree to share the trophy? Incidentally, this does not apply to the 50-over World Cup final (not if England is involved). "

Yes, that's going to happen – Williamson and Kohli will hold the trophy together on night six. It's actually more of the mace than the trophy – yeah, the old thing. I wonder how are they going to lift it? Not so on that day in 1975.

Lord & # 39; s Cricket Ground

Champions 🏆 # OnThisDay 1975 @windiescricket won the men's first @cricketworldcup. # LoveLords

June 21, 2021

6.55 a.m. Summertime

"Raiaiaiiiiiaiaiaiaaaaaiiiiin", begins Alistair Connor. “I don't mind … To quote the Beatles. I think your correspondents are all fighting over the bush over seven-day or timeless testing. Certainly the more sensible reaction to the inability to get a result this week is to NEVER schedule another championship test in England. Am I unfair? "

I'm not sure what a brilliant challenge England are presenting with the moving ball. Also, I think this is the usual time in a rainy OBO when we again discuss how to put a huge shade cloth over the floor? Here is an example of a long discussion from a soaked World Cup game in mid-June 2019 – also happened to be between India and New Zealand.

6.41 a.m. Summertime

More about the Kyle Jamieson Love-In from Ali Martin on the floor.

6.34 a.m. Summertime

Update from the ground. Nasser confirms that it is still raining. We are sorry.

6.29 a.m. Summertime

"Hello Adam!" Abhijato Sensarma, Good morning, one of our most reliable correspondents. “The coverage of the WTC final was fantastic. The largely monochromatic graphics, matching the traditional colors of Test Cricket, are low key, the emotional arcs presented in the coverage are inherently balanced (luckily there is a lack of nationalistic rhetoric), and the CricViz numbers give Red-Ball Cricket the analytical Praise it deserves. All of this would of course have been pointless without a good panel of commentary, and it's a blessing to have the sport's most impressive ensemble speak up during the test. Special greetings to Dinesh Karthik – I only saw his fantastic selection of shirts during Sky coverage of the India v England series, but I can now agree that he deserves any praise he can get. "

Yes, tip top so far. Also noble: the gray outfits in which they wore them. Far better than the red and blue mix of 2019. Yes, I'm flat. Here Isa goes into the ground before she puts on her outfit.

Isa Guha

Go away rain 🌧 #INDvNZ Photo: @dudleyplatypus

June 21, 2021

6.11 a.m. Summertime

Gary Naylor builds on James Glenday's email. “If you play a one-off test match as a final, do you have to play it as 450 overs (minimum)? I mean we all have something to do, but postponing it for a day or two is surely a price worth paying to protect the integrity of the concept? "

6.10 a.m. Summertime

"The next final should be a timeless test" says James Glenday, who is eagerly watching the game. “They can then play until they fall over or the rain stops. If it goes on for a week or two, the team that has to catch a plane home first loses. I love the reporting! "

This could lead the ICC to do just that. Though, despite their crowded schedules, the ECB won't be thrilled that their first T20 against Sri Lanka could clash with the deal. But it will definitely feel awkward when, after all the hoops the teams jumped through to be here, the teams split the difference after a wet draw.

Speaking of reporting, the TV rain filler is the 2019 World Cup semi-finals, which ended with a reserve day. What a degree …

Isabelle Westbury

Showing reruns of an Indian surrender to New Zealand in cloudy, cold and rainy English conditions is both a) quite funny; and b) not good for claiming that there is indeed an English summer. #WTCFinal

June 21, 2021

6:01 a.m. Summertime

"Interesting how some co-bowlers turn up in pairs" Ramaswamy says it has the best average bowling list of all time. “Marshall & Garner, Waqar & Wasim, Lindwall & Miller. Pat Cummins is one step ahead of McGrath at the moment, but the surprise to me was the lack of Warne. I guess Tendulkar, Laxman, and others really messed up his stats (25.41)! The threshold of 25.00 annoyed Bob Willis, who missed by an even smaller margin of 0.2. "

As true as that is, Willis' average swells from just over 25 to 28 considering no-balls didn't go into bowler's runs in his era, and he sent 939 of them on test cricket!

5.41 a.m. Summertime

"Longstanding listener, first-time caller." The way we like her, David Hayward. Welcome. “It was a rare pleasure to find that the YouTube channel I stumbled upon was you and Geoff in person after years of following you on the Guardian. Love your work. "Should I leave this in? Okay, I'll leave this in. Thank you, very kind.

“I'm writing an email from New Zealand where it just seems unbelievable that we're here at the WTC finals. I think the most exciting thing about New Zealand is their consistency – they had a bad day on day 2 and came back with discipline on day 3. You will meet an amazing Indian team and I love how both captains have suffered two different routes: two spinners and three sailors versus four sailors, a swing bowler and a lion's mane of a mullet. I hope the weather lets us get a result, but still … the rain stops everything and two captains have to share the mace thing … That's so cricket. "

It's really. And like you, I was excited to see such a contrast between the team sheets. I suppose the risk wasn't too great for New Zealand as Kane would have come to the litter knowing that Kohli was a bat man. As such, once a weirdo decided to bowl first, a crank was probably never required in the fourth innings. And it has worked so far, with all four quicks that were influential on India's first excavation.

5.31 a.m. Summertime

"Hello Adam." Peter Salmon, good morning. “I have to say, this has been the perfect WTC final for me so far. The idea was to get the yoof to love test games like all yoof were the same with their K-pop and student debt. This game will separate the wheat from the chaff I think. Small crowds, poor light, drizzle, and walking rates of less than 2 per more. Love it. Proper grilling. I just hope it rains from lunch on the last day when the kiwis hunt 1/43 212. "

So similar. I hope the end of the first WTC cycle will spark a discussion on how to do better. I'm a huge fan of the concept and don't think it takes a lot of tweaking to take it to the next level. It is locked in its current form until 2023, but from there, the ICC said back in 2019, they would be open to improvement.

5.17 a.m. Summertime

How about this bridle from Jason Holder! West Indies versus South Africa Test in St. Lucia. Well placed, as the hosts chase 15-0 to 324 two days before the end, albeit in a game that has so far been weak.

Cricket on BT Sport

Jason Holder, this is outrageous. ️

June 20, 2021

5.16 a.m. Summertime

TV coverage has started. Isa Guha and Nasser Hussain have confirmed that it will take some time, if at all, to be played until today.

"Evening Adam." Hello Phil Withall. “When I look at the weather today and the forecasts, I wonder if this situation could lead to the reintroduction of Timeless friendlies. The thought of a game that slowly evolves over 12 days makes me drool. Forget the Hundred and T20, timeless cricket is the future! "

Be still my beating heart! Let's bring some of that Durban 1939 energy to the modern game – 11 days at its best.

5.08 a.m. Summertime

"Good morning Adam." Tanya Wintringham, I'm always happy when your New Zealand name shows up in my inbox. “It's great to have you on the OBO while I'm still awake! I hear what you say that the last half an hour was convincing – which it was – but the first few hours were pretty good too (I know you loved working Indian versus English women at that time on the last day of Indian versus English women). . Could we have more test cricket for women please – will you just give Suzie Bates a chance to play a game of the best form of cricket? "

It will be almost unforgivable if Bates manages to have a whole great international career without being given the opportunity to play a Test. Hopefully the excellent game in Bristol and the two taking place in Australia this winter can be the catalyst for many more countries, including New Zealand.

Returning to Tanya, “I got stuck in this pattern for about half an hour or more as the clock neared midnight and beyond. As impressed as we took 7 for 71 and worked as the bowling unit even with Jamieson handling most of the wickets. Hope you enjoyed the Story Time sections with the best average bowling career stats, with Jamieson third on the all-time list behind George Lohmann and JJ Ferris. I'm sure they both appeared in the capsule more than once. Have fun shooting on the OBO – I hope we'll play for our sake! "

That is a reference to the weekend edition of Geoff Lemon and My Pod where we cover the history of the game. And you're right, it's very gratifying to see JJ and George have some company. The key for him is getting 2000 shipments to get into this chart. He's more than three-quarters of the way though, sitting at 1580 since yesterday and taking his 44 wickets at a staggering 14.14 average.

4.48 a.m. Summertime

Fascinating stuff that. Jonathan Liew spoke to England's longtime analyst Nathan Leamon about his new book, co-authored with CricViz's Ben Jones, Hitting Against the Spin. It is worth it ..

These and many other lessons are set out in his new book, Hitting Against The Spin, which attempts to explain some of the game's hidden patterns and overlooked trends. Why India produces relatively few left-handed batsmen (mainly because spin is a bigger threat in the early overs). Why Nasser Hussain was right (statistically) to be the first to bowl in Brisbane in 2002.

4.30 a.m. Summertime


How about a seventh day? Yes, you guessed it, the rain is falling again in Southampton and according to my rain app it seems to be in use for the time being. It's such a shame because the cricket played over the weekend was convincing, not least the last half hour last night when Jasprit Bumrah and Ravindra Jadeja pinned Devon Conway before Ishant Sharma picked him up in the final, which turned out to be the last finale turned out to be bad light at the end of the game.

To recap: with three days to go (including replacements), New Zealand is 116 runs behind the 217 Indias who made eight wickets in the first innings; Kane Williamson and Ross Taylor in the middle. If today goes as badly as the forecast suggests, then on days five and six the captains will have a pretty big decision to make.

On the one hand, they can let the game drift – after all, both Williamson and Virat Kohli can hold the trophy according to the playing conditions. Alternatively, they can consider setting up a Final Day dash, in the best tradition of rain games in England. That's unlikely, I suppose, but we may dare to dream.

For now, let's wait for the television coverage to begin at the Hampshire Bowl and see where the discussion takes us. If you are new to these areas, rainy OBOs can often be the most instructive. We'll see how to do it. You can leave me a message or send me a tweet.

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