The Zwift replace gives higher monitoring and planning of route badges


The new route selection has check marks for routes that have already been completed. Such a simple feature, but an incredibly handy update from Zwift.

Zwift recently released a welcome new update to its virtual training platform. While Zwift keeps updating its software and introducing new features, this latest update really caught our eye. Zwift has finally made it easier to track route successes, view route details, and understand the requirements of each route.

Zwift users have been eagerly anticipating such features and previously had to rely on third-party apps or click through the in-game menu to check which achievements they checked off. The user will now see a check mark next to routes that have already been completed, which speeds up route selection for those on badge hunting missions.

The new route selection has check marks for routes that have already been completed. Such a simple feature, but an incredibly handy update from Zwift.

In addition, Zwift has simplified route selection with an updated route selection. The new route selection now shows the total distance and altitude for the selected route, including the entry point. The lead-in is the distance between the spawn points where Zwifters drop into the game and the actual start of the selected route. This can vary from a few hundred meters to more than ten kilometers, which makes a considerable difference in the distance to be expected. In fact, the lollipop route in virtual Innsbruck offers the main climb in the Innsbruck world with a lead of 10.9 km, 427 meters in altitude. Quite a surprise for the ignorant!

The new route details, profile and map provide a much better overview of a route.

This new information, combined with the more detailed route profile on the route selection page, means that Zwifters understand each course better.

While third-party apps like ZwiftHub and ZwiftInsider offer similar badge tracking and route details features, the Zwifts update means there is a lot more of that information available when choosing a route.

Zwift's route details are still a bit behind those of third-party apps like ZwiftHub.

Sprint points and KOM details as found in the ZwiftHub app are missing from the updated route selection and Zwifters will still have to go through the in-game menu to track other badges and achievements. Maybe Zwift will introduce these features in future updates, it would also be nice to see these details in the Zwift Companion app to see the progress even faster.

While this is a welcome update from Zwift, it seems that ZwiftInsider is still ahead of the game when it comes to really detailed route details. With in-depth analysis of each route with animated maps, start / finish details, links to Strava segments, XP point details, links to upcoming events on each route and 3D profiles courtesy of VeloViewer.


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