Finest US Golf Programs by Area – Midwest


The Best Golf Courses in the US by Region

Basically, the ranking of golf courses is a subjective exercise. Better players often prefer more challenging layouts. Less experienced golfers will appreciate wider fairways with less forced carry.

However, the validity of an individual rating does not depend on whether the golfer has a degree in golf course architecture or a preference for certain types of grass.

When you are a golfer, your opinion matters.

To make our list of the best golf destinations, we looked at. agile TheGrint and for real golfers like you.


To generate our rankings, we used data from TheGrint, a golf handicap and statistics tracking service This also allows golfers to rate the courses they have played. Think of it as something similar to Yelp for golf courses.

Here are the relevant details:

  • Ranking from more than 300,000 golf course reviews from golfers like you.
  • Only ratings from the previous year (2020) are used.
  • Only courses with at least 50 reviews are considered.
  • Golfers viewed course conditions and overall experience as ranking criteria.

Based on reader feedback, we took the data for all courses in the US and broken them down by region. In the next few weeks we will work our way from the Pacific Coast Highway to the east coast.



  • Wisconsin has six courses in the top 10.
  • The top five courses are all in Wisconsin.
  • Resort / destination courses continue to have a high priority in all regions.

TOP 10

10. The wilds of Fortune Bay | Wilderness (97.5)

The wild at Fortune Bay, wilderness

10. Deacons Lodge golf course (97.5)

Deacons Lodge

10. Birck Boilermaker golf course | Kampen course (97.5)

Birck Boilermaker golf course, Kampen

9. TPC at the Deere Run (97.9)

TPC at Deere Run

8. Arcadia Bluffs Golf Club | Arcadia Bluffs (98.3)

Arcadia Bluffs Golf Club, Arcadia Bluffs

7. Whistling Straits Golf Course | Irish course (98.3)

Whistling Straits Golf Course, Irish

6. The quarry at Giants Ridge | The quarry (98.4)

The quarry at Giants Ridge

5. Sand Valley Golf Resort | Sand Valley (98.6)

Sand Valley Golf Resort, Sand Valley

4th Sand Valley Golf Resort | Mammoth dunes (98.6)

Sand Valley Golf Resort, Mammoth Dunes

3. Whistling Straits Golf Course | Strait Course (99.1)

Whistling Straits Golf Course, Straits

2. Erin Hills (99.4)

Erin Hills

1. Blackwolf Run Golf Course | River (99.4)

Blackwolf Run Golf Course, River Course

Are you looking for more courses to try out? Here is a list of the Top 50 public courses in the US, according to TheGrint.


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