Controversy in D.C. when Thompson and Ymer face one another over a double bounce


Thompson pleaded with Ymer, and the referee lost the match in vain when Ymer converted his seventh match point. After the match ended, Thompson and Ymer got very close while the referee came between the two as they yelled at each other.

Ymer claims he doesn't know if the ball ricocheted twice. Thompson swears it was and claims Ymer knows. Who is right?

Ymer won the game 3-6, 7-5, 6-3 but was knocked out of the draw by John Millman 6-2, 7-6 (8) on Wednesday.

According to tennis journalist Ben Rothenberg, this is what Thompson had to say about the controversial moment.

"Thompson was still not happy with what happened today (1/3):" Still very angry and upset about Ymer's lack of athleticism. It's disappointing that he would claim a point knowing he didn't fire a shot and even more disappointed with the referee's decision.

“Tennis is supposed to be a gentleman’s game, and it's not fair to get that kind of athleticism. That's why I reacted this way. He claims he did not see it; he clearly knew. Obviously he knew that he was the one who didn't take the shot. "


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