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MyGolfSpy Ball Lab is where we quantify the quality and consistency of the golf balls on the market to help you find the best bang for your buck. Today we evaluate the Maxfli Tour. For more information visit our Via the MyGolfSpy Ball Lab page.

About the Maxfli tour

the Maxfli tour is the second generation of the three-part tour-level offer from Maxfli. For the uninitiated, Maxfli is a house brand for DICK’s Sporting Goods / Golf Galaxy, although the ball is also available through Golfworks. Given its near-exclusive retail availability and $ 35 pricing, it makes sense to think of Maxfli Tour alongside other premium direct-to-consumer offerings like Snell, Vice, and OnCore. In particular, Foremost's Maxfli Tour is made in Taiwan. It's the same factory that sources balls for Vice and OnCore. It also makes balls for Wilson and TaylorMade. While the dimple pattern is the off-the-shelf 318 dimple design that is common to many balls made by Foremost, the rest of the ball is owned by Maxfli.

A differentiator of Maxfli's Tour series is the inclusion of CG Balancing technology. While Foremost balls are generally well made, Maxfli understands that absolute perfection in ball making is beyond the ability to hit straighter drives. We didn't specifically test the technology, although it's worth noting that the robotic tests on the Maxfli Tour line performed admirably even without aligning the impact with the side punch.

Maxfli Tour – compression

a compression table for the Maxfli Tour golf ball

On our measuring devices, the Maxfli Tour has an average of 85 compression. So it falls into the category of companies. Considering only balls that offer Tour-level compression, the Maxfli Tour is on the softer side; 85 Kompression places it next to the 2020 Bridgestone Tour B XS (86 Kompression).

Maxfli Tour – diameter and weight

Foremost usually does a solid job on diameter, so it's not surprising that none of the balls in our Maxfli Tour golf ball sample fail our roundness standard. Aside from a few TaylorMade balls designed right after the USGA size limit, we've never seen a Foremost ball that did not meet the USGA size rule. It is therefore not surprising that 100 percent of the balls in the sample met the USGA minimum size requirement.

Foremost struggles with weight at times and we have found several balls over the weight limit in the past. With the Maxfli tour, I'm happy to report that 100 percent of the balls met the USGA weight limit. As you'll see, we've seen some weight inconsistencies, but nothing is so bad that you break the basic rules.

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Maxfli Tour – visit

I can summarize our visual inspection by simply noting that our sample of the new Maxfli Tour golf balls was some of the cleanest we have ever seen. We did not find any major defects and the number of minor defects could almost be counted on one hand. After any reasonable measure, it is an extraordinary result.

Centeredness and concentricity

Aside from a few minor inconsistencies in the thickness of the jacket, we found nothing of note, and certainly nothing that we thought would affect performance.

a photo of the core of the Maxfli Tour Golf Ball 2021

Core consistency

The core color was consistent across the sample. We noticed a few small pieces of uneven core material, but they were also very small.


No significant deficiencies in coverage were found.

Maxfli Tour – consistency

In this section we describe the consistency of the Maxfli tour. While the sections above largely assess compliance with USGA rules, our consistency metrics give a measure of how similar the balls in our sample are compared to all models tested so far.

Maxfli Tour – One ball at a time

The table below shows the weight, diameter, and compression measurements for each of the balls in our Maxfli Tour example.

a diagram showing the consistency of the Maxfli Tour golf ball

Weight consistency

  • As mentioned earlier, there is some inconsistency in the weight of the Maxfli tour. In general, weight consistency is the only area that Foremost struggles a little in.
  • While Box 1 and Box 3 were similar, the balls in Box 2 were consistently lighter.
  • Overall, the weight constancy of the Maxfli Tour is in the lower mid-range.

Diameter consistency

  • The diameter consistency, while not exceptional, was far from bad.
  • Overall, the weight consistency of the Maxfli Tour is solid in the middle range.

Compression consistency

  • For our overall compression consistency, the Maxfli Tour climbs into the good range (above average).
  • If you look at the average compression in the sample, the Maxfli Tour scores good.
  • If you compare the compression deltas (the difference in compression over the three points measured on each ball), the Maxfli Tour is at the upper end of the average range.
  • None of the spheres in the sample had a compression delta greater than 3.5 compression points.
  • Without the last sleeve in the third box, compression consistency would rival the best balls we've tested so far. It's still very good.

Real price

True Price is how we quantify the quality of a golf ball. It's a projection of what you would have to spend to make sure you got 12. receive Well Bullets.

The real price is always the same as or higher than the selling price. The greater the difference between the Selling Price and the True Price, the more you should be concerned about the quality of the ball.

Maxfli tour – summary

To learn more about our testing process, how we define “bad” balls and ours Real price metric, Check out our About MyGolfSpy Ball Lab page.

a table with the total score of 85 for the Maxfli Tour CG Golf Ball 2021

The good

  • The compression consistency is above average.
  • The diameter consistency is solid average.
  • During the inspection, we did not find any major defects in our sample.
  • 100 percent of the sample conforms to USGA rules.

The bad

  • While far from bad, the weight consistency could be a little tighter.

Maxfli Tour – final note

The Maxfli Tour CG golf ball received an overall grade of 85.

The score is above the overall market average and, frankly, outstanding considering the retail price of $ 34.99 (before we consider that the Maxfli Tour is often available at a cheaper price). Our visual inspection found the balls were near perfect, which is more than we'd expect from almost any ball on the market.

The bottom line is that Maxfli Tour absolutely belongs in the conversation with the leading direct-to-consumer balls on the market and there is a strong argument that it is one of the most enduring balls that does not have a Titleist logo on it. For golfers looking to save a few dollars, the Maxfli Tour is an exceptional offer.

With zero bad balls in the mix, the "real price" is this Maxfli tour is $ 34.99. That's the retail price, which means you get exactly what you pay for.

* When you buy Maxfli Tour, be sure to buy the box with the golden stripes. There are still some earlier generation boxes (gray / silver striped) available online and possibly in store.

Maxfli Tour golf ball

Maxfli Tour golf ball

Gulf galaxy

A Overview of the devices we use can be found here. To learn more about our testing process, how we define "bad" balls and our True Price metric, Check out our About MyGolfSpy Ball Lab page.

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