MAREE x ashmei Empower sports activities bra assessment


Sports bra specialist MAAREE has teamed up with cycling clothing brand Ashmei to reinterpret their Empower sports bra, which is both powerful and sustainable.

As we are used to from MAAREE, this version of the classic sports bra uses Overband® technology for excellent support upwards and sideways. It's also eco-friendly as it's made entirely from post-consumer materials, including recycled Econyl fabric.

Test run

Announcement: This is possibly the best sports bra I've ever worn.

Now let me just get rid of a few things: I'm 34B, and that means that, to be fair, I don't necessarily need the kind of support that more generous souls demand. That being said, crop tops are definitely not enough for me, thank you very much. These puppies need control, especially when the whole 47 year old + two child bill is thrown into the mix.

I find that for my size, crop tops and medium support bras are the recommended options for running and I am suspicious of the control they offer. When I first saw this, which is offered in XS-XL as opposed to bra sizes, my eyebrow was raised firmly.

But. BUT. What you have here is a combination of the talents of Ashmei, a sportswear company with sustainability at heart, and Maaree, the home of the incredible Solidarity High Impact bra and inventor of Overband technology. Combine those two things together and you get this bra: yes, it technically has a medium impact, but coupled with that Oband technology and the smart engineering you've come to expect from Maaree, you have a place for a running bra.

If you are unsure about the size, visit and you will find a really useful size chart there. I measured it, got a small one and that fit me perfectly. It has nice wide, comfortable straps, a cool racerback style, and a fairly high cut at the top to incorporate the band.

The strap on the back is a new click-lock style as opposed to hooks and eyes – the same thing I have on a trail backpack – and that can take a bit of getting used to, but once it's on, the fit is perfect.

With Ashmei as part of the design team, this was made out of recycled Econyl nylon for cycling and I have to admit I did zero cycling with it. But I've run a LOT in it – long runs and shorter, slightly faster numbers, and I've done bootcamps and yoga in it. And i love it. It doesn't move, it feels completely safe and frankly looks AMAZING. If you're the type of person who loves to wear a crop with no t-shirt over it, then this is going to make you squeak. If you're the type of person who just likes a nice sports bra, this will make you squeak too. Honest. It's lush.


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