PRECISION PRO R1: The Deep Information Pushed MYSLOPE algorithm

  • MYSLOPE offers you individual start dates
  • The R1 provides targeted distances as well as GPS measurements front / center / rear.
  • The new MYSLOPE ™ feature uses particles in space to calculate your distance.

Bryson might want to do his math, but most of us would rather not. Granted, since golf is a numbers based game, there is no way you can completely avoid all the calculations. However, when it comes to calculating yards, the new Precision Pro R1 rangefinder with MYSLOPE technology could potentially become the TI-89 of golf.

At its core, the Pro R1 is a laser rangefinder. Once you pair it with your phone, it becomes much more powerful than a simple laser. The new app and MYSLOPE technology could allow Precision Pro to make industry leaders like Bushnell a little nervous. The MYSLOPE function in R1 is potentially industry-changing.

If you don't care about the rangefinder market, what if MYSLOPE could save you a few strokes per lap? I have your attention now.


The R1 is a rangefinder on steroids. It gives you distances that are adapted to the slope, wind and temperature. There are also GPS readings. Most importantly, MYSLOPE does all the data processing for you.

MYSLOPE is an algorithm that determines the adjusted firing ranges taking into account weather conditions, slope and Your very personal ball flight data. Why is that important? Think of the many factors to consider before hitting a shot. Where does the wind come from? How warm is it? Am I uphill or downhill? Which club beat? The list goes on. The reality is that you basically guess everything and then hope your guesses and guesses come true. In contrast, MYSLOPE uses real data to do these calculations and relies on real science rather than guesswork.

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You just shoot the target and read the raw number on the display. From there, the app performs the MYSLOPE calculations. You can then check the set distance in the app, but why bother as the MYSLOPE value is transmitted to your rangefinder screen via bluetooth. The display within the rangefinder also provides front / middle / rear green distances based on GPS measurements. So on the display you have the raw distance recorded with the laser, the MYSLOPE adjusted value and the three GPS distances. If you don't hit the green at this point, it's not because you didn't have a good number.

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Spoiler alert, it's about math.

It starts with a person named Brayden, a 24-year-old with a successful history of baseball data analysis (think Money Ball). Brayden is the person the Precision Pro team hired to bring MYSLOPE to life.

There are several factors involved in calculating the MYSLOPE value, including the weather. According to Brayden, Precision Pro's data analytics prodigy, "We hit a weather API every 15 minutes, giving us specific readings such as altitude, humidity, and air pressure to create real-world readings for the golfer with every shot Security no longer have to guess.

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But where does all the MYSLOPE data come from and can we trust it?

My initial assumption about MYSLOPE was that a person would need a launch monitor to collect accurate data based on their game. These individual dates are part of the story, but only part. The other set of data was already collected from the myriad swing types in the golf population via Trackman. The MYSLOPE algorithm integrates your swing data into that larger record to get the best number for you. By entering your personal data in the app, the algorithm automatically adapts to your numbers. Even those who have “unique” turns will find a number at MYSLOPE.

When you enter your swing data, you are also feeding the beast. The MYSLOPE function improves every day and becomes more and more precise thanks to the input of their own data by the golfers. The only downside is that the database is based on full recordings. Golfers who like to fly shots into the green and hit knockdown shots have to fall back on their expert judgment for the time being.


Impartial. No guesswork. All major brands. Tailored to your swing. Advanced Golf Analytics uses connected data and machine learning to tailor the perfect clubs to your exact swing.



What about particle physics? What do you think of calculating the change in the aerodynamics of a particle in three-dimensional space based on variations in the surface texture? I will also pass this big math problem on. Fortunately, people with mathematical superpowers have built exactly this kind of complex math and particle physics into the MYSLOPE design. In particular, the MYSLOPE calculation had to a spherical particles covered with dimples.

Brayden and Precision Pro studied how the dimples on the ball affect aerodynamics and ball flight. They even studied what happens when a ball with 332 dimples is played versus a ball with 421 dimples. I think at this point we all agree that the ball we play affects our game. MYSLOPE builds a ball database by recording the average weight and dimple pattern of a three-piece ball and relating this to the launch characteristics. Ultimately, they will find out how each ball changes flight for the individual golfer.

The lesson from all of this is that there is a huge amount of data processing going on beneath the surface of MYSLOPE. The best part is that you don't even have to do any of the calculations to get the MYSLOPE results.

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Do you throw grass in the air to control the wind? Did you take a pitch shot to make sure your distance was correct? Did you rub a green to feel the grain? If you live for such an analytical ritual before taking a picture, then MYSLOPE may not be for you.

Some of us want it to be easy. Well, at least I do. I just want to know the adjusted barrel length and racket. I am happy to let MYSLOPE find out where the wind is blowing, how many meters uphill or downhill the shot is. I don't want to do the math. I just want to get the right shot. In my opinion, the R1 range finder with MYSLOPE allows me to limit my focus to the current shot without sparing a synapse for chewing mathematical miasms.

Precision Pro's MYSLOPE algorithm processes large amounts of data. This may sound like information overload, but it doesn't have to be. You can just take the number given and play golf. If deep data diving is your thing, the Precision Pro R1 can give you a lot of data and should check all of your swing metrics. It is a device that covers the range of applications.

Damn, the R1 even has a "find my Precision Pro”Feature to find out where you left it last if you're a guy like me.

Remember that the MYSLOPE function is fully integrated into the R1 rangefinder and the app. Most Wanted Testing showed us that the R1 is at its core a solid laser rangefinder. But a rangefinder that only shows distances can be a tool slipping towards obsolescence. Future golfers will look for accurate, built-in data to help them achieve lower scores.

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One of the market dividers for Precision Pro is the ability to deliver a high quality laser rangefinder at a price below the competition. The Precision Pro Laser always score points in the MyGolfSpy Buyer’s guides while they cost a lot less than other units. This theme continues with the R1. At $ 319.99, it will be the most expensive rangefinder in the Precision Pro line. However, this price is well below similar devices from competitors. The Bushnell Hybrid Laser / GPS device is $ 399.99 and the Bushnell XE is $ 550. None of these units integrate all of the data that the R1 makes.

The R1 also comes with Precision Pro's standard 90-day money-back guarantee and a lifetime free battery change.

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