Sri Lanka has set Australia as a goal of 155: T20 World Cup – dwell!


12:08 p.m. Summertime

3rd over: Australia 23-0 (Warner 9, Finch 14). Goal 155. Chameera, the fastest of the Sri Lankans, is full at the beginning and the captain answers with a super straight drive. The repetition shows it was from the point which means he needs a new blade, but that's a good problem when you nail it that well. Warner, later in the over, also tries to go straight, but cuts over the cover.

The CricViz analyst

This is now Aaron Finch's highest UAE T20 international score. # T20WorldCup #AUSvSL

October 28, 2021

12.03 p.m. Summertime

2nd over: Australia 15-0 (Warner 6, Finch 9). Goal 155. Theekshana with its mysterious twist at once; his first Super 12 bowl after missing the Bangladeshi match with a niggle. Warner takes one look at the first ball, then goes deep down to reverse the sweep and does it really well, clearing the short third to secure his first limit. At 96 km / h to Finch, the tree stumps are immediately in the game. Almost a mix-up at the end, but a loud, belated call from Finch and Warner scurries back. Theekshana starts right at the end of the overs – hmm.

Bharat Sundaresan
(@ beastieboy07)

In a format so geared towards match-ups, one wonders on what basis Justin Langer decides where different players get their credit. Today he went back, back, back for Warner, Zampa and Cummins before patting Marcus Stoinis on the buttocks # T20WorldCup #AusvSL

October 28, 2021

11:59 a.m. Summertime

1st over: Australia 9-0 (Warner 1, Finch 8). Goal 155. Warner is on the chase with a trademark Tuck First Ball. Tight reputation for leg before going to Finch first, but Illingworth is right in saying Karunaratne's delivery is trending down. The captain has wonderful contact with two of the three following balls and puts a few short and wide balls over the point. That's good for confidence. Oooh, a final ripper – cut in half.

David Warner begins how he wants to carry on. Photo: Matthew Lewis-ICC / ICC / Getty Images

at 12:04 p.m. EDT

11:54 a.m. Summertime

The players are back on the field. Warner and Finch, the old company. And you know what? It's possible we'll see Warner's last T20i if he doesn't make any runs here and they lose. I don't expect them to pull that lever, but it's not a wild thought that they could. Chamika Karunaratne have the ball to kick off for Sri Lanka. PLAY!

11.52 a.m. Summertime

Robert Wilson is in my inbox. He said he doesn't think I'll post his email, but I will because I know he'll respond in good faith.

“Given the general brilliance of most idle cricket writings, I am disappointed with the ethical illiteracy of most of the comments. The great talents have clearly steered. I'm good with cowardice, even a fan (it's often just synonymous with discretion), but it's still disappointing. Nobody wants a bite of this apple because everyone thinks it's soooo complicated. As the OBO's widely accepted moral Gandalf, I am here to tell you that it really is not. It is Rousseau 101 to admit that old Quinton has the right to express his principles as he suits him, however inconvenient or iconoclastic, and whatever the prevailing majority sentiment. Because it's not a question of philosophy. Philosophy is why first year philosophy professors teach courses called “Why Shouldn't We Eat Babies?” Instead of “Why We Shouldn't Eat Babies”. De Kock's dilemma is emotional, not philosophical. And luckily, the rule is incredibly simple. You can disapprove of any anti-racism gesture as inappropriate, dishonest, imposing, or unjust with total impunity if you can imagine in good faith explaining why to a 7-year-old black child you know convincingly and comfortably. If you can, hit yourself out. If you can't, time to think. "

11.46 a.m. Summertime

Starc speaks to Steyn. He thinks they will win. "That's pretty much a standard value," he says. "Hopefully we're on the better side."

11.45 a.m. Summertime

Australia bets 155 to win

20. about: Sri Lanka 154-6 (Rajapaska 33, Karunaratne 9) Night shot of Rajapaksa not only digging up a Yorker out of Hazlewood to start over, but also guiding him through the gap in cover for four. But for the third time in two overs they tagged the left-hander on the pad and had to take another leg bye and give up the strike. Karunaratne positions itself well and establishes permanent contact, up to and including a long-off for one, that brings the 150. That saw before Stoinis & # 39; not likely to end at the last end – they did a decent job of regaining this during death. A great breadth ends down the side of the leg, trying to follow Rajapaska – you don't see that from Hazlewood too often. You know what Another ball marks him on the pads; one more farewell. Finally, start with the Yorker, dig out the stump for one of the legs.

11:38 a.m. Summertime

19. on: Sri Lanka 144-6 (Rajapaska 28, Karunaratne 7) That didn't quite go according to plan, Rajapaksa hit the first ball with a leg bye. However, this does not apply to Karunaratne, who pumps the left poor man on the floor for four. Shot. Another leg will be over the next time Rajapaksa goes on strike – Starc is in great shape and refuses to give him room to free his arms. A tough run to end two; nine off. Will Rajapaksa make the most of the strike to start the 20th?

Sri Lankan fans will be pleased with their teams' recovery in the late innings.

Sri Lankan fans will be pleased with their teams' recovery in the late innings. Photo: Michael Steele-ICC / ICC / Getty Images

at 11:44 a.m. EDT

11.35 a.m. Summertime

18.over: Sri Lanka 135-6 (Rajapaska 28, Karunaratne 0) Seven of them, but Rajapaska gets the blow back – he's stuck the landing now.

Ben Gardner

SL versus Ban

v Mahedi, Shakib, Fizz: 69 expires 10 overs
v the rest: 103 runs from 8.5 overs

SL against Aus

v Starc, Hazlewood, Zampa: 50 Runs of 10 Overs (so far)
v the rest: 85 runs from 8 overs

Absolutely brutal against the fourth and fifth bowlers. Smart batting # T20WorldCup

October 28, 2021

11.31 a.m. Summertime

WICKET! Shanaka c Wade b Cummins 12 (Sri Lanka 134-6)

For the second time in the innings, Cummins responds to a limit with a subtle change in pace to win a top edge and wicket. The captain's second attempt to cut through cover ends up in Wade's gloves instead. But good partnership.

Matte role
(@ mroller98)

Australia's “fifth bowler” (Maxwell + Stoinis) ends with 4-0-51-0. Great awareness and intent from Sri Lanka, but … not sure if this team balance is sustainable

October 28, 2021

11:27 a.m. Summertime

17. about: Sri Lanka 128-5 (Rajapaska 26, Shanaka 8) Bang, bang! Just what Sri Lanka needed, Rajapaska swept a stoinis full toss behind Square for a limit and then did two in a row when he pulled the short ball to the exact same part of the rope. One thing better than a long time away … that's SIX! Bang! The batting team's strategy from the start has been to attack all of Australia's fifth bowler (Maxwell, then Stoinis), with the pair having big plans. The teams around the tournament will watch that and take notes, I'm sure. Two balls to take away – a fine reaction to land a slower ball far out. Everything said, 17 from the front – Sri Lanka back in town.

11.22 a.m. Summertime

16. about: Sri Lanka 111-5 (Rajapaska 11, Shanaka 7) Six to Cummins, which flatters Sri Lanka after Shanaka almost took cover. But no complaints: you have to work hard from here. A nice pull shot from the captain to the target but straight to Warner sweeping on deep midwicket. Stoinis is coming now – make it big.

11:19 a.m. Summertime

15th place: Sri Lanka 105-5 (Rajapaska 10, Shanaka 3) Rajapaska is trying to take the initiative and hide Hazlewood for four, but the Australians would take eight and more from here. Australia needs one more over ours from Maxwell or Stoinis.

"Before I thought Sri Lanka needed at least 150 to be competitive, even bowling, what do you think Adam?" Asks John Ryan. "Sure they have to try for the last 5-6 overs, point balls and singles are not enough, even if they are afraid to give up wickets." Agreed: If Sri Lanka doesn't hit 150, they'll get into an argument.

11.09 a.m. Summertime

13th place: Sri Lanka 95-5 (Rajapaska 2, Shanaka 1) I forgot to mention that Hasaranga reviewed this which is a bit offbeat as he smashed it up. I suppose it scatters the old batsmen who always know when they hit the myth one hears from the usual suspects. It is now Captain Shanaka who has a lot more work to do to bring his side onto something credible and defensive.

Geoff Lemon Sport

Stoinis plays the hat game in his own way, respect for an innovator.

October 28, 2021

11.06 a.m. Summertime

WICKET! Hasaranga c Wade b Starc 4 (Sri Lanka 94-5)

Sri Lanka collapses and Starc has his say. The ball to Hasaranga took him for a four – albeit by a thick edge – he's found a thinner one that lands in Wade's safe gloves. You lost 4/16.

Mitchell Starc strikes again. Sri Lanka is in trouble.

Mitchell Starc strikes again. Sri Lanka is in trouble. Photo: Aamir Qureshi / AFP / Getty Images

at 11:20 a.m. EDT

11.04 a.m. Summertime

12.over: Sri Lanka 90-4 (Rajapaska 2, Hasaranga 0) Much on the shoulders of Rajapaska now, who hit some huge things in a similar stage of the Sharjah innings against Bangladesh.

11.00 a.m. Summertime

WICKET! Avishka c Smith b Zampa 4 (Sri Lanka 90-4)

Zampa changes that inning, throws one at Avishka, and finds a fat top, right up to Smith in the middle. This is the Leggie's point ball pressure, which so far has 2/10 of 2.5 overs.

Adam Zampa celebrates with Steve Smith after receiving Avishka Fernando's wicket.

Adam Zampa celebrates with Steve Smith after receiving Avishka Fernando's wicket. Photo: Alex Davidson / Getty Images

at 11:08 a.m. EDT

10:59 a.m. Summertime

11. about: Sri Lanka 88-3 (Avishka 3, Rajapaska 1) Rajapaska, who was brilliant on Sunday, is right in front of Starc to hit the bull's eye. Oi, a fast bouncer follows Avishka, parried by his helmet. Nine runs away and the key gate of Perera. Dale Steyn is into communication, which means he can only use nicknames: Zamps and Starcy and Finchy and Maxi and the boys. I'm not saying he does a bad job just that he already has a style.

10:54 a.m. Summertime

WICKET! Perera b Starc 35 (Sri Lanka 86-3)

Six and out! Perera brings Starc to the second deck, but he's thrown the next ball by a perfect 90-mile Yorker. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

Kusal Perera watches the bail fly when he pays for 35. goes

Kusal Perera watches the bail fly as he decides to go 35 Photo: Matthew Lewis-ICC / ICC / Getty Images

at 11:04 a.m. EDT

10:51 a.m. Summertime

10. about: Sri Lanka 79-2 (Perera 20, Avishka 1) What a crucial player Zampa is for Finch, the big breakthrough and only four runs here.

10.46 a.m. Summertime

WICKET! Asalanka c Smith b Zampa 35 (Sri Lanka 78-2)

They needed that. Asalanka went hard on his swing but took the wrong ball, Zampa found just enough of the top to put Smith into play on the back square, and he made no mistake.

Zampa celebrates Asalanka's wicket.

Zampa celebrates Asalanka's wicket. Photo: Matthew Lewis-ICC / ICC / Getty Images

at 10:57 a.m. EDT

10.45 a.m. Summertime

9. about: Sri Lanka 75-1 (Perera 27, Asalanka 34) Sri Lanka continues its plan to attack Australia's fifth bowler. Perera goes deep into the crease to remove stoinis through cover, to cut the sweepers in half to reach a limit, before hammering the front foot behind the point for another. This pair raised 60 balls out of 40.

10:41 a.m. Summertime

8. about: Sri Lanka 64-1 (Perera 17, Asalanka 33) Zampa is wrong right away – big reputation for leg before … NOT OUT says Richard Illingworth. Review? “Too much,” says the weirdo and his wicketkeeper. And they were right, Perera's minor stump was missing. Four singles; exactly what Finch needed from his Leggie.

10:35 a.m. Summertime

7. over: Sri Lanka 60-1 (Perera 15, Asalanka 31) Stoinis is attacking for the first time in a competition – you like to see it. Asalanka tries to hurl him on the long side of the floor to begin, but Maxwell is there at a low point saving the four. The great Australian all-rounder skittles according to plan, rolling his fingers far outside the stump to both left-handers with two sweepers in action. And it works: no limits here.

Matte role
(@ mroller98)

Sri Lanka looked ten times better at this T20 World Cup than it did four months ago in England – a remarkable improvement with a very similar group of players

October 28, 2021

at 10:35 a.m. EDT

10:31 a.m. Summertime

6. over: Sri Lanka 53-1 (Perera 12, Asalanka 27) Cummins again to end the power game; I don't think Finch's plan A was to use him twice this early, but this start in Sri Lanka justifies it. Asalanka has gone down a gear, Perera decides to take him to Australia instead: he tries to pull and gets a thick top edge, the courage is rewarded with a border over Wade's head. Seven of them. Powerplay done.

Sky Sports Cricket

😱 Hair-raising blows! 😱 # SL starts confidently – reached 41-1 out of four overs at Sky Sports Cricket # T20WorldCup | #AUSvSL

📺 View 👉
📋 Scorecard👉https: //

October 28, 2021

10:27 a.m. Summertime

5. over: Sri Lanka 46-1 (Perera 7, Asalanka 25) Mark Nicholas and Shane Watson ride the wave with the Sri Lankan fans making a lot of noise in the crowd. The ball goes back to Hazlewood to pacify the farm for Australia and it does so with four points in a row to Asalanka. But when he has some space to work, the left-handed responds with a blow on the floor – four runs; the crowd (and commentators) are back from their seats. Delicious.

Adam Collins

Just let Nicko and Watto call until Asalanka comes out. # T20WorldCup

October 28, 2021

10:25 a.m. Summertime

4. about: Sri Lanka 41-1 (Perera 7, Asalanka 20) Maxwell now and Asalanka starts it over Midwicket with the slog sweep, 20 rows back! "You can see that they will line up the fifth bowler," says Watto – and he is right, it is always a gamble when Australia comes into play with seven clubs. Four more here, Asalanka sweeping again, but this time behind the square-leg referee. The left-hander was Sri Lanka's match winner on Sunday and continues where he left off. Oh dear, on the leg side and too good for the calf too … that's five wides, 15 out of three legal deliveries. He recovers to some degree, only one after that, Perera blocks the last two.

Asalanka gives him a slap.

Asalanka gives him a slap. Photo: David Gray / AAP

at 10:46 a.m. EDT

10.17 a.m. Summertime

3. over: Sri Lanka 25-1 (Perera 7, Asalanka 9) Asalanka doesn't bother to bring herself in and hit a short ball over the square leg – what a good shot first. And the third referee says it's a no ball also: keep your foot behind the line, patient. Free hit … lower, full toss, stylishly stowed over additional cover! "Oh my god, that's a nice eyelash," enthuses Shane Watson, who already attracts me as a commentator.

10.15 a.m. Summertime

WICKET! Nissanka c Warner b Cummins 7 (Sri Lanka 15-1)

Urrrgh! Nissanka hit Cummins for a glorious limit from the delivery ball and wedged it over Midwicket with impeccable timing, but missed cover when attempting to head that direction again.

Cummins celebrates Nissanka's wicket.

Cummins celebrates Nissanka's wicket. Photo: Matthew Lewis-ICC / ICC / Getty Images

at 10:34 a.m. EDT

10.11 a.m. Summertime

2nd over: Sri Lanka 11-0 (Nissanka 3, Perera 7) Hazlewood, who picked up van der Dussen with a beauty on Saturday. Not so here, Nissanka played him with extreme caution in the first half of the overs before placing a single to the middle. It is Perera's turn and he takes advantage of a tight ball that positions himself early to pull through the midwicket for Sri Lanka's first frontier.

10.07 a.m. Summertime

1st over: Sri Lanka 6-0 (Nissanka 2, Perera 3) Nissanka misses the mark with a sharp squeeze on cover – good thing, and Mark Nicholas likes it a lot. In fact, he's inspired enough between balls to give off his flawless Tony Greig impression – nobody does that better. He tried Daniel Norcross and me last year when he appeared in our documentary Calling the Shots – if you read the OBO you will probably enjoy a six-part series on the rich history of cricket commentary. Returning to Starc, he finds Perera's cutting edge thick enough to get up to the third man for a couple, and then hits the same part of the blade with one that goes a long way – good reaction. Starc sprays one next – never change, Mitch – with two more singles swapped out.

10.02 a.m. Summertime

The players stand on the field. Patham Nassanka and Kusal Perera for Sri Lanka; Mitchell Starc has the new ball for Australia. PLAY!

Yas Rana

I'm really looking forward to El ClassICCo, the two & # 39; big & # 39; Tournament teams from the past 25 years.

Australia: 4 toilets, 1 T20WC final
Sri Lanka: 1 World Championship, 1 T20WC, 2 World Championship finals, 2 T20WC finals # T20WorldCup | #AUSvSL

October 28, 2021

9:58 a.m. Summertime

Hymn time. I love the fact that they come out so early when Sri Lanka plays to explain their epic in twelve verses. It is certain that the Advance Australia Fair is covered. An alternative? I really think I Am Australian might have flown around 1994, but it would probably be considered too controversial these days.

(embed) (/ embed)

at 9:59 a.m. EDT

9.49 a.m. Summertime

Ben Jones captures what is sure to be the English mood.

Ben Jones

Booooo. Australia wins the litter and the pursuit – potential for a banana peel for Finch et al. significantly reduced

October 28, 2021

9.38 a.m. Summertime

The teams as mentioned

Australia: David Warner, Aaron Finch (c), Mitchell Marsh, Steven Smith, Glenn Maxwell, Marcus Stoinis, Matthew Wade (wk), Pat Cummins, Mitchell Starc, Adam Zampa, Josh Hazlewood.

Sri Lanka: Kusal Perera (wk), Pathum Nissanka, Charith Asalanka, Avishka Fernando, Wanindu Hasaranga, Bhanuka Rajapaksa, Dasun Shanaka (c), Chamika Karunaratne, Dushmantha Chameera, Lahiru Kumara, Maheesh Theekshana.

Alan Wilkins reports from the field that there is a long perimeter, 80 meters on one side of the floor. Dale Steyn in the Tony Greig hat declares that if you throw into the slot you will be hit. Understood.

9.36 a.m. Summertime

Aaron Finch won the litter; Australia for bowling

“It's a nice wicket,” says Finch, “it won't change much.” I could have composed this answer before he said it: Put your watch on the Australian skipper throwing a T20. They are unchanged since Saturday.

Dasun Shanaka says they bowled too. "We have to perform and the guys are prepared," he says. There's a change, the aforementioned mystery spinner Maheesh Theekshana is ready for action.

9.08 a.m. Summertime


Is that the death group? You can look at it in two ways. In theory, Namibia and Scotland look like the right place in the other pool. On the other hand, this means that there may be more leeway here in the first group, as historically stronger teams score each other's points. It made Australia's gruff victory over South Africa all the more important, as did Sri Lanka's triumph over Bangladesh when he chased a lot in Sharjah on Sunday.

There was a jiggle in the latter of those games, but Charith Asalanka and Bhanuka Rajapaska (on his birthday) pinged enough balls out of the ground to get the job done. It took Marcus Stoinis and Matthew Wade to pursue Australia's goal of only 119 with a few balls in Saturday's tournament opening game, even though they did excellent bowling and intercepting against the Proteas.

Will Aaron Finch use Ashton Agar as an extra spinner? On paper it seems logically in a worn place, but Josh Hazlewood and Pat Cummins are doing everything right and Mitchell Starc has to play where a white ball is in play – by the way, it's good to play despite being hit in practice. With Wade in 7th place, this means four overs by Glenn Maxwell and / or Marcus Stoinis, who worked well in Abu Dhabi but didn't work out every time.

The men of Dasun Shanaka have access to the tweak by Maheesh Theekshana, which was missing due to an injury. When the coin goes up, it's clear: the captain who wins will bowl first.

Right, we're about 20 minutes from the litter in Dubai Sports City. Back with news of this shortly. In between, you can stay in touch with me at any time by email or on Twitter.


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